Are Tieks Worth the Price? My Review

Are Tieks worth the price?If you have been considering  a pair of Tieks shoes but are resistant because of the high price tag, I set out to find out, are Tieks worth the price?

If you’re unfamiliar with Tieks, this family owned company has been touted as the most versatile and comfortable designer ballerina flat makers in the world.  Tieks’ goal was to take the iconic ballerina flat and adapt it for the modern woman.   The flexible shoes, with the blue soles and back strip (which seem more like a status symbol),  are made of Italian leather and can worn everyday and be folded and carried in a purse.   A pair of Tieks takes three days and 150 steps to make, which includes hand stitching.  The brand took off when Oprah was spotted wearing them and then featured the company in her magazine.    The rest, as they say, is history.

Tieks Wild Copper Full disclosure, the company did not send me a pair for free nor did they ask me or compensate me to write this review.  However, what they did do was offer me a serious discount of 75% off a pair.  How could I resist?  Of course, with this discount, I purchased one of the more expensive pairs they sell, the Wild Copper pair.   After placing my order I anxiously waited to find out if Tieks could stand up to the hefty price tag that comes with them…even if I did not pay said price tag.

Upon delivery of my Tieks I noted the incredible packaging which, while nice, also seemed unnecessary.  Sure, it was a nice touch (and I am a packaging snob), but if packaging has anything to do with the final cost of these shoes it hardly seems worth it.  Inside a tiny blue box that was wrapped in a lime green bow I found my new Tieks folded along with shoe bags for transport.  Once I got my shoes out of the box, which wasn’t easy, I unfolded them and tried them on.  A few walks around my apartment was not enough to get a real sense of fit and I waited for the first hint of a warm day to wear them outdoors.

I am a tough customer when it comes to shoes. I am a New Yorker and I spend a lot of time on my feet as a stylist.  I enjoy ballerina flats but know that after a few hours I am not happy.  Often my heels hurt, my knees and hips start to ache and I feel like I’ve been walking barefoot all day.  Generally speaking, ballerina flats aren’t as good for the feet.  While they are flat, the human foot needs more support and a slight heel to be healthy.   Ask any podiatrist and he’ll tell you that a ballerina flat can be  tough on the feet and potentially as bad for you as a pair of high heels.  Yet, one thing I will say about Tieks ballerina flats is that the blue soles, that you will find on the bottom of every pair, are for more than just looking pretty.  These soles felt like little shock absorbers that cushioned my heels on hard pavement.  After spending 6 hours in them, while I did notice a pang of discomfort by the end of the day, it was nothing compared to how I have felt in other flats that I have worn for the same amount of time.  Do I think this feature is worth $175 and higher?  I don’t know.   Yet, one thing I did wonder was why no other ballerina flat company has thought to put this much bouncy cushion on the bottoms of their shoes.  Thumbs up to Tieks for this.

However, at such a high price point I think Tieks sets themselves up for huge expectation and a lot of pressure.  I didn’t feel like my feet had died and gone to heaven when I put them on.  They were comfortable ballerina flats, that’s it.  In fact, while the soles were comfortable I found the elastic on the top of my one foot to be slightly uncomfortable.  I don’t blame Tieks for this, although I have read about a lot of people complaining about this, and I am hoping that, in time, the elastic will be more forgiving on my foot.

My review is this:  Will I grab these shoes on a regular basis?  Yes.  Would I spend $275 for them?  No, not in a million years.  Sure, in the world of ballerina flats it is quite possible that Tieks are among the most comfortable pair of flats you can purchase, no doubt about it.  Yet, you also have to consider the playing field– few ballerina flats are all that comfortable and good for the feet to begin with.   So the question remains is if the comfort is worth the price that the company is selling it for?    Unfortunately there is no black and white answer to this, it’s just too subjective.  For some people dropping this much money on a pair of shoes is nothing and for others (i.e. most people) the price of Tieks is out of the realm of reality.  If you’re considering a a pair of these but would have to save up, or go into debt to own them, they’re not worth it.  Seriously, the world will not end and your feet will forgive you if you pass these shoes by.  If you’re someone who wants to invest and are on somewhat of a limited budget then I suggest the most versatile pair you can buy, a pair that will get you a lot of wear, so you can justify the cost by getting a lot of use from them.

The good news is that Tieks has an excellent return policy and offer a full refund plus the cost of shipping them back.  If you’ve been afraid to pull the Tieks trigger just know that if you don’t like them the company makes it super easy to return.

Do you own a pair of Tieks or have you been considering a pair?  I’d love to hear what you think.

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Update on my Tieks Original Review

Update 5/6/2014: Having fully broken in my Tieks, I have to say that these shoes have become much more comfortable than they initially were.  Apparently, for these shoes to be as comfortable as the company claims they are a few wears are needed.  Are they the most comfortable ballerina flats on the planet?  Well…I guess I’d have to try every pair on the planet first.

Update 5/11/16: Now that it has been two years since I purchased my Tieks, I thought it would be helpful to offer another update.  I am still wearing my Tieks and, while they are a little scuffed in the toe area from wear (to be expected), they have held up quite nicely.  I took some photos wearing them today.  As you can see, the soles are in great shape.  On days when it is warm enough to wear ballerina flats and not hot enough for sandals, these are always the shoes I grab on casual days.  They continue to be very comfortable and have molded to my feet perfectly. Would I wear them if I had to be on my feet all day?  Probably not.  While comfortable, I still don’t think they are good if you are looking for tremendous support or for shoes you can walk for miles and miles in.  I’d sooner wear my Birkenstock Gizehs in these cases.

Tieks Review
What my Tieks look like two years after buying them.

So do I think Tieks are worth the price now?  I’d have to go back on what I originally said and say yes.  When I figure the price of the Tieks and then divide that number by the amount of times I have worn them, and then include how well they have stood the test of time, I can confidentially say they have more than paid for themselves.

I would also like to use this update to thank everyone for their comments and Tieks reviews below.  I think they are just as useful as what I wrote about them.  Negative or positive, please feel free to continue to share your thoughts about Tieks as I know readers of this post will find whatever anyone has to say helpful!!

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  • Melissa Anderson

    I own two pairs of tieks – metallic silver and fuschia. Both were technically gifts from my husband, so he ordered them and felt the pain of the price, while I get to enjoy them and pretend I didn’t pay for them. I was a little disappointed at first because I felt likethey didn’ fit, or my toe ran into the top a little, but I think there was a break-in period that i needed to just wear them for awhile to conform them to my feet and now I love them. I’m in Iowa, so I haven’t worn them yet this year and the fuschia pair was a valentine’s gift, but I am really looking forward to decent weather so I can wear them again. I agree that I’m not sure they’re worth the price, but I have yet to find a cheaper shoe that’s as comfy. Generally I believe that you get what you pay for, cheap shoes for a cheap price, quality shoe for a higher price…so it really comes down to your own feet 🙂

    • I am so glad you mentioned the toe issue because I felt it too! I am also glad that this will get better. I totally agree with your theory to buy good shoes. Yet despite this they still seem crazy expensive. Even my Birkinstock Gizas which are so good for my feet and so comfortable don’t come near the price. I am willing to spend but these seem crazy pricey. I am glad I have a pair I just wonder how I’d feel if I actually paid full price for them. Thanks for your comment and feedback!

      • annie

        I am sending mine back. I wear a 6/6.5, so i ordered a 7. They dug into my heels so badly i couldn’t take it. For $185 (i purchased the metallic pewter) i don’t want to have to break them in. They are really flat with no support whatsoever.
        The toe area is tight as well. I dont have really wide feet, but i suspect these are made for people with narrow feet. They offered to send me an 8, but they would have been huge.I wanted to love them, but it’s not working 🙁

        • I am sorry to hear this. I am a 6.5 too and went with the 6. At first, my Tieks felt like yours did, exactly. I will say that after they broke in they were much better and now I love mine, but I was initially disappointed. I also found putting a Pressure Point Foot Petal where the elastic hurt my foot helped. Sadly, the only true test will be to break them in but once you do that you can’t return. Sorry they didn’t work out for you!

        • Tracey Wolf

          Annie I so suggest that you get a plain leather pair, I have 8 and have never had a days problem with them in over 4 yrs… but as Bridgette said different shoes for different feet!

  • Dawn Fields

    I’ve looked at these for a while now. Because I’m an Expat I travel A LOT and thought these would be good airport shoes…But I just cannot hit that buy button at those prices. I’m slowing coming around to what Melissa said about you get what you pay for but these just seem too much for too little. I wish I knew someone that had a pair so I could walk around the room in them.

    • I agree with you. My mom always said to never scrimp on hair and shoes. However even with this philosophy I still can’t wrap my brain around the price. If we shared a size and were in the same room I would totally let you try mine! 🙂

      • Barbara Lee Owens-Dewitt

        I love your blog! I found it when searching to see if Tieks were worth the $. I am with your mum and do not skimp on hair, shoes or bags. And while I regularly purchase Choo’s, Blahnik’s and Tory Burch, I can’t do it with these. The bottoms are a turn off. If I had read that you and the other contributors felt as though they were walking on a cloud, maybe. But, after reading this, I am abandoning giving Tieks any more of my time. Thanks.

        Besides the Camuto Ellen’s any other suggestions for flats? I love that a man commented and his feedback was excellent!

        • Oh thanks so much!! From personal experience I really can vouch for the Vince Camuto Ellens. I would only be speculating on others. Given your shoe budget, have you tried French Soles, Delman or Bloch? I have a client who loves Bloch ballerinas, although she has been turned off to them because they’re not offering as many pretty colors any longer, but they are made by the same company that makes shoes for professional ballerinas. They might be worth checking out.

    • Melissa Anderson

      Also, imagine the sales they would have if they just could get their price point down a little bit more…they’d sell like hotcakes (I think anyway).

      • Totally agree. In my opinion, they’re right over that “accessible” price point. The average person seems to get turned off to any shoe over $150. For example, people are willing to spend on UGG boots, Birkenstocks, Sorels, Hunters etc. all which are right around that price range. Additionally, I’ve found people more willing to spend if a shoe does more than just look pretty. If the shoes function in some way, like cold, inclement weather or provide benefits to the feet they will spend. Plus the fact that these shoes are so small and people can’t see the value I think there is some hesitation. Yes, comfort is nice but not $200 nice when you can get something that comes close for half the price. I also love Vince Camuto’s Ellen flats. They are so comfortable and cost a fraction of what Tieks cost. However, I think the price will always remain because, for some, Tieks are about status. If you can show off the blue sole it means you can afford them and that means something something to a lot of people who are obsessed with labels and impressing others. As long as the demand is there, even if it is a status thing, Tieks will never change their prices.

        • Melissa Anderson

          Yes, I completely agree, I understand these are italian leather and somewhat hand-crafted but even’s a very small amount of leather compared to other shoes at the same price point. I agree it can be a status thing, which is fine if that’s what you like, but their market could be so much larger.

          • LSV422

            I have had two pairs for a few years – the Obsidian black and the red. I never had a break in period (I wear an 8.5 shoe and their 8 fits perfectly), find the shoes extremely comfortable and they both look as new as when first bought them. Hoping to get another pair for Christmas.

  • RachelB17

    I have Tieks and love them! My girlfriends are all obsessed and several have over 5 pairs each. I do think they’re the most comfortable flats around (they take less time than most shoes to break in, but they will mold to your foot better than anything I’ve seen), but I personally don’t buy them for the comfort. I love the leathers, the slimming design, the durability and most of all the company and brand. Hope you enjoy them! Great pick with Wild Copper 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback! I am happy with my choice too and glad to hear they get more comfortable with time. I was a little disappointed when I first put them on. Enjoy your Tieks!

  • Sara

    Thanks for the review! Do you know where Tieks are made?
    I wear flats often in my professional life and have yet to find a perfect pair. My almost-perfect pair were $150- so the price of basic Tieks (which I would go for) isn’t too far off.

    • Hi Sara, I searched the shoes and box for country of origin and couldn’t find anything, which is weird because I think it is illegal not to disclose this. I’m sure it is somewhere on the box or shoes, I just haven’t found it yet. However, they may be of Italian leather but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are assembled in China.

  • Eileen

    The internal stitching in my Tieks came undone less than a month after I purchased them. I wrote to ask for a replacement pair and was told no because the sticking that came undone was just decorative. For $175, I expect all decorative elements to last more than a month. Tieks also prevents anyone from posting negative comments on their Facebook page, so don’t take the fact that they only have positive reviews to be an endorsement of their product. My advice – get 3-4 pairs of cheaper ballet flats for the same price. They will last longer!

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your experience with Tieks. That is pretty horrible to hear. I should add that now that I’ve worn my Tieks well over a month I have found the elastic that was causing the pain over my one foot never went away, I was hoping they would break in. I had to resort of buying those pressure points pads from Foot Petals just to make wearing them bearable. Additionally, I always find my big toes cramp up when I wear them and I am sure the size is fine. Readingother reviews, this seems fairly common, unfortunately. The padding on the bottoms of the shoes definitely make them comfortable but, sadly, the other issues I am finding with mine definitely negate that. I find I still go for my Vince Camuto Ellen flats more regularly as they are so incredibly comfortable and much less expensive than Tieks. Thanks for sharing your experience! I had no idea about their FB Page. Interesting!

      • BridgetteH

        “Eileen” posted this comment 6 months ago now (and you responded!). By now, you should’ve already edited your review to include this important information.

        And FYI – your review of the shoes seems overly positive without real merit. Any Psych major would tell you that because Tieks gave you such a huge discount on the shoes, that discount affected your review (perhaps unconsciously??). Very disappointing.

        • Um, I am a little confused by your comment that seems unnecessarily aggressive. Eileen posted her comment six months ago and I replied immediately after (both her comment and my comment are 6 months old). If you also notice I updated my post a few months after the original at the bottom after I had broken them in. I am also not sure why you read my post as overly positive. I felt it was fair. In no way did I say they were the best shoes I ever wore. It was an honest review. I am sorry you saw it differently and ever sorrier that you would think that I would give a false review based on a discount on my shoes.

        • Rachel Bettis

          Why the aggressive comment?? Also, I believe those psych majors you reference would tell you it’s subconsciously… It would be pretty hard to write a review unconsciously 🙂

          • Rachel, your comment about writing something unconsciously gave me a good laugh. Hahaha!

        • KristaB

          Bridgette Rae’s review seemed extremely honest and fair to me; in fact, hers was the first review to give me completely honest feedback which led me to decide to not spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a pair of ballet flats.

          Bridgette Raes chose to reveal to you that she had received a discount, in full disclosure and openness. I would hope, as you claim to be a student studying Psychology, that you would have taken a little more time to look inwardly at yourself and why you’re responding so aggressively to a complete stranger.

          Bridgette Raes – thank you for the honest review, I truly appreciate it.

          • Thanks Krista, it’s funny, I didn’t even need to legally disclose that I got them at a discount. I did it because I wanted to be completely honest and transparent. I just don’t want to deal with the bad karma that comes as a result from lying.
            Anyway, I am glad you found the review helpful! Truth be told, I am still wearing my Tieks and they are still holding up well. Despite this, I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the price.

    • Kristin

      I had this same thing happen to me. I emailed them and they paid for the shipping of those shoes back to the company to be fixed. That was on a Monday, then by that Saturday I received my Tieks back in perfect condition. Excellent customer service.

      • I am glad you said this because a lot of other commenters have said their customer service wasn’t good. I am glad you had a different experience!

      • Sarah K Sawyer

        Amazing! I’d love to know who you worked with. I”m having a very disappointing customer service experience.

      • Larissa Cui

        Hi.. I know I’m answering a post from 9 months ago. I just saw this article cause I wanted to see if anyone else had problems with their Tieks. I own 12 pairs of Tieks. People ask my why I spend so much, yet I spend just as much on Nikes.

        Anyway, 1 of my pairs of shoes had a bigger sized shoe. I wrote to Tieks and got a response from them within 2 hours. I explained that the left shoe was way bigger than the right and that I was slipping out of them when I walk. Jessica (my cust rep) explained that the shoes are hand made and that generally they do not take worn shoes back. She also wrote that she would discuss the issue with her team and get back to me. The next day she told me they would ship me a replacement and a return box for the other shoes. That was my first customer service experience with them.

        My second experience with them… The cloth lining at the toes area of the shoe was tearing out. I wrote to them and explained my concern. This time a Cindy helped me. She sent me a shipping box and label to have them fixed. She asked that I send the pair in and not 1 shoe. 3 days later my shoes returned restitched with new lining.

        I appreciate all the comments on this thread. Ivan and Bridgette helped a lot with their recommendations. I just ordered a pair of Vince Camuto Ellen after reading this post. I wanted to try out other pair of flats before giving an opinion on which is the best. So far, I have nothing to complain about with my Tieks. I have narrow feet so the elastic at the toes area never bother me. However, my daughter has wider feet and she found that her Nine West flats were a lot more comfortable.

        • Thank you so much for your comment and adding even more richness and perspective to this thread!

  • Ellen

    Tieks are like the louboutins of the ballet flats world!

    • Great analogy!

    • lola

      yes pretty,over priced and super uncomfortable. I have louboutins in the closet, I rather wear a pair of aldo shoes! so thanks but I will pass on these. I bought yosi samra flats at 80 bucks they lasted walking to the bus stop 1/2 a mile and and a subway walk, they lost the back of the leather after that, I never wore them again, and I purchased 3 pairs. I bought Elorie ballet flats and am quite pleased so far.

    • The letter J

      Though they do not have a lot of padding, my Louboutin ballet flats are otherwise plenty comfortable.

  • Michelle

    Great, honest review! 🙂

  • Bex Terry

    I like my Tieks. Don’t love them. I bought them to take traveling with me. We tramped most of SE Asia, Japan, India, China together. I loved how they folded up and I felt the quality of the material was there, however, they mold to your feet and look weird as hell. I don’t have crazy looking feet, but they make my toes look alien-like. I saw a girl in them yesterday, and her toes looked whacky as well. Would I get another pair? Not at that price. They are comfortable, but I can’t get past how weird they make people’s feet look.

    • I read your comment while out and wearing my Tieks. I looked down at my feet and said, “Do my feet look like alien feet?” Haha! I don’t think my feet look alien-like…yet. I hope that doesn’t happen! 🙂

      • Bex Terry

        I wish I could post a pic … I don’t want to deter people from getting them. Quality-wise, they are impressive. Maybe I should try a different material. I have the standard matte leather. Who knows. I wear the hell out of them, alien feet or not 😛

  • JadaCrimson

    I bought a matte black pair a few months ago when they were 20% off. The first time I wore them, they were unbearable. I didn’t wear them for several months (it was winter), then I tried them again last week. I wore them with and without socks. Unfortunately, they are still killing me (heel and across the top of the foot). I am so disappointed after reading all the hype and reviews. I have always worn a size 8 and I ordered a size 8. If you do decide to buy them, definitely go up a size if you are in between sizes. I have several pairs of shoes that cost me $40.00 or less that are MUCH more comfortable. Tieks are cute, it’s to bad they didn’t work out. While the packaging was nice, I certainly could have lived without it, if it meant a cheaper price.

    • Former NY Attorney

      Do you still have the 8 Matte Black? If so, perhaps I can give them a try – are you willing to sell them?

  • Shirley

    Hope I’m not too late to join the discussion. I have my Tieks since 2013, size 6 in patent red. I pretty much share your sentiments in the article. When I first put it on, the elastic strap was a bit tight across my feet; however, the flats itself is very soft and buttery. It does mold to your feet and the break in time for me was less compared to other flats I owned. In the beginning when I was breaking the shoes in, I found my big toes to be somewhat numb after wearing it for a few hours due to the tightness of the leather. Around the 4-5 month mark, I started to notice cracks in the leather after wearing it a few days a week for a couple of hours. These cracks were not noticeable unless you closely inspect the flats. Also For a $212 pair of flat (tax included), I expected it to be more durable. I can only imagine if I bought a non-patent one the leather would give out faster.

    Bottom line, I think the flats are comfortable but not $212 worthy. To each their own 🙂

    • Never too late to chime in! Thanks for the feedback, Shirley!

  • Gina

    I purchased a pair of Tieks last week. Except for my Uggs (I have bought several boots plus three pairs of slippers) and Hunter boots I have never paid over a $100 for shoes. After I read about Tieks I thought to myself if you are willing to pay $100 for Ugg slippers (which by the way last forever and are the most comfortable slippers I’ve ever worn) why not ballet flats that you can wear to work and dress up or down. I wasn’t and I am still not a fan of the blue sole or the strip down the back but look wise that was my only issue. I am a size 5 period. A 5.5 has always been a little big or very big but never a perfect fit. It’s hard for me to find a 5 so when I do I am very lucky and happy. When my Tieks arrived like most people said they were packed in a pretty blue box with a pretty bow. They were very tight across my foot but figured they had to stretch. I wore them to work and my feet were in horrible pain to the point that I had to put on a pair that was stashed under my desk and never worn because they were uncomfortable to walk in. I tried again to break them in and while the pain across my foot improved the main issue was they were the shortest size 5’s that I had ever worn. My big toe was pushed right to the top of the shoe and I had no wiggle room. I tested my theory that they were smaller than the average 5 by having my daughter who is a 4.5 try them on. They fit her fine and she had toe wiggle room. Wow that was a mouth full. As for their great customer service how great is it if they refuse to give refunds for worn shoes? I get that they don’t want people wearing the shoes and returning them weeks or months later worn out but if they were truly the most comfortable ballet shoes and worth the price wouldn’t they stand by their work and except returns? This experience had reminded me why I only buy my shoes from Nordstrom.

    • Thanks so much for the comment and feedback! I love Wonder Woman. How did you know she was my idol when I was a kid?

  • Ivan

    Hi Bridgette
    I hope you don’t mind because I don’t want to disturb the ladies that post in your blog cause I am small frame guy in my 30’s and I’ve been wearing ballet flats for long time. As I wear flats everyday some of my girl friends, sister and ex gf ask me to break in her flats (in those cases we wear same women shoe size US 9 or 10), so the last time my best friend requested me to try her Tielks in size 10. I liked the soft leather and the cushion at the insole but after wearing them for 1 and a half week I noticed that that the elastic is too tight on my heel and it rubbed a little bit on my toes area, but wearing in hot weather they break in faster. The toe was snuggy but I could tolerate it. The feeling of wearing this flats is like the foldable city Ballets from GAP except for the quality of the leather and that they have more cushion at the insoles.
    I notice that really expensive flats such as TB Revas, Pretty Ballerinas, London Sole and even Repetto take more time to break in and hurt at the beginning (I’ve tried all of these brands and the most painful to break in was TB Revas it took me 2 months and one to my sister together). So for a piar of nice flats I won’t expend more than $ 120 bucks, better to get some Sam Edelmans Felicias ($ 90 very comfortable flats no need to break in) , or Vince Camuto or Michael Kors Fulton flats. Other good option is Nine West or a shopping day at Winners sometimes they have good brands for less than $ 89 or like my MTY New York flast that cost me $ 40 and feel more comfortable than Tieks. Adidas also makes comfy no expensives flast (neon sulinda is only $ 40) and they are really comfortable without any blister on my feet.
    Anyway if Tieks would have a less expensive brand of their products I’d buy their flats, with $ 212 bucks I can get 3 or 4 pairs of everyday flats that are as comfortable as the Tieks ones.

    • Please, no apologies necessary! I appreciate your comment!!! We welcome all here!

      • Brian

        Hi Bridgette. I have been following this post since I first became interested in the Tieks brand last year. First I must say “thanks” for welcoming everyone. As a male that wears ballet flats these are very welcoming words. I don’t own any Tieks (yet) but I do have a similar style of flats made by Puma, the style name is Rhythm. I have no doubt that Tieks are comfortable but what I really like about them is the fun colors that are available. The Lavender purple, Mint green and Electric snakeskin have really caught my eye. I hope to get a pair soon.
        These are some of my Tieks like Puma flats.
        Thanks for sharing this post,

        • Heather Black

          Those are such cute shoes. Are they really comfy, though? I’m on my feet 6-7 hours a day and need serious cushion.

          • Brian

            Heather. Thanks! The Pumas are pretty cute but not super comfy and certainly not a flat you’d want to wear for 6-7 hours a day. I’ve never tried a pair of Tieks but I have discovered another pair of flats that have been compared to Tieks. I’ve been a long time Tory Burch flats fan and in Mar 2015 she released the Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats. They look just like her iconic TB Reva flats but fit and feel like Tieks. They have a super cushy foot bed, soft leather uppers and are made to be folded up and put in a purse or handbag if you wish. These TB Minnie’s feel like you’re walking or standing on marshmellows. They do come in lots of fun colors but nowhere near as many colors as Tieks and are slightly more expensive than Tieks. They are worth a look. I bought my first pair in March and now have 6 pairs 🙂 Here’s a few of mine.

          • Ivan

            Hi Heather,
            My good friend Brian has reason the TB Minnie Travels flats are really comfortable I own a pair in silver and this flats are like wearing home slippers I love the buttery leather at the insole, they are comfortable for 6 or 7 hours if you don’t walk a lot in your job but if you work on a desk this flats are perfect !!

          • Renee Samson

            I own a pair of these but beware–they set off some metal detectors at the airport. I think that any shoe advertised as a travel shoe should pass the metal detector test!! Totally annoyed, even though my TB flats pass the cute and comfy tests.

          • Ivan

            Hi Renee,
            You are right the big medallion or in the other model the small T in the external side are made of metal, I asked the manager at the TB store where I usually buy my flats and sandals this matter but she told me that if the put the medallion in plastic , it will break or chip easily so we should remove our flatsies when registered our bags in the airport 🙁 but as you said they pass the cute and comfy tests 🙂

          • Donielle Monique Equité

            I had no idea that guys like Brian and Ivan existed let alone they would be so knowledgeable…rock on with wearing cute comfy shoes that work for you!!

          • Ivan and Brian have brought so much value to this whole post. I am very grateful!!

          • Donielle Monique Equité

            super knowledgeable and quite charming too!

          • Brian

            You’re such a sweet heart Donielle :))

          • Brian

            Aww thanks for your kind words Bridgette. I feel bad cuz this post is a review on Tieks and I’m showing you pictures of my Tory’s.
            I would love to try a pair of Tieks someday. Perhaps my next visit to the USA. The Arabian Night Tieks look amazing and there are also several other colors of Tieks that have caught my eye.
            Glad you like my input. Since I have no Tieks to show you here’s some of my new TB Minnie’s.

            Hope you’re having a great day :))

          • Please don’t worry about that Brian. I am sure that many who have read this post have appreciated knowing about alternatives to Tieks, especially if the fit or price isn’t right for them. I think both your and Ivan’s comments have made this an especially well rounded post on ballerina flats.

          • TM

            I just ordered my pair of Tieks and should be getting them tomorrow. The top of my right foot tends to rub with my shoe and cutting in to my foot so I decided to get some ballerina shoes and that has helped. I came across the Tiek brand and became interested so I did my research and hear a lot more good than bad. So I decided to give it a try. I just recently began wearing a a ballerina flat not so long ago so it’s nice to get some input on this topic. I too am a male and wear what I want or like At the age of 42 I do not let others dictate how I live or wear. Luckily I have a wife that supports me and does not see me any different. I will definitely write back to share my experience.

          • Amen to being 42 and wearing what you like. I am 42 as well and can care less. Good for you! Yes, please let us all know how you like your shoes! Thanks for the post!

          • TM

            Thanks Bridgette. Not everyone supports people on wearing what they want. I will definitely let you know how it goes. They will be arriving today!

          • Brian

            Ohh, I can wait to hear what you think of your new Tieks. What color did you get?

          • TM

            For now I got basic matte color simply because I can wear them with anything. I can’t wait to get out of work to pick them up from the post office. How exciting! I will definitely let you know what I think.

          • Brian

            Any update on your new Tieks?

          • TM

            So far the left shoe is pinching my big toe nail. I felt that immediately when I put on the shoe. I was hoping to take them on my trip but I guess it’s better to see if I can break them in. I did order a second pair hoping that maybe the other pair will fit better. I will let you know how it goes

          • Brian

            Sorry to hear about the pinching on your big toe. Lucky for women and us guys Tieks come in larger sizes so we should never miss out on that “must have” pair.

          • I originally had this exact problem and after a few wears it went away. I hope this happens for you.

          • TM

            I got my new pair and they did immediately feel different than the first. I still felt that slight pinch on the same toe but it felt more like it would be more of a break-in issue than the first pair. So I hope I do get the same result that you did Bridgette. I did get to wear them for half of the day yesterday since I just got back in town. So it was a nice welcome home gift :-).

          • TM

            The new pair immediately felt better than the first pair I received. I can tell with these that it will be more of a break-in issue than the first. They still pinch my toe where my toe nail is but I feel it would eventually break-in. So I’m hopeful that it would be similar to what you experienced. I was able to wear them half the day yesterday since coming back from my mini getaway. It was a nice welcome home gift 🙂

          • TM

            sorry for the double post I thought it did not post and wrote another one OOPS!

          • TM


            Here are some shots of my new Tieks! So far I can feel the shoe slowly molding to my feet. Nice and snug. Oh I should mention, yesterday I wrote to the Tieks team about my personal note that came with my shoes. I started seeing videos and pics of others showing their notes. I realized that both my pairs did not have my name on it. It had the nite but without my name. I wrote to them via Facebook messenger and they apologized and will be sending me my personal note. As small as it may sound it’s nice to be considered and accepted. I wondered if they even thought the shoes were for me. I’m guessing they thought it was a gift and not for me and didn’t know what name to put on the card. Anyway I thought I would share that and how they were apologetic and quickly responsive the team is.

          • TM

            Here are some shots of my new Tieks! Btw I should mention that yesterday I contacted the Tieks team about my personal notes that come with the shoes. I contacted them via Facebook messenger about how my name wasn’t on the note. I looked online images and videos of others showing off their notes and saw each of hen had their name on it. So I contacted Tieks and told them about it. I know, it’s a small thing but it meant a lot to me. The team apologized and said they would send me a note that same day. I know it’s a small thing but it meant a lot to me. I’m guessing they thought it was intended as a gift and didn’t think the Tieks were for me :-). Anyway, I wanted to share that with you about well they handled that.

          • Brian

            WOW TM, your Tieks look amazing. Hope they feel like a million bucks cuz they look like a million bucks on you.

            I understand your disappointment about not having your name on the card. The personal note is part of the entire Tieks experience. That’s great that you contacted them about your name being missed and you have a new note with your name on it coming your way. Tieks seems like a great company and I’m sure they’re proud to know that there amazing flats are also being worn by guys.

            I hope you also share your pictures and info on the Tieks on-line website.

          • TM

            Thanks for the compliment and for the idea on adding pics to the Tieks online website, I hadn’t thought about it. I will definitely look into where I can do that. And yes I think they are proud that guys are using their flats. It can only help their sales 🙂 It’s nice to know that there are men like you and Ivan that feel secure about wearing flats out in public. Maybe one day it won’t be such a big deal. But as for my brief review on the shoes, so far its been wonderful and from what I have read, the more you wear them the more they break in. My wife is waiting on getting them as she is waiting to see how they turn out in a few months. So far, my delight has caught her interest.

          • Ivan

            I really love how awesome you look with those nice Tieks flats. I tried them in the past and unfortunately they didn’t work for me. But I am willing to give them a second chance. If one of the shoes is pinching your toe, you can wear them with a tick sock and then using the hairdryer apply some heat to the areas where the flats pinch your toes
            This will stretch out the leather a little bit and they will be more comfortable to wear. I am also glad that more men like you and Brian wear also flats, for me personally is like wearing beautiful slippers everyday and It’s wonderful that your wife supports you and wants a pair for her after waiting for your outcome with this cute flats.
            We will wait to have news from you and your Tieks, Have a nice day and keep breaking those nice flats

          • TM

            Thanks Ivan, I will definitely keeps you guys posted on how well these shoes take on my feet. So far so good Its. been six days of wearing them and they already feel different then when I first put them on, different in a good way. They feel form fitting with a snug feel to it. Not tight but definitely not lose. My left big toe is adjusting well or should I say the shoe has adapted well to my toe since today I did not feel any pinch to it . I wanted to compliment you on your page of so many shoes I am sure many people will benefit from it. Very thorough I might add and I am not sure where I read it but you too! have the top of your feet sensitive. I tend to get a cut that takes a long time to heal since my foot is in a shoe and sock. I tried meshed gym shoes and nada. I am constantly working and the only time it can get air is when I go to bed. this type of open shoe exposes the top part of my foot and allows air to it. This way it eventually heals and before you know it the scab dies, falls and abracadabra it’s gone. I still can use my dress shoes, which I do but I have to be careful with using them too long. Anyway the ballerina shoe is a perfect solution. Its keep the top part of my foot exposed. I have used a cheaper version of a ballerina shoe from Target (mossimo brand) but the tieks blow them out of the water.

          • Ivan

            Hi TM
            I am glad that your Tieks flats starts to feel better. The more you wear them the more the leather will stretch out. The ballerina shoes are always a perfect option when we have sensitive feet or some problems at the top of our feet and honestly they are practical and look well with any outfit

          • Ivan

            Hi TM,
            I am glad that your Tieks flats starts to feel better. The more you wear them the more the leather will stretch out. The ballerina shoes are always a perfect option when we have sensitive feet or some problems at the top of our feet and honestly they are practical and look well with any outfit, these are the reason that I also love to wear flats. Please keep us informed how they work for you. I am still interested to give this brand a second chance despite price have a good day !!

          • Megan

            Thanks for the suggestion about stretching out my Tieks with a thick sock and a hairdryer. I have one pair, and it’s just a little too tight around my big toes. The next size up is too big, so I kept them hoping they would stretch out but there’s still discomfort. Tieks have so many beautiful colors, and there are one or two more I’d really like to buy, but I can’t justify spending the money if the toes pinch. My Tory Burch Minnies are so comfortable!

          • Brian

            Hi Megan. Hope the stretching tip works out for you. I’ve never tried a pair of Tieks so I don’t know how they fit, but if they don’t fit you 100% I’d stay away from getting another pair regardless of how colorful they are. Besides my Tory Burch Minnie travel flats friend, the Minnie’s are available in lots of fun colors too.

          • Ivan

            Hi Megan,

            I am glad this tip would be helpful to make your Tieks more comfortable. After using the hair dryer to soften the areas where the shoe’s leather pinch your feet, wear them with the sock for 2 or 3 hours every evening for at least one week or til they become comfortable, then before going to sleep and after you take them off, you can stuff your Tieks with socks until they become flat. You leave them all the nights during the breaking in process. I am pretty sure they will become more comfty and you’ll enjoy them as they have really beautiful colors despite they’re pricey.I also love my Tory Burch minnie travels flats they feel like wearing dainty little slippers around my office and home. Have a nice day.

          • Kristi Ryther

            I just received my matte black Tieks today and my note did not have my name on it either. Also, the elastic near my toes is cutting into my foot, and the great toe is being pressured to the point of pain. Not sure if I can even break these in. going to reach out to customer service tomorrow. Wish me luck.

          • Hi Kristi, I am sorry to hear that your Tieks weren’t a hit. I had that same elastic pain you are talking about which I remedied by adding a foot petal cushion on the spot. It seemed to help. I also had the big toe pain too at first. I think we would all love to hear how your customer service experience goes as it seems to be varied.

          • Kristi Ryther

            Hi Bridgette. I called customer service today and spoke with a young woman about the elastic and was told to wear very thick socks in them to stretch them out. If this did not work, they can be returned as long as they are in unworn, original condition. Hmm, wondering if I am wearing these shoes with the double socks, even if just around the house, that would make them ineligible for return. I am wearing them right now with the socks and it is torture!!! Going to give it my best college try for today, but if they still hurt then I will be returning them.

          • Well you definitely don’t want to wear them outside. Despite this, I am wondering how you won’t show signs of some wear even if you do wear them indoors. If you really want to make them work, check out Foot Petals’ Pressure Pointz where you can put a padding wherever you are having some pain. They really helped me.

          • Kristi Ryther

            Well, wearing the socks for a little over an hour around the house did the trick! I wore them the rest of the day (sans socks) and they fit like a dream! So glad I did not have to return them. I even got my first complement on them while at a physical therapy appointment yesterday.

          • TM

            Hey Kristi. I had the same problem with my first pair and I returned them. Before I sent them back I waited for my second pair to arrive and continued to break in the other pair. I eventually sent back my first pair since the second pair were a lot better. I used the first pair around the house and just cleaned the bottom very well when I returned them. Customer service was very understanding and I did let them know about me not getting m note . They send me my note along with some stationary paper and a Tieks notebook which I thought was very nice of them.

          • Churchlady

            The Torys, they seem to have an elastic back, I have unusually sensitive heels, do you find the rubbing uncomfortable, or is it a “super stretchy” elastic?

          • Brian

            Hello Churchlady, first I must say thanks for asking my opinion. As a guy it makes me feel very good having a women ask me questions or want my thoughts about a pair of Tory flats.

            The new Tory Burch Minnie travel flats look almost identical to the Tory Burch Reva flats. The Reva flats helped make the Tory Burch brand iconic. But the Reva were either loved or hated by women (and a few males) because if the fit and the elastic around the heel.

            The TB Minnie flats do have a slight elastic feature around the heel but much more comfortable than the Revas. To use your words it is “super stretchy”. Besides the improved elastic the sole is also very cushy and the leather itself is much softer. That said the leather does scuff easier than the leather on the Revas.

            I always suggest you try them on before you buy or order on-line if that’s an option. Especially if you have sensitive heels.

            I hope this helps. Please keep me posted or if you have any other questions or would like more pictures, please don’t hesitate to ask


          • Churchlady

            Thank you so much for getting back to me. I’m guessing I’ll have to try them on next time I get down to Nordstrom, just to be sure. Your description gives me hope though!

          • Brian

            If you get a chance, for sure, try them on. I hope you find that they work for you. They have “certainly” worked out for me. Here’s my collection of TB Minnie’s. 😊

          • Churchlady

            Wow! Now that’s impressive! They’re gorgeous!! I love the light blue (cornflower? periwinkle?) in the middle!

          • Brian
          • Annie Munn

            I’ve had several surgeries on my foot and ankle and as a result buying shoes is difficult. I can’t wear heels (I’m not a “heels” girl anyway) but I keep seeing cute flats on all my friends and have been dying to see if I can find a pair that I can wear comfortably. I’ve been looking at Tieks since I keep hearing how comfortable they are but thanks to this conversation the Tory Burch flats are also on my radar now too. I think I just might take the plunge and order one of each to see if either will work. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

          • Brian

            Hi Annie. Sorry to hear about your foot and ankle surgeries but I’m glad you are thinking about getting cute and comfy flats to solve your foot pains. I don’t think you can go wrong with either Tieks or Tory’s. I’ve never had a chance to even try a pair of Tieks but I’m sure I’d love them. I have had 5 years worth of trying and buying Tory’s. Of all my Tory style flats the Minnie travel flats are the comfiest. Both Tieks and Tory Minnie’s come in some amazing colors, anything from a basic neutral colors to eye popping bright. Both brands have great reviews from women and even a few of us guys. Both have unmistakeable trade marks on them. Tieks have the turquoise/blue sole and the TB’s have the Tory medallion on the toe. Both have a similar price point. I like your way of thinking, order both and compare. Hopefully both are amazing and you keep them both. But maybe one suites you better or maybe neither work for you. Please keep us posted.

            None of my business but what color has caught your eye?

          • Annie Munn

            I was thinking that since the Tory Burch flats have a more limited color selection I would go for black in those and in the Tieks I’m looking at the rose gold glam & clover green. I love the poppy but it’s not in stock now. I was nervous about trying flats because I have metal plates on the bottom of my foot that make walking barefoot almost impossible BUT I miss the feeling of walking in a comfy shoe that doesn’t fee like a vice grip and that actually looks cute! I can’t wait to see how they feel!

          • Brian

            Oh my gosh that must be painful to have metal plates in the bottom of your feet. Yes, you certainly need some comfy flats. I like your choice of colors. Tieks does have a lot more colors to chose from but over the past year Tory made lots of colorful Minnie’s too. Here’s my collection picture of TB Minnie’s.

            Please keep me posted about your thoughts of your new Tieks and Tory’s

          • Brian

            Hey Annie, did you end up treating yourself to either the Tieks or Tory’s?

          • Wdk

            I weak my matte black Tieks every single day. I can work 10+ hours on my feet straight with no problem. I have never been able to do this with any other shoes.
            Yes, they are super expensive, but they are an investment and totally worth it.

            If it helps, I have had 3 bunion surgeries on my right foot (long story) and also have a medically moderate bunion on my left. Finding shoes has always been an issue, but once Tieks are broke in, they’re gold.

          • I am SO happy to hear they work so well for you. Yes, I have another client who swears by Tieks because of Bunions.

    • kaemicha

      This review resonated with me so I thank you..a year later. Vince Camuto Ellen flats, sound like a viable alternative. I was going to buy Tieks today but after reading some of the negative reviews..I don’t think so.

      • Ivan

        Hi Kaemicha,

        I am happy that my review helped you. I got a pair of Vince Camuto Ellen three or four months ago and I love them they feel like slippers! I wear them mostly for my job; other option if you need a look quite sporty are puma zandy flats and puma karlie slippers they are really comfortable and still affordable ( $ 60). Hope you enjoy your Vince Camuto 🙂

        • kaemicha

          Darn, now I need both! Thanks for your input!!

        • Tammy M

          i think i’m kinda freaked out that this guy is wearing the same shoes as he girlfriend….just a little weird.

        • Elizabeth Olsen

          Ivan, you are so knowledgeable about flats! Your info has been really helpful.Thank YOU!

          • Ivan

            Hi Elizabeth, I am really happy that my review was helpful for you, I need to wear comfy shoes so I tried many flats to pamper my feet , you should try also Softino Odelia flats they’re really comfortable at $ 98. Have a good day !

        • I have to agree, I do love my Ellen flats and think they are an incredible alternative. The comfort is different than Tieks, I find the arch support better, and very reasonable in price.

    • Melissa

      Ivan! where have you been all my life? I’m now following you so I don’t miss out on anymore valuable information like this. I’ve been on the search for comfortable stylish flats and can never really find them. I’ve looked at several brands you mentioned and you really have some good ideas. thank you!

    • Ivan, I can’t thank you enough for providing so much information! Clearly, many readers are grateful! Thanks again!!

      • Ivan

        Bridgette, It’s a pleasure to help people in this case ladies to get comfortable, beautiful, and still affordable shoes. I consider shoes an important garment because we are in our feet 80% of our time and life so why not make them look wonderful while being comfortable 😉

    • Nancy

      Hello Ivan. Thank you so much for the advise, it really helped me make a decision on what flats to go with. I am actually trying to find some MTY New York flats to buy but I couldn’t pull up anything on Google. Could you help me by guiding me to where these shoes are sold?

    • Melissa Bever Wilks

      You seem to know a lot about flats. As a special ed kindergarten teacher, I am not only on my feet 8-10 hours a day, but I also have to walk, run or move very quickly, often. I have a pair of Tieks and I was extremely disappointed as my arches hurt constantly, as well as my little toes. Do you happen to know any brands which would be a little bit wider or even come in a wide width?

      • Ivan

        Hi Melissa,

        Some recommendations for comfortable flats that I own my self and they are a little bit wide or have wide width are: (starting from more economic to more expensive)

        Lower East Side Chelsea flat from Payless: comfortable flats that have wide width in range of size from 5 to 13.Thye need some breaking in period as they are man made price US $ 17

        Crocs kadee flats, very comfortable flats despite they are bulky they are perfect for walking all day long I wear them on the evening and weekends, but I don’t know the dress code in your work, they have regular and width wide I usually wear women size 9.5 M or 10M depending the brand but this flats fit a little bit large so I got them in size 9W. Price US $ 25

        Oka B Taylor jelly flats, these flats don’t look like cheap jelly flats, they are cute and comfortable cause they have a small arch support and some indentation at the toe area, I tried the size 9 and felt tight so I size up to 10 and they feel comfortable, I have them in black and I can wear them in the office as they look like patent leather. Price is US $ 40

        Vince Camuto Ellen flats, they are comfy as slippers they have a cushioned insole in leather and they are a little bit wide, and the uppers are made in leather so they tend to stretch out a little bit price US $ 70 to $ 100

        Lucky Brand Emmie flats, these flats are very soft and really have a good cushioned insoles (made of synthetic) they take 2 evenings to break them in but they are really cute plain flats for working everyday price $ 85

        Sam Edelman Felicia I own 10 pairs of these cute and very comfy flats they have also wide width and up to size 13 at Nordstrom (price $106) they are very soft and I never had any blister when wearing them. They have some cushion at the insole and the leather molds to your feet. I love them for spring and summer.

        If you want to spend more Tory Burch Minnie travels flats ( $225) are great for wide feet, I have 6 pairs and I love how soft and comfortable they are for my feet ( as reference my feet measures 10″ long by 3½” width and I wear women US shoe size 9.5 or 10 depending the brand), and I got them in 10. You can try them at any TB store in the US and then order them by phone at a close TB outlet, I got 2 pairs at the Toronto outlet for
        CAD $ 150 each pair taxes included, if not at eBay , tradesy, poshmark and lyst they have them at very good price.
        Hope my personal experience would be helpful and you can find a nice comfy pair flats for your job.

    • Stephanie H

      Hello! Thank you for the wonderful information. I am looking for a comfy ballet flat but I have a narrow foot and it is hard to find one that is narrow and also with a little bit of cusion. Some brands are more narrow than others but I really don’t want to spend $300! I love the look of the tieks and also the tory burch Minnie flats but I would rather not spend that much. Any ideas? Thank you again for sharing!

      • Ivan

        Hi Stephanie,

        For narrow feet some comfy flats with some cushioned insoles could be from the brand Bloch, they are cute and made of real leather price US$100, Toms ballet flats at eBay for less of US$ 60, the TOMS espadrilles $ 55, Cole Haan has flats in narrow sizes AA or AAA average price $ 100 but you can get them at eBay for US$ 30$_57.JPG

        Dexflex Claire scrunch flats and Carolines string ties both styles of flats from payless in regular size will hold in your foot cause they have an elastic around the shoe price $19,

        Sam Edelman Felicia flats have an elastic that keep your flats in your feet , they have good cushioned insole and are beautiful, made of real leather their price is around $100.

        Hush puppies Chaste flats have also an elastic around the shoe price $60. Corso Como flats have narrow width price new around $130 you can get them at eBay , Poshmark, Lyst, for less money, same for the Tory Burch minnie travel flats.

        Softwalk Napa flats has width Narrow (=2A) you can get the at amazon at $98

        Soft stars shoes adult ballerines are really soft and have an elastic so your feet can’t slip off and you can contact them to customize your own flat with your feet measures price $ 120. They are made of real leather in the USA
        Hope these suggestions help to find a nice and comfy flats !

        • Stephanie H

          Oh my goodness I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to take a look at all of your great suggestions! Thank you so much! I have a AA foot and a AAA heel and it is a struggle! Truly, thank you for taking the time and the information is very much appreciated!

          • Ivan

            I am happy that this information can be helpful for you, there is nothing more frustrating that doesn’t find shoes that fit your feet properly , are cute and comfortable at the same time. Myself have small narrow feet so that’s one of the reason that I wear ballet flats and sandals most of the time. Last suggestion try the shoes in the store first and get a pic of the label of the style in the box and then you can search better prices at internet, in case that you find the prices at the store a little bit expensive for your budget. Have a nice day and hope you find a pair of cute comfy flats.

        • Elizabeth Morrison

          Ivan, where have you been all my life?? I just got here by accident. THANK YOU!! The information you provide is fantastic! can you come to my house and help?LOL Seriously you are so knowledgeable, I really appreciate the info! Do you jhave a blog or anything? I would love to follow you for your advice. Thanks

    • Nancy Gayle West

      Great review!! Thank you for posting!!

      • Ivan

        Thanks Nancy, I hope it helps someone to get a pair of comfy flats to enjoy everyday !

    • Evelyn Thompson Wedgeworth

      Very useful info Ivan! Thanks for sharing!

      • Ivan

        My pleasure Evelyn, thanks for your kind comment !

    • Jule Kim

      High five! I have one Vince Camuto flat, and I just came across the Sam Edelman Felicia flats 3 days ago at Nordstrom Rack ($50). I was astounded at how comfortable the Felicia flats are. Other than that, I bought a pair of Clarks Feature Film flats that are also very comfortable. The Clarks have a thin strap that makes them a Mary Jane, but I don’t mind the look.

    • Megan

      Hi! Just wondering, does anyone know if Tieks ever go on sale? I thought I had heard something about them going on sale in Dec around the holidays, but I’m not sure. I’m going on vacation in Nov and want to buy another pair before then (so basically now, so I can break them in). But if they go on sale later in the year I’ll just wait.

  • Jaime

    I was thinking about getting a pair for my upcoming trip to Italy. But now I’m afraid! I have bad back. If any if you have any cute shoe recommendations I’d be so appreciative! I was considering some Blake Brody’s.

    Thanks and I super appreciate your honest review!

    • No problem! Have you tried Vince Camuto’s Ellen flat? I find them very comfortable!

    • lola

      Elorie Ballet Flats. I am a size 8. got an 8.5 and I am smitten with the comfort, will be buying other pairs

    • Leen2

      I wouldn’t wear any ballet flat-type shoe in Italy. The cobblestone, uneven streets will have your feet aching. Buy a shoe with a good sole and arch support meant for walking like Rieker. There are lots of other cute shoes that are meant for travel and lots of walking.

    • AshleyAugust

      Cobble hill revchi by new balance especially in the pewter (the leather is softer, I own the pewter and taupe, can’t comment on the black) are beautifully styled like ballet flats but built sturdy as one would expect from an athletic shoe company. I live in alexandria va and have no problem walking on cobble stone in them. They’re hands down my favorite shoe. They should be fine in Italy I would think.

  • NicNak

    Personally, I love my Tieks. I have three pair, and have also purchased pairs for my mother and sister. I’ve never had any issues with them, and find them super comfortable -especially if you’re on your feet all day.

    • Great feedback, thanks! I too have found that my feet hurt less in these if I stand for too long. I think the blue shock absorbers on the bottom are genius.

  • Lisa

    I have 10 pairs of Tieks and other that my heels for work I do not wear anything. I am a former marathon runner who abused her feet for many years. For me Tieks are worth it and my little piece of heaven.

    • Thanks for the comment! I think you make an important point which is that all feet are so different and it is about finding a brand that fits your feet well. I am happy to hear that Tieks does it for you!

  • lola

    What is your return & exchange policy?
    If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your Tieks, we’ll do all we can to help. We gladly accept the return of any unworn Tieks for an exchange or full refund. We’ll even pay the shipping both ways anywhere in the U.S.!

    To get started with your return or exchange, click here, or feel free to contact us with any questions at

    UNWORN is the key term here. This was taken from their website.

    • Thanks for posting that. Generally speaking, most shoe companies only take returns on unworn shoes. That is always the issue. While I can understand they don’t want shoes with worn soles back, it an be tricky to know if a pair will fit well until you get a good walk in.

    • ArrrB

      What company takes back used merchandise? How would a shoe company stay in business if it took back worn shoes? If these were $20 shoes made by some kid in a sweatshop for $2.50, I can see a company taking back worn shoes without impacting their profitability. Unfortunately, it seems as if it costs a lot to produce these shoes and they are stitched by hand…they’d be insane to let people wear their shoes until they’re bored and then return them.

    • Lindaem

      What is Tieks definition of ‘unworn’?

  • Jocelyn

    I own two pairs of Tieks and I’m getting ready to order another pair. I’ve also bought two pairs for my daughter. To me, they are completely worth the price since I practically live in these shoes. They are the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned. In fact, I’ve thrown out all my other flats and will never buy another that aren’t Tieks. I’m a size 5.5 and got the size 6 because I have longer middle toes. With other flats, I could not go up a half size because the backs of the shoes would slip off. But with the way that Tieks are design, this is not a problem. I also love how they fold to a compact little ball, making them great for packing for travel or carrying in a purse when I want to switch out of heels at the end of a night out. If you are looking to buy a pair, get the classic leather. For me, patent leather shoes (of any brand) have never held up or been comfortable because there’s no give to them. Also, stick to the darker colors. I got my daughter a pair of the pale pink ones and they were hard to keep clean. But then again, she’s tough on shoes.

    • Great feedback, thanks! Given how well they work for you the price tag seems totally worth it. With the cost per wear equation you have to look at it two ways. Spend $195 on a pair of shoes that you wear over 100 times (which it sounds like you do) and the shoes cost less than $2.00 per wear. Conversely, a cheaper pair that costs you $79, let’s say, but are much less comfortable and you only wear a handful of times( let’s say 5 times before you ditch due or throw to the back of the closet due to discomfort) the pair costs $15.80 per wear. The Tieks are the better value, for sure!

  • GreenieMD

    Hopefully someone can help…how much will the Tieks actually stretch? I normally wear a 7.5-8 flat/heel and a 8 tennis shoes. I ordered an 8 size Tieks and it was too small. My right big toe was pressing the very tip and it was visually very obvious. Yes, their customer service is awesome and they sent me a size 9. The length is perfect, it feels great but if it stretches any they may become to big. Also, and please be honest, what ballet flat doesn’t fold in half…I would not recommend getting these shoes if thats you’re selling point.

    • I don’t think they stretch too much. I am a 6 1/2 and ordered the 6. They never really stretched out and fit me fine. I think it depends on the material they’re made from. Patent leather, for example, doesn’t usually stretch, whereas softer fabrics will. In regards to folding, there are many ballerina flats that don’t fold, or shouldn’t be. If they’re not designed to fold the shoes can get stretched and damaged. If you look at the soles of Tieks the blue cushion is split in the middle to allow for folding. Do I think that is the selling point that makes them so expensive? Absolutely not! But when I did need to throw them in my bag I did appreciate that I could make them super small.

  • kathy

    Hello ladies, I am a daily Tiek wearer. I have 22 pairs of Tieks and for the most part don’t wear anything other than my Tieks. My first pair were the Blue Tieks.. I wore them so much that after two years I replaced them with another pair of Blue Tieks and passed on my older pair to one of my sister-in-laws who wanted a pair so badly she could taste it.. She has bad feet because of a disease that she has so the fact that they were a bit stretched out made them very comfortable for her. The first year I purchased at least half of my wardrobe of Tieks. I had a problem with one pair of shoes that I never had a chance to wear because while moving one shoe got thrown away.. I was heartbroken and sent my husband to a dumpster that we had in our yard to seek this Giraffe print out.. Unfortunately the weather was quite hot and bugs were everywhere and he said NOPE not going to do it, I will buy you another pair, I sheepishly told him that they were quite expensive, he again said NOPE not going in. I called the company to see if I could buy just one right foot shoe and was told “I am so sorry but we do not have that option” I was again heart broken. The young lady that I spoke to felt bad and said I’ll tell you what let me check with my supervisor to see if there is anything we can do for you.. She sent me an email within an hour stating she would give me 50 percent off your next pair.. I was so excited and thought the customer service was wonderful and second to none. I replaced my Giraffe print shoes and purchased another pair as well. I have bought one pair per month for two years and at this point have every color that I wanted. I even bought a pair for a dear friend of mine. I am handicapped and my right leg doesn’t bend at the knee at all due to bad surgery. These shoes are by and far my favorite, most comfortable, go to shoe.

    • Thanks for this review! All these comments are so great because it shows everyone’s unique experience with them. All feet are different so whether or not they will work is so individual! Thanks again!!

  • Krispie

    I have a pair of Matte Black Tieks that I wear pretty much every weekday and have worn every weekday for the past 10 months. For up to 8 hours a day. No joke… I am a creature of habit and like to keep things pretty simple in the footwear dept. They are holding up VERY WELL with regular cleaning. No loose stitching, no tears on the outside leather, soles are in great condition! The only thing that has “unraveled” is the string stitching in the footbed and that just started last week. They have definitely earned their cost in wear and durability. They were uncomfortable (pinching in the heel) for the first week but after that, they’re my favorite pair of shoes outside of my normal flippy-floppies.

  • ArrrB

    I love Tieks. I own six pairs, and my oldest pair (the gorgeous patent red ones seen above) are four years old. I’ve lived in DC and had to walk many blocks a day–and like most professional women in DC, carried my heels in my bag until I got to work, and did the “shoe change.” That said, I wear my Tieks everywhere, even when I know I’ll be doing a ton of walking. They’re that comfortable, durable, and well made. And they’re gorgeous and very fun to wear.

    Tieks are very expensive–and unless you’re Oprah (who loves em), it’s a lot to spend on a pair of shoes (especially since they no longer offer the coupon codes). However, consider the fact that you will own these shoes for years and years without so much as wearing out the soles (which you see on the bottoms of some shoes and then feel guilty every time you wear them, as you know your shoes’ days are numbered). The craftsmanship is so excellent that even after years of wear, they still look great too. I have one pair that seems very tight and not as comfortable as the rest of my pairs–the camel colored Tieks–and I’m not sure why that is. Other than that, I have to vehemently disagree with those who say Tieks are “uncomfortable”. Maybe you need to get a size up. And even if they are, they have the best customer service I’ve ever seen, so send them back and buy yourself a cheap pair of Nine West flats.

    • Thanks for your review. Regarding those who say Tieks are uncomfortable, and vehemently disagreeing with them, you have to remember that everyone has different shaped feet and some shoes work great for some and horribly for others. There are a few shoe brands that seem to use my feet for their molds or lasts because they are so comfortable and other companies, who people swear by, don’t work for my feet.
      I agree, these shoes are well made. I’ve worn mine a lot and they look as good as the day I bought them.

  • jen

    Try dexflex flats. They’re cushioned and they’re sold at Payless. Very comfy and very affordable.

  • Jillian

    I’m also late to this discussion. I bought the copper ones to wear to a wedding. I wore them a total of 2 hours before some of the copper colored spots started falling off around the toe seams. I don’t feel like I am hard on shoes, so I was surprised. They exchanged them for me, and I opted for a more plain leather pair. So far so good.

    • I am really glad you shared that! I have the Wild Copper pair and have now had them a year. The one thing I will say is mine have shown no signs of wear, so your comment is surprising and I am sorry to hear that. I am glad they exchanged for you. Perhaps you had a defective pair? I hope your new pair stands up to multiple wearings!!

  • Shannon

    Thanks for the review, i’ve been wanting to try tieks for a while but am hesitant due to the cost. I work and travel for work so am always looking for comfortable flats that still offer some support. I have found that Nurture brand (Dillards) does the job, while they don’t offer all the cute prints and colors that Tieks do. They are incredibly comfortable and I have been wearing my pair for over a year probably 3 days a week and they still look great. They run about $70, think I’ll stick with that 🙂

  • Bella

    I love the tieks because they’re so comfortable, but I am disappointed with durability. OK, granted I wear them every day but after 5-6 months I need to throw them in the bin because they fall apart – blue lining in front breaking apart completely. I’ve owned 3 pairs of tieks overall. Now I have just one left. I am not sure if I’ll buy again. I always try to get Gucci flats at 50% off, which at $250 end up costing more than the tieks, but they’re nicer and longer lasting.

  • My

    How does someone get 75% discount??? I would have done what you did the most expensive pair. Also I’m wow by the mark up bc after the discount can you believe they still make a profit

    • Hi! It’s not uncommon that a company will send fashion bloggers and experts with a presence free products or products with a steep discount. They definitely have the opportunity to make up for the profit loss in potential PR. However, it is against the law for any fashion blogger not to disclose if they receive a product for free or if the post is sponsored. While this isn’t a sponsored post and I wasn’t paid to write it, I still wanted wanted to fully disclose that I did get the shoes at a discount. I probably didn’t have to but I like being completely transparent with my readers. It’s an integrity thing.

      • Tina Pettis

        Can you recommend a flat comparable to Tieks without the price?

  • Laura

    Bridgette, I read your review (and several others’ reviews) before investing $175 in my matte black Tieks. Normally, I wear a size 10.5, but Tieks don’t come in half sizes. So, at first, I followed the common thread advice and ordered a size 10. They came in quickly and I wore them right away, but I just wasn’t happy. They were so snug on my big toes and my feet actually felt tired at the end of the day. Not long after I received the shoes, I got a followup email from a Tieks staff person (Jennifer) inquiring about my purchase and the fit of the shoes. I went ahead and responded that while I loved everything about the shoes, I just wasn’t happy with the fit. She was eager to help me out and sent me a pair of size 11 Tieks with a return label for the size 10’s! Oh boy! Did the size 11’s feel better! I have only one pair of shoes (seriously…I hate shoe shopping), so they have to work with everything. I went in to the purchase knowing it might be a pricey risk, but I have been really happy. Things I like about Tieks: 1) They’re quiet to walk in! 2) They go with everything. 3) I get real compliments about them wherever I go. 4) The leather is good quality and feels good on my feet. 5) Tieks customer service is exceptional. Things I don’t like about Tieks: 1) I cannot afford to own several in different colors! At $175+ a pop, they’re way out of my price range! 2) They are NOT orthopaedic shoes, so while comfy on the feet, they are not made for standing on 8 hours a day. 3) I haven’t worn them in the rain yet, but I would imagine they aren’t all that “water friendly.” 4) They are not “breathable.” This means, your feet to tend to feel stuffy after wearing them for a while. 5) Tieks does not give refunds if you’re not at all happy with your shoes (but they will try to make you happy…) And, that’s about it. I’m happy with my purchase. I wish I could buy more, but you can never be too rich —- or own enough Tieks! <3

    • Hi Laura! Many thanks for this comment! I am sure other readers will find it super helpful as well! I am with you about the half size issues. I am a 6 1/2 and, because I sometimes buy shoes in a size 6, I chose the size 6 Tieks. I did notice the big toe issue too but was sure that a size 7 would be too big. It does surprise me that for such an expensive pair of shoes they don’t offer half sizes. I am so happy to hear that customer service was helpful in the exchange process.
      It’s so funny, I never thought about how quiet they are, but, you’re right, they’re Ninja-like. You can sneak up on anyone! And, I agree, the leather is good quality. I have had mine a year and there is not a sign of wear and tear on them at all. I also agree that they are not orthopedic shoes. They do not have arch support. What I like about them though is the springy cushion on the bottom. When I put mine on I feel like I have a bit more spring in my step. The cushion also helps with heel pain tremendously, which happens a lot with me and very flat shoes. Lastly, I have worn mine in the rain. They hold up, but, like any shoe that isn’t waterproof, your feet get wet. However, mine dried very well after without any signs of wear or damage.
      I wish I could buy more as well. I would definitely own at least one pair. I have been all over the grey flannel pair they are now sellling. Have you seen it? LOVE!

  • Tanisha

    I bought this show after reading this blog; however, the hefty $195 I paid resulted in the instep to toe box unraveling a mere 30 days later. The exchange policy? A hoax! After sending across pictures of the obviously defective shoe, I was told that it’s only the decoration and that they need essentially a week to repair them. But isn’t the decoration part of why the “ballerina slipper” costs so much? Then they offer me 25% off my next pair for the inconvenience. I will NEVER buy another pair! My first pair hasn’t lived up to the “standard” and their exchange/return policy is misleading. It should read “If you have never worn this shoe, we will exchange or refund you if you don’t like it. If you have, tough luck!” I expect more from a company that charges high-end pricing. Going forward, I will stick to true luxury stores that do not hassle you if your shoe falls apart in 30 days. My advice – for $195, get 3 or 4 pairs of flats that will last longer than 30 days. I officially hate this place and their service is horrible!

    • Hi Tanisha!! Wow! Thanks so much for your comment. Having not needed to return mine, I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant by their return policy. It isn’t uncommon for a shoe company not to accept returns on used or worn shoes, but your pair truly sounds like it was defective. I am sorry it didn’t work out for you and sorrier that you had such a hard time with their customer service. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience for other readers of this post. I am sure they will find it helpful!

  • Julia

    I am a big fan of Tieks and own a few pairs. They do take some time to break in but it is worth it. Attractive and receive tons of compliments. One disappointment is the sole has “chipped” on the toe of the shoe. This has happened to me twice. Once the company replaced with another pair- but it happened again. The sole chipped at the stitching. I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with the durability of the sole. ?

    • Christa Craig

      I have had my Tieks for two weeks, and have certainly not worn them every day. I did have the sole “chip” at the toe seam today, and as I am on the east coast, I am waiting to hear Tieks reply on an exchange. I am disappointed to hear that it has happened to you twice, Julia. This seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on shoes that fall apart within two weeks.

  • April Shrader

    I have been wearing Tieks for a year now. I took advantage of the 20% off code they offered one year ago. I purchased the Obsidian black patent and Fuchsia matte leather. I have worn them every weekend since. I normally wear an 11 but bought a 12. I did find there was break in time and did band aids under the elastic over my baby toe for a few wears. In March I got a boy to buy me Azure Snake again in a 12. HUGE did not fit at all like the other pairs. We did the easy exchange for a size 11. At $300, I wanted a perfect fit. Never got it. I still wear them but bring my black as a back up pair. I think it has to do with the type of leather and that is does not have near as much give or flexibility. My big toe hurts after I wear them a couple of hours. I plan on purchasing the red patent next. I find they are worth the money. I have a few pair of other shoes I can’t wear at all that I paid $50 to $100 and they just sit in the closet. My Tieks have been my weekend shoe. I wear them with skinny jeans to a bar or a day of shopping. I will also mention cause I think it matters, I am a big girl with a lot of weight on my feet, I find these shoes to be comfy.

  • quiriousminds

    Hi Bridgette, thank you so much for this comprehensive and honest review. You just saved me money there. This morning I was just contemplating of buying a pair of that really cute cardinal Tieks. I thought it would look great on my usual white shirt and blue jeans get up. Like you, I walk a lot and so am very demanding with my foot wear. I’ve made a lot of shoe shopping misadventures. One of my very costly ones was a USD270 pair of Cole Haan flats which sadly just stayed in my closet. (sigh). A few months ago I spotted a pair of unstructured aerosoles flats in one of the malls here in Manila. What i love about it is the freedom it gives your feet. They didn’t have those annoying and painfully constricting elastic. Maybe Tieks can incorporate a bit of that in their beautiful shoes? No breaking in needed. I loved it so much I got a second pair (a gold one). I could wear them comfortable for 8 hours. My only problem is dealing with the suede which makes my feet a bit sweaty and the shoes a bit smelly :p

  • Bethany

    I just got my first pair of Tieks. I am a 7.5 and bought an 8. Holy excruciating pain. The right shoe was not manufactured correctly and the front lip is about 1/2 inch too short and doesn’t cover my toes. It hurts so badly. The left fits great, doesn’t hurt. I don’t have defunct feet, they just weren’t made correctly. The internal stitching is already loosening and I have only worn them 2 times in the house. That’s pathetic. I don’t know what to do. I have another pair coming and I wanted to like them so badly. I will probably have to go to a 9. Ugh! Really? The flats aren’t that comfortable either. I wear orthaheel sandals in the summertime and these flats are horrendously uncomfortable compared to those. Yea, they are pretty. Yea, they might look like here and there. Your back, wallet, and especially arch will thank you for passing on these lovely looking things.

  • annie

    I may be crazy, but I just ordered a pair of Tieks. I ordered a metallic pair a few months ago (I posted here) and sent them back because they were killing me. I ordered a matte leather pair this time and am going to give them another go. I have been looking high and low for cute, comfortable flats with NO luck. TIred of wearing heels…
    I will post again when I get them. I really want these to work!

  • ann

    No half sizes, and the ad reads that you should go down a size if you’re in between. So I bought a 7 in turquoise (I usually wear 7-1/2) Way too tight. And because you have to wear them before realizing they don’t fit properly, I couldn’t return them. Biting the bullet, I ordered another pair in size 8 (red patent ). Slightly bigger, but still tight across the toes. I certainly can’t wear them all day, and even if I could, the sole has no support whatsoever. So I now have two very expensive pairs of house slippers in my closet. Buy them again? No way, sorry.

    • jolie newman

      Ann…I see they go on ebay pre-owned if you decide to move them from your closet.

    • Cammie Ralston

      Do you still have the red patent ones? I am trying to decide if I would like to try these and have read reviews and reviews and I’m still on the fence. I would love to buy a pair that might be cheaper!

  • Cathy

    I have six pairs of Tieks. I absolutely love them. I teach school so I’m on my feet a lot and have never had a problem with them. They were comfortable from the first time I put them on and have never given me any problem, either in quality or comfort. The first pair that I bought turned out to be the wrong size, so I exchanged them. My customer service experience was great. They were friendly on the phone and shipped the new pair before they received the pair I returned. I am very pleased with this company and it’s product. Of course, I wish they were priced lower, but you pay for quality.

  • TC Hollis Wagenstein Hurturk

    Bridgette, kudos for writing this detailed and honest review. As a frequent traveler, I would have been tempted to splurge on a pair of Tieks as in-flight travel slippers. That said, I have shared a number of links on FB to articles panning the “usual suspects” in travel shoes. The top three “missteps” are rainboots, ballet flats, and flip flops. Tieks may feel comfortable on the foot – so do socks – but are not suitable (IMHO) for extended walking. Sidewalks in other countries may be much older, not graded, not as smooth, etc. as the streets we are used to in the USA. For whatever it’s worth, I picked up some discounted fluffy plastic-soled Dearfoam booties on sale at Century 21 for about $10. Wore the black ones on a ten-hour flight (had I worn the pink ones, my husband would have disowned me) and looked kinda like Diana Vreeland channeling Big Bird. Totally comfortable and so much better than the flimsy flippers they stick in your amenity kit! For street wear, I swear by the Van Elis and Sesto Meuccis I pick up at Marmi (53rd & Madison), as a great blend of comfort and support. Trust me, you don’t want to tackle the Parthenon or the Blue Mosque in ballet flats!

    • Thanks, Hollis! I don’t think anyone should wear ballerina flats for extended periods of walking time. They’re not good for the feet. What I do like about Tieks is they fold up and do fit nicely in my bag. I LOVE Marmi, by the way. It’s a great resource for clients of mine who have very wide or very narrow feet.

  • Bridget

    Hi Bridgette… Thanks for the review (and P.S. we’re probably related – I am from a Raes family)… Anywho… I just got a pair of red patent Tieks for my July wedding. It is possible they have fixed the elastic issue at the toe. I ALWAYS have that problem and after reading your review earlier, I immediately thought I needed to prance around in mine to see if I was going to have a problem. When I wear flats, I usually settle my heel in – this changes where your toes hit the front of the shoe… and generally, my feet will stay there for the day. I had zero tightness w/ the shoe. I never typically spend this on shoes but since it’s my wedding, my future MIL splurged FOR me. I will not be running out to buy 100 pair… but I would definitely invest in another pair or two! Maybe time to take a new pair of Tieks for a spin? 😉

    • Okay, that is freaky, especially considering your first name. Raes is such a rare last name in the US. Is your family Belgian? That is where my family is from, although you could also be from Germany because the countries boarders changed so frequently! Please send your Raes family members my best!!

      • Bridget

        Yes! They are Belgian. My grandma (Ruby Kincaid Raes) was born in the US but I believe my grandfather (Omar Oscar Raes) was born in Belgium. We are mostly all from Illinois (as far as my generation and my dad’s generation). My last name was never changed from my mom’s maiden name. Such a small world!

        • Wow, you came darn close to having the same name as me! So cool! My grandfather was born in England and his father was from Hoboken Belgium, near Antwerp. My great grandmother was from England. I have a family member who is always working on our family tree so I may get more info. I am a total mutt, with 9 nationalities total, but I always identified strongly with my Belgian roots, probably because it’s my last name and the name dies with me. I am the last one. It’s partly why I didn’t change me last name when I got married. My Belgian family settled in NJ, but who knows, maybe we are related somehow. Haha. The biggest thing I deal with is the wrong pronounciation. Everyone seems to think it is Spanish, like Reyes, and then pronounces it that way. I have heard that the proper pronunciation is actually more like Ross, but in America it is pronounced like Rays. I also heard we’re supposed to have an umlaut over the e.

  • lindsey

    I hope that some of you who are on the fence about Tieks will go ahead and try them, this review not-withstanding. I have terrible knees, ankles and a bad from years of gymnastics and ballet and many injuries. I cannot wear flip-flops without ending up in terrible pain….in fact, I am “supposed” to wear hard shoes with orthotics all the time! I ordered my first pair of Tieks in 2012 because I just couldn’t give up on stylish shoes. I now own four pairs. For those of you interested in Tieks for traveling: my matte black Tieks have walked me through Croatia, Ghana and Mozambique, not to mention San Francisco, Boston, Manhattan, New Orleans, and Seattle. None of these are my hometown, and yes I wear my brown, black and pewter Tieks every week (usually all three of them each week). Mine have held up well to rain, dust, and even some light climbing (yep!). I am willing to spend this much money ONLY on products that will give me this much use. The price-per-wear for my Tieks is now under pennies 🙂 So, buy them if they are for you, don’t buy them if they’re not for you. No shoe is going to make your life incomparably better than it was before…..but these ones come pretty close to doing so.

    • Thanks for this review, lindsey!!! It’s great to hear this. One thing I will say is that my Tieks have definitely become my go-to flats. They really do get more comfortable over time. They are also REALLY quiet to wear. I wore them with a client for hours last week and my feet hurt by the end of the day (I was on my feet all day) but weren’t that bad. I do like mine a lot and, like yours, they are only now starting to show some signs of wear on the toes, but not that bad considering how much I wear them.

  • Tina Pettis

    Can you recommend a flat comparable to Tieks without the price?

    • Hi Tina, the other flats I love are Vince Camuto’s Ellen flats. They don’t look like Tieks but if you are looking for comfort at a fair price those are great. Bloch also makes some really comfortable ballerina flats too that are worth checking out.

      • Karolina

        Hello probably a bit late, but I would actually recommend a pair from Payless. I got them cause of the flex look, but they have a cushion inside, pretty cute and soooo comfy. The only negative is that they are not leather inside. But for the price of under $30 so worth a try. Or google “DexFlex Comfort”. I’m tall and have tried many flats, and still cant get myself to spend so much on Tieks.

  • Gina Cangin

    Are Tieks true to size?

    • Hi Gina, considering Tieks only run in full sizes I would say no. However, I am a 6 1/2 and found the 6 fine. What I would suggest is that you go with the size up or down, depending on how you buy shoes. For example, sometimes I can wear a 6 so that is why I went with that size. I hope that helps.

  • Monica

    Hi Bridgette,

    I read your review, still I decide to buy them and I just live them. I bought the cardinal red, in size 10 (same size as other flats) and initially they were thight, mostly on my bunion area. But after few wears, I just love them. I use them for everything as shopping, traveling, or days at the museum and my feet doesn’t feel tired. I just bought my second pair, and I’m planning for few more.

    • Hi Monica! Thanks for your comment! I have to admit, after having mine over a year now they are SO comfortable! I wear them constantly now. At first, I thought they were okay and now I love mine!

  • Sarah K Sawyer

    I love mine and wear them all the time. However, just a few months in I have a hole on the side. Wondering, now that it’s been a while–how long did yours last? (I did pay full price and have reached out to the company–maybe they can help me out.)

    • Wow, that is a bummer, for sure! Mine are well over a year old and they are still in really good shape, and I wear mine a lot. I would definitely reach out to the company and see what they have to say. For the price I don’t think they should wear out like that.

      • Sarah K Sawyer

        THanks Bridgette. I did reach out to them and they said ”
        “Thanks for writing in and sending me those pictures. I’m sorry to
        see what happened to your Tieks. It looks like you’ve really been
        enjoying them, though! Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like the type of
        thing that we can fix. I still want to help, so let me know if you want
        to try another pair and I’d be happy to help on a future order!” I’m not sure if that means so I’m writing for clarification. At this point, I don’t think I’d be willing to pay another $200 for shoes that last 4 months. But maybe I’m misunderstanding their offer. I’ll let you know what I hear back, if you’d like.

        • Thanks for the follow up! That is a true bummer to hear. I had something similar happen when I bought a pair of classic UGGS and they got a very small hole early on. I didn’t remember doing anything that caused it and when I reached out the company they told me it wasn’t something they could fix or take responsibility for.
          I find it odd that their solution to the problem was to ask that you spend another $200 for a pair of shoes after having such a negative experience. I hope it means they are open to an exchange and not to buy another pair so, yes, please keep us all updated. I’m sure others will not to know the outcome. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

          • Sarah K Sawyer

            I hope the same as I really love how the shoes feel and have encouraged many people to try them. I’ll stay in touch and am glad to have found your blog.

          • Thanks for keeping us all in the loop and I am glad you found my blog too, welcome!

          • Sarah K Sawyer

            Here was today’s reply

            Hi Sarah,We don’t do much discounting, but if you decide to try another pair, I’d be happy to see what I can do.

            It seems they want me to buy another pair of $200 flats and roll the dice to see if they last longer than 3 months. They must not think I’m very bright. I’m so disappointed. I really loved them and was already picking out what pair to buy next when that big hole appeared….

          • Sarah K Sawyer

            OK, after 27 emails, 2 phone calls, shipping my shoes back for “their team” to inspect, 2 attempts at up-sell and more than 14 days of frustration Tieks is FINALLY replacing my shoes– though w/o paying an extra $20 I can’t get the shoes they believe would work best for me and I feel they are doing so VERY grudgingly. (Snide comments throughout emails) I’m going to try and put this experience behind me and enjoy the replacements but after all of this trouble, I confess, it’s going to take a really stellar experience.

          • Thanks for this update! Wow! I would imagine that even if the shoes feel like heaven it will be hard to enjoy them after what you went through. If you sell luxury shoes then luxury services should come with it.

          • Sarah K Sawyer

            THANK GOODNESS I checked the order online. They were about to mail them to the WRONG ADDRESS. Can you imagine? Happily f customer service seems able to correct that. What a mess.

          • Sarah, any update on how the new Tieks are holding up?

          • Sarah K Sawyer

            Hi Vera Lou,
            To be honest I’m so disgusted by their customer service that I find it hard to enjoy them and don’t want to wear them often, so it’s hard to compare. As infrequently as I wear them (I wore my first pair daily, I wear my new ones once every couple of weeks) I am still seeing some distress to the leather but not as much as the first pair. Good news is: I bought a $17 pair of sandals that are much more comfortable, wearing like crazy and look like a million buck. I’m sticking with them. I think I’d have to say Tieks are def NOT worth the money for me.

  • Hello,
    Thank you so much for this information, I received a $50 off coupon for the shoes, but even $150 for a pair of shoes is a little high for me. This article and all of the feedback helped me make a decision.

    • tanfox999

      how did you get the coupon?? I really need one as I am going to be the guinea pig for a group of friends that are all curious about these shoes! I have three pairs in my cart right now!

      • Tammy M

        i don’t think she got a coupon. i asked the Tieks people on FB and they said they don’t do discounts or promotions and they don’t sell them anywhere else. Unless she’s some sort of paid blogger, and not a regular person like us.

        • Hi! Not sure if you are referring to the commenter or me. Just in case it’s me, the company did offer me a big discount, as I mentioned. But they didn’t ask to write a review or anything in return. However, interesting little tidbit. Tieks reached out to me recently and offered me a huge sum of money to do a sponsored review if I agreed to take this post down. I turned them down because, in my mind, it seemed really crappy to take down an authentic and non-sponsored review in exchange for one that I was paid to write. I’m sorry, but I don’t put a price tag on my integrity.

          • Tammy M

            Oh no i meant the commenter and i didn’t mean it to be nasty i just wanted people to know because i asked the Tiek people about any sort of discount and they were pretty clear about the no discounts for “regular” people. I admire you for not taking this down in response to their proposal. I don’t think it’s right that people can’t be honest about products without companies freaking out about negative reviews. That’s why i came here. Your blog is awesome and i appreciate your letting everyone be honest. I don’t know if i can afford them right now being that i just ordered a $300 michael kors purse that hopefully will be here monday when i get home from work and not stolen by an irate neighbor 🙂 before i spend almost $200 on shoes, i wanted some honest feedback. Glad i came here!

          • Oh no worries! Even if it was directed to me I wouldn’t be offended. I understand what you meant by regular people.
            Honestly, I’m not sure Tieks knew this post existed when they reached out, but when they told me that in order to be compensated for a sponsored post I couldn’t have written a review post in the past. When I told them about this one they made the suggestion that I take this one down. That just didn’t sit well with me. I just thought how bad it would look if I swapped out a non-compensated review for one that was sponsored. And who is going to believe a review post that was sponsored by the company anyway? It all just felt wrong so I told them no. However I am sure the company would have loved it if I agreed to it. While I have really grown to love my Tieks more than I originally did when I first got them, I think most readers find the comments in this thread equally helpful.

          • Oh and thank you for your kind words about my blog! I am glad you are here too!

          • Lindaem

            Well aren’t you something else! Miss perfect!

  • Lyndsey

    I own a pair of Tieks that I managed to get in a sale online a couple of years ago (I think for signing up for emails?) I live in a very hot and muggy country so I only wear these when I travel. I’ve worn them up to 12 hours straight several days in a row and my feet held up in these. I did however find that the toe box in them is too low – a point of my big toe is very noticeable through the top of the leather. I talked to the people at Tieks about it who suggested maybe the shoes were too small but that is certainly not the case – I normally wear a 6.5 or 7 and an 8 would have fallen off my feet. While these are more comfortable than other flats I’ve worn, I probably won’t purchase another pair due to the toe box issue. My alternates are J.Crew’s Cece flats – too bad they don’t fold up!

  • Ashlee

    I know this post is well over a year old, but I’m very curious to know how your tieks have held up until this point. I’m hoping to purchase a pair of these for my mission to the Philippines (I’ll be spending 18 months there) and the only way I could possibly justify the cost of these is if they’re going to last the full year and a half. I would think that’s where the hefty price tag comes into play, but I’d like to hear your opinion ^^

    • Hi Ashlee, No problem! People comment on this post all the time so I am happy to let you know. I have to say that my Tieks have gotten better with time. I really do live in them during the spring and fall and they have worn well and have become more comfortable. When I first bought them I wasn’t thrilled about the fit but as soon as I broke them in they fit like a glove.

  • Blaise Chessup

    I’m probably too late for this discussion, but I’ll try nevertheless. I was recently in Barcelona and bought a pair of the Kokua (Spanish brand of ballerina flats). They are handmade and like candies, come in all sorts of colors and styles. Very hard to limit yourself to one or 2 pairs. Price range: between 90-120 Euros. Drawback: no online buying options. I would like more pairs but I have to wait until someone goes to Spain for that. These shoes are comfortable, but if you are walking a lot on a hot day, your feel will still swell and make the shoes uncomfortable. Bridgette: Do you have any opinions on the Spanish Ballerina Flats? You can take a look on Facebook under Kokua. Thanks for reading my post.

    • Hi Blaise, it’s never to late to post a comment. I keep this thread open because people always post something new. I am totally unfamiliar with this Spanish brand and now you are making me want to take a trip there. I am going to look into them further. They sound like great shoes! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • LaToia Jones

    I have read all the comments and reviews listed here and I am no closer in making a decision on purchasing a pair or not. I am going on a 7 week trip around the world ( in 30 days) and only plan to bring 3 pair of shoes (flats, boots, gym shoes) so I need my flats to be cute and comfortable for walking. While the price is a bit much for my taste if they are good for walking and travel I will break down and spend the money. My biggest concern is my have a high arch and I’m afraid of the complains about it being tight in the toe box and along the front of the foot. Help!

    • Wow that trip sounds amazing! I am not surprised that you are no closer to making a decision because everyone has had such different experiences. It’s hard to give a definitive answer with footwear because everyone has such different feet and needs.
      I would definitely recommend a pair of Tieks as a good pair of comfortable flats. However, I would definitely not say they should be the shoes to rely on solely (no pun intended) if you have a lot of walking planned. Yes, they are comfortable and a lot more comfortable than most flats but, personally, they wouldn’t be my shoes of choice if I had to do a lot of walking and sightseeing. However, others may disagree with me. This is why I don’t think you are going to get a clear cut answer. While they are comfortable and offer a lot of spring due to the blue soles they don’t have any real arch support. I would definitely travel with mine if I needed a good ballerina flat but I wouldn’t rely on them for a lot of walking days.
      If you do decide to pull the trigger, I highly recommend you break them in a good amount before your trip. It took a while before my shoes became as comfortable as I find them now. I love wearing mine but really didn’t wear them as much at first because I found they hurt my big toe and the elastic rubbed along the top of my feet to the point that I needed to put a pad in the shoe. Over a year later these problems have more than disappeared.
      My feeling is they are great for travel if, and only if, they aren’t to be your only walking shoes.
      I hope that helps and I’m sorry I couldn’t be more definitive.

  • Tracey Wolf

    I have 8 pairs of Tieks which I have had for about 4 years now and they are still going strong. I take a size 11 and have a medium to wide feet and I haven’t found the elastic in the least bit annoying, but I have never purchased a pair that aren’t just plain leather .. I haven’t purchased the fancy ones or the patent ones due to thinking ahead about the elastic and how it might be uncomfortable. I have a wonderful range of colours for whatever mood I’m in but will stick with just the plain leather ones when I purchase another pair. I have purchased these as gifts for my son’s partner who just loves them, once again I’ve only purchased the plain leather .. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a pair of comfortable ballet flats, yes they are expensive and I do have problems with lots of shoes but never a days problem with my Tieks. BTW I live in Australia and wear them and my thongs all year long.

    • It’s great to hear how long your Tieks have lasted. I am going into my second year of wearing them and mine look great. I think that looking at the cost-per-wear with your Tieks, and how much you wear them, the cost is more than justified.

      • Tracey Wolf

        Definitely agree with you Bridgette, the cost-per-wear has been definitely worth it. And my sons partner lives in the pairs I’ve bought for her too. They make a wonderful gift for her as she wouldn’t spend that much on them, I just get her to choose a colour b4 her b’day or Christmas.

  • Tracey Wolf

    Just to add to my previous comment when I purchased my Tieks 4yrs ago they were free postage to Australia, I’ve just gone to buy another pair and found that they now include a shipping fee of over $30 🙁

    • Man, I hate when they change this. As if the shoes aren’t expensive enough already

      • Tracey Wolf

        Totally agree .. never bought my ninth pair as much as I love these shoes I don’t think that they’re worth over $200 and it’ll be even more as our aussie dollar is not doing well at the moment.

  • mary anne

    Not sure if this discussion is still open but i just received my Tieks in Matte Black. I typically wear a 8 1/2 so I ordered an 8 and 9. The 8’s are tight and my big toes are about to bust out. The 9’s seem to fit and I have been wearing them around the house. The backs seem to dig in the back of my heel. UGH!! I am also concerned the 9 will stretch (if it is real italian leather I would think they would). When I sit with my legs crossed it looks like the sole of my foot is a half inch away from the bottom of the shoe. Help!! I thought for sure these were going to be the best flats. Do I just need to give them time and they will mold to my foot? Should I keep the 8 and mold that instead of the 9? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did look up the Vince Camuto Ellen flats as someone from awhile back liked them but they are out of black. I won a pair of Tory Burch but they are awful. Painful at the top of my foot and again on my heel where the elastic is.

    • Hi Mary Anne, yes this thread is always open and I welcome comments at any time. I think readers get more value from the comments than the article, actually. Speaking for myself, I wear between a 6- 6 1/2 and the six was fine once I broke them in. I think giving them a little time will help them mold to you foot and I am thinking that sticking with the 8 may be the better choice unless they are terribly painful and feel way too small. Check where your big toe is hitting the front of the shoe. If it really rubbing up against it you might want to consider the larger size. I think these shoes stretch but not so much so that they will go up a size or anything. Also, if you choose patent the chances of them stretching is even less likely. I hope that helps!

    • Brett

      I personally feel that their shoes run really small. I usually wear an 8/8.5, I ordered my first pair (Silver Lake – Vegan Collection) as a 9 not thinking, so I fully expected to have to send them back for being too big. After trying them several times I decided that I had to return them for being too small. Then I got curious because I don’t usually ever wear a 9 and held them up to a normal 8.5 shoe that I have and found that they were about a half inch smaller than my 8.5. I finally exchanged them for a 10 (I have NEVER worn a size 10 shoe in anything). I wish I would have googled reviews before buying – all the reviews you can view on their website are outstanding. I find that they definitely need to be broken in, I’m on day 3 now and they are finally becoming bearable. The elastic doesn’t hurt my foot and I don’t have blisters but the tip of my big toes are sore. So my conclusion is: they definitely need to be broken in and they run small.

      • Thanks for weighing in. I heard, and it may have been through this thread, that Tieks removes bad reviews from their site and FB page. I don’t know if this is true. They even suggested I take down this post in exchange for a paid sponsored one, which I refused. How crappy would it be for me to replace an honest post with a sponsored one?

        I totally agree with you about needing to break them in. It took me a while too and I had the same exact issues as you. However, what I didn’t have was the sizing issue. This is the first time I am hearing this so I am happy you mentioned it. Thanks for your comment!!

      • Tracey Wolf

        Brett I have 8 pairs and have never had to break in a pair.. I’m size 11 and they fit me fine however, I have only ever bought plain leather ones as I don’t like the idea of the fancy leathers being on my foot where the elastic is.

    • Tracey Wolf

      I’d keep the 9 if they’re a nice fit they don’t overstretch .. I’ve been wearing Tieks for over 4yrs now and have never had a days problem with them. I also have bought them for my sons partner who loves them and also has never had a days problem with them either.

    • bridget

      Hi mary anne! I ordered the exact same shoes you did; matte black, size 9. I’ve been wearing them around the house this weekend and noticed the same thing about the gap when I sit down with legs crossed. I believe this will change over time, but I’m more concerned about comfort as I work in a hospital and I’m on my feet quite a bit. I wanted to switch up from my Danskos (although the support is not nearly the same) and have a cuter shoe for straight leg/skinny pants. My feet are wider and I don’t plan to exchange for an 8; I think they’d be too small for me. In fact, I want a pair of tiek blue patent…and leopard…and chocolate brown lol

  • icedgreentea

    Thank you for your article. I’ve gone back and forth for several YEARS about buying Tieks. I think I’m ready to take the plunge, mostly because I need a good pair of driving shoes. I’ll get one of the less expensive pairs.

  • Deb

    Late to this discussion, but have to weigh in. I have 9 pairs of Tieks and they are the only shoes I wear anymore. I am usually a size 8, but the 8 felt snug. Now I get a 9 and they are just right. I have walked over 10 miles in one day on vacation in my Tieks, and never felt sore feet or legs. This has never happened in any other shoe. I have a wide foot, always a problem to find nice shoes. The price for the plain leather ones is $175. Not cheap, I’ll admit. But so worth it for the comfort. Personally, I have always like the look of a ballet flat, so that works for me, too. I have worn them dressed up, with skirts, jeans, anything. I am just not sacrificing comfort and love the feeling of slipping on my favorite shoes everyday. In winter I wear them with tights. Love my Tieks!

    • Hi Deb, thanks for your comment! It is never too late to comment and give feedback!

  • Karolina

    Hello probably a bit late, but I would actually recommend a pair from Payless. I got them cause of the flex look, but they have a cushion inside, pretty cute and soooo comfy. The only negative is that they are not leather inside. But for the price of under $30 so worth a try, and they come in diff colours. Or google “DexFlex Comfort”. I’m tall and have tried many flats, and still cant get myself to spend so much on Tieks.

    • Mellyjelly5

      yes yes yes! If you can’t afford Tieks but want a similar shoe (or Tieks are just not comfortable for you), get the Deflex flats from Payless. I know…its Payless, but believe me these flats are SO comfortable. They are only about $25 (if not on sale) but I would gladly pay more for them considering they are all I wear. Just a suggestion though to definitely size down for the dexflex. I usually get an 8 in them (I’m normally 8.5, occasionally 8) and they’re perfect. Thinking Tieks would be the same, I got an 8 in those as well and my feet were so tight and squished and painful everywhere, especially in the front on the bone of my foot…I have NO idea why they suggest on their website to size down if you’re a half size, especially since many comments I’m reading here have the same issue. I think something is definitely not right with their sizing in comparison to other shoes. I just put in the exchange request for 9 (I have never in my life ordered a 9 size shoe before), and hope that they’re more comfortable. If not, I’ll return and stick to my Deflexes. The only reason I wanted to try Tieks is because I really like the thick sole. With the Dexflex, you’re basically walking on the ground more or less…almost feels like you’re barefoot, and because of that they do tend to wear down quickly, but for the price I just end up buying a few pairs every year (especially with the BOGO!) 🙂

      • Karolina

        Yes definitely feels more like barefoot I guess that’s why they feel comfortable. And yes wearing down easier is also true, but like you said its still worth it in the end.
        Let me know how the new Tieks go?

  • Yvonne

    I’m a teacher and am on my feet 8+ hours. I also walk about 3 blocks from metro to work and back every day. I bought a pair of matte black Tieks going on three years ago when I was looking for a comfortable flat. There was a small break in period but when they were broken in, they were the most comfortable pair of shoes for my job that I owned. I have been wearing them 3-4 days a week for the past several years and they are just now wearing out. After nearly 3 years, the leather is a little scuffed and the cushioning is starting to wear out but they definitely do not look like 3 year old well worn shoes. I am very impressed with the quality and do believe they are worth the price. I will be replacing them in the next month.

  • ms.cheng

    I believe the price has a lot to do with the labor done onto the shoes (3 days and 150 steps) while it’s quality can possibly be met with other flats at a much lower price. I have a friend who is a rookie-designer. While she uses only decent quality fabrics for her clothing line – everything is literally completed by hand, hence is worth more once it’s being sold. Fashion and money – I do not understand. Quality, I will always look for. Understanding why a bra can cost 128.00, let alone a pair of flats for 175.00? I’ll never understand – yet I’ll sometimes give in and buy. I try my best to shop smart if finances aren’t in favorite with me.

  • Brandy Vigen

    I’m surprised that you said they have an excellent return policy because I had an awful experience with them. I bought the hot pink pair and loved them, then bought the matte black pair. I wore the matte black pair twice and got blisters. Both sets of shoes were the same size and yet, the black ones didn’t feel right. I emailed Tieks and was told that I should “stretch them out by wearing socks”. I expressed concern that I was going to have to stretch out shoes that I had paid almost $300 for (being from Canada, the exchange rate is killer!). It took multiple emails back and forth before they agreed to exchange the black pair for another pair. I then waited MONTHS for my shoes. I finally called and they said they had forgot to send them. I asked if I was going to have to pay the shipping fees on shoes that I was returning because of poor fit and they said yes. I asked to speak to a manager who, knowing I was unhappy did very little to try and fix the situation. I explained repeatedly that I loved my pink tieks but just felt this black pair was not made the same way and wanted a different pair. They told me that they were ‘doing me a favor’, by exchanging them for me and that there was nothing else they could do. I asked if I could get a discount on another pair, they told me they didn’t give discounts. Reading that you got a 75% off discount has me seeing red today. Although I love my pink pair of tieks, I will never give money to a company who thinks they are doing me a favor by accepting a return on a product that is clearly not up to standard.

    • Hi Brandy, I am so sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience with their customer service. It does sounds like a nightmare. I think the comments are valuable because it seems everyone is having a different experience.
      The reason I got a 75% discount is because I am a fashion blogger, that’s the only reason. As I mentioned, I was not compensated for writing this review. In fact, Tieks reached out to me after I wrote this one and asked if I’d be willing to write a sponsored review post (for a great deal of money, I might add) if I agreed to take this one down. It just didn’t sit well with me and I turned down the money because who would trust a sponsored review post?
      Given the fact that you had such a positive experience with your first pair, I am quite surprised that they weren’t more accommodating to your exchange request given the fact that you have experience with the shoes and know how they should fit you.
      I know this has been a horrible experience with the company, but I am glad you shared your comments. I am certain other readers will find your comment helpful. Sadly, it’s at your expense, but I am thankful all the same.

  • thatgirljen

    i happen to have a pair of the exact Me Too flats in black and LOVE them. They are super comfy and I wear them all over town, running errands and stuff, 6+ hours at a time! 🙂

    • Ivan

      I am happy that you can enjoy this super comfortable flats. I also have them in black, and I love them to go to my office, yoga and dance lessons 🙂

      • OMG, yes, the insides of the MeToo flats are SUPER padded. I always forget that brand as an option. I used to love Bloch, especially considering they are made from the same company that makes the ballet slippers for NYC Ballet, but their offering has gone a bit downhill in recent years. I used to have a client swear by them but now the options are a little drab and limited.

  • ArtMom

    Hi Bridgette, I hope you don’t mind the late comment. I came across your post while searching for reviews about Tieks before purchasing a pair. I found your review helpful and promising. However, after owning and wearing my pair for over 5 months, I think I’m doomed to be one of the naysayers. I’m a teacher and am constantly on the move and on the lookout for cute, comfortable, footwear. I thought Tieks might be my answer. While I love the color and how the bottom of the shoe, the cushion, feels, the tops of my feet are in pain. I wear mine about once a week and I still find the elastic on top too tight. Even though I wear a 10, my feet are more on the slender side. These shoes are so tight and often leave my heel and toe aching and/or without feeling. Do you know how I can leave an official review for the company? Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah, I am sorry to hear you had the same exact problems I initially did with my Tieks. To solve the elastic pain over my instep, I used a Foot Petals pad and that worked, although it sort of irked me that I had to do that for such expensive shoes. I had the toe problem too, and I have exceptionally short toes, which eventually went away.

      I am not sure how to comment on their official site. In fact, I read somewhere that they remove negative reviews from their FB page, but that might just be rumor.

      Again, sorry they weren’t a fit for you. That’s a true bummer

      • ArtMom

        Thank you so much for your prompt response! I’ll try the Foot Petals and see if that helps. It is a bummer that these didn’t quite live up to my expectations but they’re still super cute and I always get compliments. Thanks so much!

        • Crystal Whitman Neel

          They seem to remove all negative reviews. So glad I’m seeing a lot of comments here that are the same complaints that I have had. For $300, you shouldn’t need to use Foot Petals for comfort. Shallow heel, hard sole, no cushion, tight top of the foot, toe cleavage. The only thing is they are cute colors and prints. Other than that, I’d rather throw $300 somewhere else. Sam Edelman shoes are cheaper and cute, too. Cole Haan ballet flats. Shoot, go for Chanel ballet flats. Donald J. Pliner, Taryn Rose, all more comfortable if you want to spend for shoes. Tieks are cute, but not worth the money….at….all…

          • I heard they take down negative reviews. That’s interesting. I think everyone has such different feet that it really is individual. I have one client who LOVES Tieks because she has bunions and they are her favorite to wear. So, to each their own. But, really interesting that they delete negative feedback. That seems a bit unscrupulous if you ask me.

  • Thanks for the thorough and honest post!

  • Maricris

    I am wondering if Tieks, or any of the wonderful flats mentioned in comments, will fair against semi wide, flexible arches (meaning flat when I stand, but high any other time) feet, with bunion and sesamoiditis. For the record, I am a female in my mid thirties, 5’3″, 120 lbs, size 6-6.5 feet. have had a bunionectomy on both feet (with the right bunion returning with sesamoiditis – a form of tendonitis). I am pretty active – 3 kids under 7, work out 5 days a week and I walk pretty fast (a lot can’t keep up with me; they say I walk like a light jog). Any takers on my situation?

  • Elizabeth Morrison

    Bridgette, I LOVE your site, I have marked it my “favorites” so, I can get more information in the future. Loved and appreciate your honest review, it is very helpful, Thanks

    • Hi Elizabeth and welcome! Thank you for your kind words!

  • Hi, wondering about experiences with the metallic flats compared to regular leather ones. I have the fuschia and matte black, and they are amazingly comfortable. I walk around a hospital for work and they passed the test. They look super cute, the kids I work with comment on them all the time, and I couldn’t be happier. I ordered the rose gold glam, and while they are super cute they feel much stiffer. I’ve been wearing them around my house to see how the breaking in goes, but I’m leary of wearing them out in case they never soften. Can anybody speak to this? I’m going to exchange them for the taupe if they are going to remain scratchy and stiff.

  • Rhona Renee

    I just ordered my first pair. I love my Toms and wear them daily but I feel tieks look a little more professional. I bought the chestnut pair so they will go with nearly everything and I did this so I could get more wear of them! I am excited to try them for teaching but hoping that I love them!

  • Jennifer

    Hi everyone – I recently purchased a pair of Tieks, as I needed a comfortable flat to wear while traveling through Europe. IMO – these shoes are really awful. Do not purchase any product that will not allow returns after you have “used” it. As Bridgette said, they are definitely not worth the cost, and it took her a long time to wear them in. If she had never worn them in, she would have just been out of luck as I am now. The company will not accept my shoes back. I’ve owned them 2 weeks. They will not offer an exchange or even a partial refund. Poor, poor, poor customer service.

  • Kara

    Hi Bridgette!
    This was so helpful! I’m still debating to purchase a pair honestly, but mainly for travel purposes.. So I was really hoping you would mention the compact-ability from folding them.. did you fold them a lot? and they still held up?

    Thanks again! All the comments are awesome too btw!

    • Hi Kara, great question! All these years later I find they don’t fold any longer. They did when I first got them but they just spring back open now that they are worn.

  • It took forever for me to break in that part of my shoes and it never happened. I finally resorted to using foot petals pressure pointz pads . They really helped!!!

    • Thanks very much! I’ll have to check them out.

  • Lea

    I bit the bullet and decided to try a pair of Tieks. I regularly spend $100 or so on a pair of shoes but these were almost double that! Yikes! I’m sad to say that I was very disappointed. While the shoes were clearly very well made and much heavier than I expected for foldable ballet flats, they were not comfortable. Shoes are so subjective because everyone’s feet are different – that’s why people tend to gravitate toward certain brands. Tieks are not for me, that’s for sure. The elastic pinched and the heel was too shallow. I’m thankful they have such a great return policy. I plan on purchasing another pair of Frye Carson ballet flats instead.

    • Thanks for the review, Lea! You’re right, everyone has different feet. I am glad you mentioned the Frye Carson flats because I am sure there will be others who will find that Tieks don’t work and will look into the style you recommended instead.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

    • Ivan

      Hi Lea,
      You never wrong with Frye Carson flats, they are really comfortable and made with good quality leather. I have 3 pairs and they never disappoint, and when the soles are worn out I go to the cobbler to place thin half soles to prolong the life of my flats, and, yes , Tieks didn’t also work for me. Have a nice day !

    • Crystal Whitman Neel

      I agree. The heel is waaay to shallow, hurts the top of my feet, and toe cleavage. For $300 I was incredibly disappointed. Not worth the money at all.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the updates on your reviews! I was just browsing to see if Tieks are “worth it”… and I really appreciated your honest feedback for sure that you updated too <3

    • Hi Elizabeth, I am so glad this helped you! I am still wearing and enjoying my Tieks!

  • Thanks for all of the follow up reviews! Been thinking about Tieks for a while now. As a wedding photographer though, I AM on my feet for 10 hours a day… might stick to my Cydwoqs, but will still think about Tieks for around town walking!

    • Yea, I wouldn’t recommend 10 hours of your feet in them, but some may disagree. They are, however, comfortable.

  • Mel

    I have read so many conflicting reviews on these in my search to figure out whether or not they’re worth it. I finally ordered some, sizing up to a 6 (I’m a 5 1/2) after many people said they were too tight if they went down from their normal half size like Tieks suggest you do. I’ve just put them on and they immediately feel more comfortable than any flats I have owned. I have a terrible history with flats, they give me blisters no matter what I do. Here’s hoping these don’t!

    • Glad you pulled the trigger! Let us know how they work out!

  • Tina Browder

    Thanks for the review! I have had my Tieks for about two weeks now and I do find myself wanting to wear them nearly every day! I have odd feet, almost a full size difference so the fact that they do not offer half sizes leaves me a half size too big and a half size too small on each foot. Still, I find them lightyears more comfortable than any other flat, although I’ve yet to try the Camuto Ellen. 😉 On my right foot, the larger one, I too have the experience of rubbing at the elastic by my big toe. I purchased very thin/nylon type socks that I can wear with them that completely eliminates the issue. I actually prefer wearing them with the socks. I plan to order at least one more pair because these are the only flats I can wear around the office AND out for my one mile walk each break. 🙂

    • This is great news! I am glad you had a positive result!

  • Aley

    no way id ever spend more than $75 on a pair of shoes. Their price is FAR too expensive.

    • As they say, that’s why there is chocolate and that’s why there is vanilla; plenty of options for all.

  • Miss_Amy

    hey everyone! I know this post is originally about tieks, but i wear basic flats everyday with skirts and dresses and tights. Im heading to around the world for 3 months and basically need something sturdy, comfortable and (hopefully) watertight/waterproof/able to be waterproofed to take with me. Are Tieks the way to go or can you recommend something else? I like basic as flats, no bows, sequins etc 🙂

    • Crystal Whitman Neel

      I would by the cushioned flats from Cole Haan before buying another Tieks. They pay to remove all negative ads. They are not as comfortable as they should be for $300. I suspect for every raving blog, there is more than one negative review that got removed. I’ll see the Tieks thing pop up on my FB feed and it will say 428 comments, I click the comments and they drop to 86 comments. They are removing all negative comments and feedback.

      • I have to agree with this statement. Tieks actually did reach out to me about doing a sponsored post. The one condition was that I couldn’t have blogged about them previously. When I told them about this post they said I would have to take it down. I turned down their offer because it felt very disingenuous to swap out a non-sponsored and honest review post for a sponsored one. It’s hard to trust a review post when it has been paid for.

  • kashbd10

    Not worth it! I don’t know why Tieks keep getting such high reviews! The sole on my matte black tieks started to fall apart after my third wear! I can’t get a refund because it’s against policy! I wish someone had warned me! They’re definitely not worth the $200!!

    • Wow! I am shocked by this. The part that has impressed me the most about these shoes is the soles. As you can see in my photos above, mine have really stood the test of time. When you say “against policy” I am assuming you mean that you reached out to Tieks and they wouldn’t fix the soles or at least replace the shoes? To have the soles fall apart after only 3 wears seems like a defect and I’d think the company would offer you an exchange. Thanks for posting your experience!

  • Ingrid

    Hi. Considering buying a pair but would like to ask if anyone has a pair who has bunions? I have a huge bunion on left foot on big toe joint and am worried elastic will dig into that area and hurt. Thoughts???

    • I don’t have bunions but one of my clients does. She swears by Tieks for this reason.

  • Lisa

    I ordered a size 8 and 9, as I am an 8 1/2. Super disappointed. Both pairs dig into my big toe, leave marks on the top of my foot, and even hurt my ankles. I would keep them to wear for errands if they were cheaper, but for 175$ I expect 175$ worth of comfort, which they are not! Is it just me, or is it reasonable to feel like you should not need to break in a new shoe? Highly over-rated shoes. Good news is that I am returning them. Customer service seems good. There will be major complaining if I do not get my money back!

  • Mary Underwood

    Just discovered this website. I am 63 and in summer wear flip flops and winter athletic type mules. Dress shoes generally are torture. Tieks saved my life. Shoe speaking. I have the ruby and the black patent and wear all the time. Have convinced some of my “thrifty” friends to buy also. And yes they get more comfortable as time goes by. Almost like a second skin. I love/ hate the packaging. Too wasteful in this day and age. And the people who buy these shoes are surely way beyond needing that “little blue box”! I.Gemi, expensive way cool Italian shoes, has a fantastic policy. With each pair you get, you also receive a plastic prepaid mailer. They ask you to put a gently worn pair of dress shoes in this and drop in mailbox. The company distributes these to out of luck women to wear at job interviews. How cool is that! I actually managed to fit two pairs in! Would love to see Tieks dump the fancy packaging and use that xtra money for this. Cleans your closet out too!!

    • Thanks for your comment! I think Tieks can be a valuable investment if they work for your feet, for sure! I can’t agree with you more about the packaging. I am sorry to hear it hans’t changed since I got my pair. They really need to work on that. Thanks again for adding to the discussion!

  • Janice O’Neil Fluhr

    I wear a size 8 shoe. I have a wide foot and somewhat of a high arch so I am somewhat concerned that the elastic will be tight. When I can’t get a wide shoe, I bought wooden shoe stretchers which do the job. Do you think the Tielks would work for me? I would like to take them on walking tours while traveling. I am concerned that they do not have enough support for this type of activity.

    • It’s hard for me to say exactly if Tieks will work for you or not because I don’t deal with the same issues you do. For what it’s worth, I do have a client who deals with bunions and swears by Tieks if that is any help at all. I did find the elastic to be initially tight over my foot but it gave in time. The one thing Tieks has going for them is their ability to stretch. One tip another commenter said worked was wearing them with socks around the house for a day to help them stretch out. If you are looking for supportive shoes for walking tours, personally, I don’t think these shoes do it, although other commenters disagree. I find them to be lacking enough support for long walks. I prefer my Sabrinas flats for more supportive ballerinas. Not sure they will work with your wider feet but I would imagine you could stretch them. I hope that helps!!

  • Mona P

    Hi Bridgette – I am almost ready to take3 the plunge with the tieks!! One last question which is probably gross…..after two years – do they smell from wearing them with no socks? I hate socks, i hate those little toe/heel socks… I usually buy less expensive flats so I can through away when they start to stink! Thanks, Mona

    • Not gross at all. I guess it depends on the type of feet you have. Some people sweat more. I don’t typically deal with smelly shoes so I have no problem. Mine don’t smell at all after several years of wear.

  • Brigid

    Thank you so much for this information! I have ‘chemo-foot,’ painful arthritis and swelling from treatments, and have the worst arthritis and neuropathy. I need decent shoes to wear around the house–which I rarely
    leave, because going barefoot is hard on the foot as well. My focus with fashion has shifted to fancy lounging clothes, big jewelry, and I am working now on building a shoe wardrobe for home. We don’t have carpets, just hardwood floors and area rugs, and I am hobbled half the time. But I refuse to become a schlub and let myself go. I have tried several brands of footzy-folds types, and they all ended up coming apart eventually. And I must have more support than a hard bottomed street ballet shoe or a foldable shoe can offer. I’ve looked at Tieks so many times, wondering if I don’t deserve a pair for the pain and suffering I’ve been through…just can’t pull the trigger on them because of the cost, not when I consider how many pairs of other shoes and clothes I can get for the money. So i think I’ll try the Sulindas on Ivan’s suggestion. Puma has so many really cute ballet flats too, and they are really different. I think I can work an updated mod look with Puma Karlie and Bixley. When I do have to go out somewhere, I’m usually wearing doc martens for the support, and the weight, so I don’t feel like I’m falling over. Nothing like a preppy pink and green Lily Pulitzer dress, gumball pearls, and unexpected funky combat boots in pink, but obviously I can’t wear that around the house. If I hit the lottery or have a nervous breakdown and buy a pair, I will come back and let you all know! I wish they would do one month of discounts for the first time buyer, or even one week, to let us hoi polloi try them–maybe they would get us hooked, and we’d be back for more.

  • Maria Leon

    Pretty packaging but not much durability for light wear. I bought my daughter a pair of Tieks for her birthday. She’s worn them twice, and the leather is peeling off in several spots. She contacted customer service and was told that normal wear & tear is normal. She owns different ballet type shoes which were much cheaper, such as ones from Lucky Brand. Those were a lot less money & are still intact. Don’t waste your money on Tieks! They’re just not worth it! Pretty packaging but not much durability for light wear.

    • Wow, that is crazy. I have had mine for years and wore them quite a bit and, regular wear and tear aside, I’d say they held up pretty well. The Lucky Brand style you are talking about are the Felicia’s right? They are a great alternative. I am sorry to hear your daughter’s Tieks didn’t stand up and that customer service wasn’t more accommodating. Thanks for your comment!

  • Kitty Galore

    I own two pairs and am getting another. They are so comfy! I have to say that I used to buy Nines West ($125-$150) and they would sit in my closet because they kill my feet! I am a teacher and a Lularoe consultant- I also travel students around the world in the summer. I wear my Tieks all the time and my feet never hurt…and I have a high arch. I LOVE them! I have the Rose Gold Glam and Black matte ones. Can’t say enough!!

  • eddie333

    It annoys me that there is a turquoise blue stripe down the back of the shoe. I won’t buy them for that reason. Make the shoe look casual and cartoonish, and not at all suitable when dressed up in black for a night out.

  • Crystal

    I LOVE MY TIEKS! I originally discovered them when the optician at my eye doctor was wearing the olive green! They immediately caught my eye and I started researching! They were pricey but the reviews were good so I saved up and got the fuchsia before moving to Germany. Needless to say I’ve been addicted every since! I love the packaging, I love the attention to detail and I love the color options! They take a few wears to break in, but they have molded perfectly to my feet! I ordered the Black Croco Patent and had them delivered to a friend who was coming to visit so I didn’t have to pay the hefty International shipping costs. I would say the patent didn’t take as much time to break in as the fuchsia leather did. Now, between the two pairs, I wear them at least 5 days a week. Living in Europe I walk a LOT and my Tieks have kept me comfortable and fashionable everywhere I go! I’m excited to get the blush patent when I return to the US this summer!