Tights Are Not Pants, Ya Hear?

Tights are not pants Even though I made myself quite clear in last week’s blog about leggings, a random encounter with this woman yesterday, who was wearing tights as pants, made me realize that some further instruction is necessary, especially considering that this is the second offender I’ve seen in the past week.  I kid you not.

Tights are not pants!

So, how do you know if what you are wearing is actually a pair of tights and not a pair of pants?  Well, while it should be plainly obvious, let’s review.  Here are my top ten ways to tell if you’re wearing tights, not pants.

  • If your pants have feet attached to them, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants have a control top, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your underwear is visible through your pants, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If you can easily snag or get a runner in them, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If you have to do that “gather the legs up and then work them over your your feet in legs to get them on” (similar to putting on a pair of pantyhose) then, duh, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants are sold in the tights and socks section, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants have that cotton gusset in the crotch, they’re tights, not pants
  • If you can see your skin through your pants, they’re tights, not pants
  • If you wash your pants by hand and then hang them over the shower curtain rod to dry with all your other delicates, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants say this:

TheseTightsAreNotPantsThey’re tights, not pants.

Finally, if you’re still confused, check out this flowchart (courtesy of Buzzfeed)

tights are not pants I hope that clears everything up for you.


  • Amy Johnson

    Ha-Ha! Love it! Thanks for posting this!

    • Anytime! It’s sad that explanation is even necessary, right?

  • Amy Johnson

    Ha-Ha! Love it! Thanks for posting this!

  • Ritu

    this post is awesome
    !! TOTALLY agree with you! i live in Sydney and I see women all around me in tights and short tops. Simply love your posts!!

  • ImogenLamport

    Just loving this! Leggings are NOT pants!

  • Elaine

    Ha ha! Good post! My husband was asking me about this a year or so ago. He didn’t feel it was appropriate work attire in his office. But the woman was wearing a long top to at least cover her bottom and her underwear.

    • I have no problems with leggings when worn with a top that covers the butt. However, tights and a top…even if it covers the butt, those are tights, not pants! Haha. Thanks for the comment!

  • Denisen

    Thank you – so funny and so right.

    As a Realtor, I want my clients to feel like they can respect me and trust my judgment … And many fashion statements contained in my closet directly contravene that goal.

    Tragically, my wardrobe can run the gamut from “boring-middle-aged-suburbanite” (khakis, twinset, multi-strand necklace, sensible shoes) – I’ve had people in the supermarket look at me and then immediately mention their mom and/or Laura Bush … – to the “bought-it-because-it-looked-good-on-that-chick-on-TV” (anything with an animal print, excluding my best Kate Spade heels – which are sacrosanct and transcend fashion in their fabulousness; also, most metallics).

    Anyways. While considering taking back my leggings-not-tights (previously deeded to 12-year-old Katie after an unfortunately timed “do these make my butt look big” conversation with said same painfully-honest child), came across your blog post. Immensely helpful. Still debating leggings option with myself, but reassuring to have your common-sense input as well.

    • Haha, thanks and welcome! My husband is a realtor and his life is so much easier- suit, tie and shirt. I hope you can find some useful tips on this blog in general to help you evolve from the “Laura Bush” look. I do a lot of professional dressing posts. You’re a funny writer, by the way. Perhaps you missed your calling?

  • SR

    Tights/leggings as pants have been popular for centuries, Bridgette Raes. #getoverit

    • Be that as it may, this guy at least has his butt covered. We can’t say that for most women

      • AManWithAPlan

        This is an interesting flowchart you have here. Although I think you’re a little peeved that some people are comfortable wearing out tights and you don’t like it? That’s 1. Shallow. 2. Stupid. 3. Why do you care what they are wearing? If you’re insecure because you can’t look good in tights only, then that’s your problem, not theirs.

        • Um, are you saying that I am jealous of someone who wear tights as a pair of pants? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would I be jealous of someone who leaves the house without any pants on? And, I think we can all agree that the girl in the photo wearing tights as pants hardly looked good, she looked half dressed. I wear and enjoy wearing tights…as tights, not as a pair of pants.

          • Jesus H Christ

            No, I think the point is who cares how an individual decides to dress… This article reminds me of the bullshit high school girl mentality, whispering behind the backs of others, ” OMG!! Can you BELIEVE what that SKANK is wearing!!”. I can’t believe you would secretly take someones picture in a public place, post it on the internet and essentially write a demeaning article about their body. Your attitude sets the women’s right’s movement back a few decades. Good job!! Grow up.
            P.S It’s sad when a grown up devotes their time to something as trivial and pointless as fashion. Why not something meaningful? Art, science, literature etc.? #feelinsorryforyou

          • Mary Fitter

            Women who wear leggings as pants or dress inappropriately set the women’s movement back a few decades..
            Have respect for yourself.

          • Really?!?

            Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong, ” dress inappropriately set the women’s movement back a few decades.. “, Damn Ward Cleaver!! Remember the 1950’s? (Probably not) but any who, when women started wearing pant’s that was considered inappropriate. Some stopped wearing bra’s in the late 60’s/70’s to stick it to the man, who for the last millennium or two or ten, dictated every thing a woman could do or say. Historically women have been not much better off than slaves in our society but not anymore!! The worst thing women can do for their own right’s, status, and perception in this world is to be shallow petty bitches toward one another, it only serves to dial the social justice clock backwards

          • Let’s stop and think here

            Wait a sec…So your yelling at this girl for liking fashion and aiming to have it as a career, when it’s painfully obvious you know a lot more about fashion than the average bear. Also, your not helping the whole ‘don’t be a bitch and make women stereotypes better!’ because going on here and getting you panties in a bunch all because tights and pants are different. Also, did you seriously just use a hash tag? That alone is doing more damage to the view of woman, than of making a chart about tights

          • Wait…I just want to be clear! While I appreciate your defense of me, I’m not “aiming” to have a career in fashion, I have a career in fashion. I’ve been in the fashion industry for 20 years, worked as a designer for 10 of those years, have had a style consulting business for 11 years and authored a book on fashion. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start writing about the topic. Some of you commenting may not know my background, so I just wanted to make it very clear that I am very seasoned and very experienced in this industry.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Isn’t judging someone for their clothes and making a spectacle of them like this sort of the antithesis of Christ’s message? Just wondering…

          • Well, I’m not a Christian so you’d have to educate me on that.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            My bad – your blog post is just making the rounds on some “Christian” blogs as a weapon to slut shame and make fun of others. I’m not Christian either, but I do find many of the Christian principles to be universal standards by which to live. And not ridiculing, judging and otherwise excluding people seem sound and kind and fair. And I just think this article has a mean-spirited tone. But if that’s how you roll, by all means…

          • Again, I don’t understand how it is mean spirited or exclusive, I am simply pointing out that tights aren’t pants and that this girl (who is completely unidentifiable) is wearing them as such and that she isn’t the only one I’ve seen. We’re talking about wearing a pair of hosiery as a pair of pants. What if she doesn’t know that tights aren’t pants, what if there is a huge sector of women who don’t know the difference between tights and leggings?

          • Aragon131

            According the Bible women should wear jewelry 1 Timothy 2:9 ESV / 251 helpful votes

            Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire
            And since BR IS NOT A CHRISTIAN those rules don’t apply to her now do they?

          • Katie Ray

            Yeah! She can have what ever opinion she wants! She may be new to fashion world and current trends but s she’s entitled to an opinion:) you go girl!!

          • Thank you but, again, why does everyone think I’m new to fashion? I’m nearly 40 years old and have been in fashion for 20 years, as a designer, stylist, author and have run a style consulting company for 11years.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Because. As well are all painfully aware – this particular post is not truly about fashion. C’mon.

          • Um, we’re talking about the difference between tights and leggings, which both fall into the category of fashion. If this is not about fashion then what is it about? Enlighten me.

          • Yo8

            It is not fashion… Yoga pants and leggings are fashion. This is a failed attempt on keeping up with those trends. I think people were tights because they think is the same as yoga pants or leggings when they are not! This is a good post explaining the difference for those who didn’t know and now are aware they have been showing their butts. I know I would love someone to tell me that before going out.

          • ThisIsShittyFeminismYa’ll

            I regret that I have but one upvote to give. The crutch of modern feminism is the idea that women can do whatever they want and it’s still a valid choice. That’s the goal of feminism. Women trying to police other women is women trying to take on the role of the patriarchy and that shit is counter-productive as hell.

          • Well it’s all how you look at this post, honestly. One could say that I am trying to police another woman, or…you could say that I am trying to help someone realize they’re essentially walking around without a pair of bottoms. Seeing that I wrote this and know its intent, and having seen two women walk around in a pair of tights as pants, it seemed important to address it. Now, many have argued with me, criticizing me that I am in no position to tell someone what to do or how to dress. Okay…valid, perhaps, HOWEVER, it’s not like I am saying to women that they should only wear dresses or that a woman shouldn’t be allowed to wear pants. What I am saying is “IF YOU WEAR TIGHTS AS PANTS YOU’RE ESSENTIALLY HALF NAKED!” I mean, come on, let’s not turn this into a woman’s rights feminist thing.

          • Bryan E. Johnson

            This is worse than a bathing suit… why? She has underwear.. and tights… plus a shirt. 3 articles of clothing.. works for me. 😀

            i wear Rat pants to Renfaire and a shirt… Rat pants are worse than tights?.. because the side opens. 😛 hahaha

          • CeCeBDmntd

            You are at a Ren Faire & wearing period appropriate clothing. What exactly is your point? This person happens to have confused hosiery with leggings & is essentially running around bottomless in colored pantyhose.

          • I wish others could get how simple obvious the point of this post is. Thanks for jumping in. I was starting to lose hope for much of humanity.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            No, not half naked. Not seeing skin, a$$, nipples, etc. I can’t even believe how petty this is. Maybe you could put all of the energy you put into analyzing, hawk-eyeing, scrutinizing, judging, shaming, blaming, criticizing, etc. into loving your neighbor? Novel concept, I know, but well…

          • I am loving thy neighbor, by pointing out that she left the house half dressed. I’d do the same if she had spinach in her teeth.

          • Allion Rose

            Excuse me, don’t mind me. But this woman is teaching more than Judging. I am A teenager. And I have NEVER walked out in tights. Because unlike my peers. Who do. They are showing their underwear everywhere. If it were your daughter (If you do not have one imagine you do) Who was going around showing her butt and other things around, and Older men Are looking. How would you feel about it? It’s not just men her age looking. I’ll promise you that.

            As I said before I am a High school student, and I see this sort of thing all the time. (And I wear pants and have never been uncomfortable stared at by Older men. ) So before you start Judging this woman for bringing up the concept I’ve been to shy to bring up, look at the teenagers and the woman. If you see their butt and are grossed out about it, Don’t forget, Don’t judge your neighbor. Even though, from your post, it sounds like you are judging this woman. So please, practice what you preach?

          • 😉 I like you, kid.

          • Marc

            People are free to wear whatever they want, and other people, especially legitimate fashion experts (like Ms. Raes), are equally free to comment on it – ESPECIALLY ON HER OWN BLOG.

          • Well there is that too, of course. 😉

          • Marjohna

            No one gets to do whatever they may want – grow up. And as a woman, I am really sick of a very small group of ‘women’ trying to define for me and everyone what a ‘women’s movement’ or feminism looks like. and telling women who disagree with them that their opinion does not count in the “women’s movement.” WHAT FEMINISM? They’re just another lot of thought tyrants. ….bunch of self-important, self-righteous, self-appointed spokespeople! …and yes, the female who thought it alright to jog through my neighborhood in one of those bits with a string in the crack and three little triangles got told, “NO.” …and you can use whatever foul, juvenile language to describe it that you wish… it just identifies you as a spoiled baby who never heard the word, ‘NO,” enough in your past.

          • Okay, first of all, if fashion is so trivial to you, what are you doing here commenting on it? In addition, if fashion is so trivial then why is image so important in life? Secondly, PLEASE tell me where in my post I made a demeaning comment about this girl’s body? Seriously, where? If anything she is demeaning herself by leaving the house pants-less. Some have argued and commented that people should be allowed to dress any way they choose. While I don’t disagree with that, let’s be clear, she is wearing a pair of tights (which are essentially a pair of dark panythose) without any bottoms on.

          • Oh Jeezzzz

            Secondly, PLEASE tell me where in my post I made a demeaning comment about this girl’s body?
            Here you go: “And, I think we can all agree that the girl in the photo wearing tights as pants hardly looked good” yeah, we can all agree… Jackass,,,,,,,,Pant-less? I don’t see any skin WTF are you talking about?

            YOU think she’s demeaning herself, I don’t see it and I’m sure many other don’t either.. That’s just a fucked up thing to say about another human being who’s picture you took WITHOUT HER KNOWING, why hate? It just makes you look like a fool. Is that what they taught you at the fashion institute of “Technology”? Really? Technology?
            BTW, image really isn’t that important in life.

          • Please, let’s think some more

            HA, ‘image really isn’t that important in life’ Are you kidding me? Our whole society is obsessed with image. It’s why people kill themselves, why they puke up what they eat, why people believe size 0 is amazing, why you’d rather buy something from a hot, skinny girl rather than a ‘over-weight’ girl, and why there are social statuses at schools and everyday work.
            Also, OH MY GOSH, someone took a picture of a stranger without them knowing? SOME ONE CALL THE POLICE! It’s not like people do that everyday! Imagine if people took pictures and you were actually in one. Crazy right? Even crazier would be if they uploaded such pictures to a social media website. We don’t even have that many of them! All we have is Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr ,Facebook and countless other smaller media websites. I mean, pictures are only for super models!

          • I laughed at the idea that image isn’t important, too. Like it or not, it is. In fact, the #1 way we’re perceived by people is our non-verbal communication, which includes body language and image. In fact, if you make a bad first impression it takes 6 subsequent positive encounters to change that person’s impression of you.

            I’ve written a lot on this blog about the importance of image, one being the way you perceive yourself and how you interact with the world. Anyway, if anyone is interested, here is one post I wrote about your own personal packaging and image- http://www.bridgetteraes.com/2013/01/25/in-order-to-be-the-total-package-you-need-to-think-about-your-packaging/

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Oh, okay! I get it! The best way to fight shitheadedness and shallowness is to enable it and keep doing it!?!?!!? What is wrong with you people. You are right. People do kill themselves and make themselves throw up to meet some impossible standard. And it is articles like this one that perpetuate the awful cycle. Why not fight this awful, shallow and damaging cultural, crappy ideas by NOT writing an article like this?

            One can talk about fashion with demeaning an individual. The tone of this article is demeaning, hurtful rude and NOT something I would expect from a 20-year fashion expert.

            To all my sisters out there – you rock what you want to rock and don’t wirry about the shallow people. There *are* sunbstantive people out there who will accept and love you for who you are and not make you feel like less of a person. Go tights!!!! I think I’ll wear a pair out tonight to celebrate.

          • Yea, but what impossible standard are we talking about here, that she not wear a pair of dark pair of pantyhose as pants. Oooh, I’m a horrible person. You can get off your sisterhood soapbox here if you think this post has anything to do with female empowerment. Give me a break. You go out, you wear your tights as pants. Quite frankly I really don’t care if you put them on your head an rob a convenience store.

          • Oh okay, so saying that someone doesn’t look good because she isn’t wearing pants is me criticizing her body. Well ain’t that a hoot. I’m not criticizing her body, I’m criticizing her choice to leave the house without pants on. I don’t care who this woman was…short, tall, fat or thin, nobody looks good wearing tights as pants because, well, they’re not pants.

          • george

            You’re not criticizing her body, you’re calling her an idiot. You’re saying “You’re too stupid to tell the difference between leggings and pants so here let me help you”.

            There’s nothing wrong with not liking someone else’s choice of clothing, but calling them an idiot because they like something different than you is childish. Fashion is about self expression and creativity, not forcing your opinions on other people or saying negative things about them as a person.

            The difference between a professional stylist and a random judgmental blogger, is that people pay stylists for their advice. This girl was not asking for your advice. That’s why people are assuming you’re not a professional, because you’re not acting like one.

          • george

            Let me clarify that I don’t think you’re a hateful, childish person. If you did, I wouldn’t bother commenting because it’d be a waste of time. I just think the tone of post is very negative and crosses a line that you normally stay on the other side of.

          • You’re right, This is out of the norm for what I post about. I posted it on a whim and never thought it would go viral.

          • But you assumed I called her an idiot, I never said that.

          • Aragon131

            Well then George allow me to declare “George you are an idiot” 1)Bridgette does ‘get paid for her advice and expertise’. She has clients, she’s written a book, she’s been quoted in magazine articles.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            That’s funny, because I see this trend all over Hollywood. Not the exact outfit, but very similar.

          • CeCeBDmntd

            Are they wearing leggings or tights? There is a difference. Most likely the people you are seeing are wearing leggings.

          • Aragon131

            shoes the color of baby shit are all over the red carpet these season. The fact that they are in fashion doesn’t make them any less hideous.

          • Heather James

            While there are, and have been, people in Hollywood known for their excellent contributions to beauty in fashion, many celebrities are walking fashion nightmares on a daily basis.

          • LD

            that´s a fucked up argument hahahaha think by yourself!!!

          • Victrola

            …she actually does look good.

          • Sure…she looks good for leaving the house without a pair of pants on, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

          • Hal Cooper


          • Hal Cooper


          • Anna Selby

            I believe you’re missing the point here.. The point being that it’s rude and borderline *creepy* to photograph a stranger and then use that photograph in a blog post on the Internet without that person’s permission or without them ever knowing at all. It IS on par with high school drama to take this picture and then use it as the illustration for this blog post. Naturally, everyone is relating everything you said to the image of the girl in the tights, who has NO IDEA that everyone is talking about her.

            If that’s not petty high school drama, I don’t know what is… How embarrassing for you.

          • Yea, because I’m sure you would be able to pick her out in a police lineup using this photo alone. Her face isn’t visible, nobody knows who she is. Besides, if she actually left the house with a pair of pants on she wouldn’t be fodder for discussion.

          • Anna Selby

            That’s not the point, lady. The point is that you used a stranger and her photograph as the “fodder for discussion”, when this is an epidemic so common that you needn’t even illustrate it. You could have taken a picture of yourself wearing tights as pants, illustrating why it’s bad, and I honestly think that would have been more humorous and much more original. Instead, this comes off as petty and immature.

            It doesn’t matter if I can pick her out in a police lineup or not. The point is, you’re posting someone’s image on the internet without their permission and talking about them without them even knowing it. Please tell me how that isn’t petty high school drama behavior…

          • Xeir

            As long as the person is not recognizable (ie: their face) it is legal and you do not need their permission to use the photo. People do it all the time in films when they blur out the face. Using the image if someone’s bottom half (as they display themselves in public) is fine. Anyways, what makes you so sure she took this photo 1.herself, 2.without permission, 3.of a stranger, and 4.without (unneeded) permission? Do you have any proof to back up those wild assumptions? Not to mention, there is a high chance that the image was taken from somewhere online and not even photographed by the author.

          • Heather James

            So use photos from any of the “People of Wal-Mart” collections. Everyone has already seen them, and they are illustrative. It is obvious that all too many people are in need of this particular tidbit of fashion advice.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Amen, Oh Jeezzzzz!

          • CeCeBDmntd

            Do you walk around in socks and no pants? the girl pictured is wearing HOSIERY as pants. Not leggings, not jeggings, but hosiery as pants. Tights are meant to have something over them because they are hosiery. hosiery=panyhose. Tights are nothing more than colored, opaque pantyhose. So, yes, PUT SOME FREAKING PANTS ON.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Meh, semantics. Bored, much?

          • CeCeBDmntd

            Could say the same for you.

          • THANK YOU.

          • Aragon131

            You know I’d say something but the fact that JESUS HIMSELF is posting is kinda of cool. Hey Jesus! what does the H in your name stand for?

          • Jesus H Christ

            H= Herman, it’s my middle name, Little know fact, It’s my dad’s first name:)

          • Thanks for having a lighthearted sense of humor.

          • Scot Conway

            Are YOU out there reading about art, science and literature and posting on their page “thank you for writing about art, science and literature and not tights.”?

            More to the point, the person is not identifiable (might even be her for all I know), and it isn’t demeaning a body. It’s talking about a fashion choice.

          • Heather James

            Properly approached, fashion is an art form!

            However, tights have another name. That name is stockings–a name they share with socks. For a reason. Tights are meant to keep legs covered and warm UNDER pants or a skirt/dress. Wearing them without some outer garment for the lower body is no different than wearing a bra without a shirt over it (a bra that is meant as an undergarment, of course). Tights are not pants, and muffin tops and camel toes mean that you have bought too small a size, which is only excusable if you honestly cannot afford to acquire the correct size. Camel toes and muffin tops look good on NO ONE. When you leave the house, you are putting yourself out there for others to see, and should have enough of a self image to try to look good.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            Um, I think she looks just fine and quite cute. If you’re not jealous (which I doubt), then you are simple, bored, shaloow, judgmental and/or rude.

          • CeCeBDmntd

            If she were wearing leggings then yes, she’d look cute, but in this case she is wearing hosiery and is half dressed. Tights are hosiery, leggings are pants to an extent. As you can tell from the photo, they are not completely opaque like a legging would be. I’m just pointing out the difference between hosiery and leggings. It’s not my fault people insist upon using the word “tights” to describe both tights, which are hosiery & leggings, which are tight, form fitting pants, typically worn for working out. I’m not saying there would be a problem if she were wearing leggings, but obviously this person is completely confused on which is which.

          • I’m glad somebody gets this.

          • Oh right, I am shallow and judgmental for pointing out that wearing stockings as a pair of pants is like walking out of the house without bottoms on. Great insight there.

          • lordofthegays

            Leggings are cute for little girls, not women. When I was a 7 year old I ran around in a cartoon t-shirt and a pair of striped leggings. I am not “shaloow”, I simply think that it looks ridiculous. Then again I hate bodycon clothing, it’s not chic–it looks makes me look vacuum packed (and I am not chubby at all) and I’ve never seen it look good on anyone else.

          • kyooty

            those are “it’s too friggin cold for my socks/pantyhose” tights under my pants!!!

          • Ha!

        • Well first, I didn’t create the chart. Sexond, you’re right, I don’t look good wearing tights as pants, nor does anyone else.

      • Bridgette, I totally appreciate where you’re coming from and for being super clever with the flow chart, and I recognize there’s an undertone of high-school-OMG-I-can’t-believe-what-they-are-wearing-this-person-is-stupid.

        And with the increased awareness – and hopefully increasing intolerance – of bullying, it’s a totally valid awareness to have.

        And some of the posts rightly point out that it’s shallow to identify someone as wearing something stupid. But this post doesn’t do that, and in fact
        @ amanwithaplan your comment ‘If you’re insecure because you can’t look good in tights only” is bs. This post has nothing to do anyone’s body.

        This post:

        1. Doesn’t identify the person in any meaningful way. You can’t be on the look out for those tights and slippers and say, “Aha, you’re the idiot who Bridgette was writing about!”

        2. Points out in a humorous way what many moms and dads would love to tell their teenage girls (and some boys too) about putting more clothes on.

        3. Does what fashion consultants do: tell people what looks stupid to wear.

        At their best, the fashion industry creates awesome things to wear and gives people a feeling of being more confident and just plain looking good.

        And sometimes it’s important to know the difference between pants and tights.

        • Jennifer Kennedy

          Ah, except the author is no fashion expert. And, let’s not kid ourselves – this post is not about fashion. At least not primarily. It is about modesty. And the modesty rhetoric is so 1952. And, if this is about fashion, as someone who grew up very poor and sometimes had to wear very unfashionable clothes, this line of thinking if very uncharitable, jugemental and not the least bit Christlike. Just sayin’.

          • Monarch

            – How does one define a fashion “expert”? The author of this post has been in the industry for a number of years now.
            – I don’t think it’s true that this is about modesty. I’m sure the author would approve of short shorts more than tights, even though they’re generally viewed as more revealing. It’s about what looks good (and underwear showing through and cameltoe do not look good). Of the bullet points in her article, 2 out of 10 made references to modesty (the one about underwear and the one about skin). Granted, in the graphic, 3 out of the 6 questions that she poses are related to modesty, but she’s not saying “this is wrong because you’re being too revealing”; she’s saying “you shouldn’t do this because it looks bad.”
            – As a Christian myself, I agree that it’s not Christlike to judge a person based on appearance. I will admit that I often judge, though—usually unintentionally—and I’m sure that you do too. Appearances are important.

          • kyooty

            I took it more along the lines “did you realize this is what’s going on when others see your (insert item here) through your clothes?”. I do not think it’s pointing out modesty to judge it more along the lines of “did you know this?” because we all have days when we pick out the first thing on the top of the pile. I heard a story recently of a Mom who was so focused on her make up one morning for an event she walked her kids out to the bus stop in her slip! oops! She did say her face was awesome, her coat and boots? fabulous, her hair? just the right amount of fluff and straighten; but her skirt? still in the house.

          • Hilarious!!! I’ve heard that being a mom can do crazy things to a woman that seemed so simple before having kids.

          • Priscilla Louise Galey

            This goes exactly with what I was thinking. In the same way that slips are not skirts, tights are not pants. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s sold in the lingerie department, it’s not intended as stand-alone outerwear.

          • So this one singular post means I am not an expert on fashion? Have you read anything else on the blog or did you come to this conclusion from reading this one post?

          • Aragon131

            “Christlike?” Are you kidding? No you’re not. The issue isn’t modesty its courtesy. And yes as someone who goes to high end red carpet events in very cheap shoes I know whereof I speak.

          • Aragon131

            And BR is ‘no fashion expert’ THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS!

          • thedave

            It’s no more about modesty than it it is to say underwear are not headbands. Despite the fact that they do in fact, make perfect headbands, way better than tights make pants. Is it immodest to wear your underwear on your head? Who gives a f**k, it’s not what underwear are for, period.

            No pun intended.

          • Jensee

            Ahahahaha! First you speak of modesty being outdated and then speak of Christ? Wow. You don’t know much about the godly thinking of Jesus, do you?

          • Eva Rinaldi

            Okay, since modesty is outdated, go for a walk with a white tee shirt and no bra on.

            Some of us realize that our clothing tells the world how we see ourselves and want to be taken seriously.

          • MetusBatmanV2

            Well it is because little girls don’t want to take responsibility for their affect on the public, especially men. Grown women understand what it means to walk around in your underwear, little girls don’t. Women are secure, and don’t need the fleeting attention of the public to be happy with themselves. Since they have close friends, family, and know who they are as people. Little girls on the other hand, especially ones from homes with no father figure…are crevices for attention. On top of that they are competing with other women for this attention, who are also wearing leggings, or tights as pants. Which is why you see the culture of the younger generation shifting towards less dating, more sex, more sexualizing, and fame chasing. Unfortunately princess stories and romance comedies don’t represent reality. We are animals, and the laws of nature dictate how we behave. Women learn this over a period of time and become mature, and little girls just aren’t there yet. Which is why you can see a 40 year old woman acting like a little girl. She just isn’t there yet.

        • MetusBatmanV2

          You think China creates “awesome” things to wear? You’re a clown.

    • mare

      So were cod pieces, SR. That doesn’t make it right…… 😉

    • Ginger_Midg

      That’s a painting of Louis XIV. Credited for being a major influence in ballet, and ballerinas wear tights all the time…..

    • MetusBatmanV2

      You have no idea what you’re talking about because the level of skill required to create the clothing worn in that time period far surpasses $1 pants made in China.

  • Hi! Thanks! Be sure to read the archives here. I write a lot about dressing for work. In the meantime, yes, I definitely think the skinny jeans and leggings are okay for the over 40 crowd. It’s all in how you wear them!

    • benzer

      i really have no opinion on the topic, what people want to wear is not my problem, I guess I just find it incredibly sad that someone would take the time to take photos of someone else, post them on line and trash talk them, I think people need to worry about themselves and not take what someone else wears and turn it into an on-line fight, which is all this has accomplished, no matter how many times you post that people should not, in your opinion, wear tights or leggings as pants, will not stop it, so really it is pointless.

      • Perhaps, but this post has gone viral. Clearly a lot of people find it interesting.

        • Tights are Tights…idiots

          This post is idiotic. Tights are obviously not pants, neither are shorts, or bikini bottoms. No one has a problem with those. Tights are tights, leggings are leggings, shorts are shorts, bikini bottoms are bikini bottoms, and pants are pants. Get over yourself and your self-righteous obsession with this topic. Who cares of someone wears tights? You’re also walking out of the house “pant-less” when wearing shorts or a bikini -_-. You’re probably just can’t look good wearing tights or leggings.

          • CeCeBDmntd

            You are pant-less if you are wearing bikini bottoms anywhere there is not water or swimming involved. Put something on. I’m guessing pajamas as clothing is perfectly fine also. Pajamas are only suitable for home, a hotel/motel room or bed. Stop being lazy & have some respect for yourselves… and others.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            A million likes!

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  • Adrienne

    Love, love, love this post. I also agree with you.

  • Sara F

    Love the flow chart, btw! So creative!!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the flow chart. It was created by someone else.

  • Quite possibly the best thing I’ve seen all day. I am not a fashion guru, but tights, or even leggins as pants? I want to sit down and cry for that person!

  • EKK

    Thanks from every guy in the world for saying what we’ve all been thinking…
    Put some pants on!

    • Conspiracy Einstein

      Or, you know, just take the tights off.

  • JiggyWithIt

    if you’re hot – wear them.. if you’re fat – nope

  • Dave

    If you are showing skin, showing underwear, or have a camel toe, the pants you are wearing are AWESOME!!!! and we men love you for it. Good on yah. Keep it up! The new trend is awesome. Don’t listen to the overweight, jealous, dirt bag who writes the blog above.

    • Hmmm, fat, jealous, dirt bag? Well there’s a name I’ve never been called. I guess there is a first time for everything.

      • Shelly Bourque Tilley

        I think this guy just made your point for you.

      • Aragon131

        You take that you fit, secure Hermes Birken Bridgette Raes!

        • Haha, of course I’m going to take it. Who gives a crap what this person thinks? And if I only owned a Birken bag.

    • hgb

      This is the epitome of what is wrong with some of the men in our culture.

  • Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emily Beth Jackson

    Umm jeggings are pants! They aren’t anywhere near tights! Jeggings are pretty much a really skinny skinny jean but they are pants!

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I did not create the flow chart and was specifically speaking about tights as pants in this blog. Tights as pants = half naked! 🙂

      • Emily Beth Jackson

        I agree with you on that! Leggings aren’t pants either…. They leave nothing to the imagination!

    • River Travis

      Jeggings are not pants, eg they have a name that isn’t or is not synonymous with pants.

      • Emily Beth Jackson

        Jeggings are pants! They are a thick and you can’t see every little curve with them! They also have a zipper and button.

        • Erin

          They’re a dangerous grey area… I’ll admit, I have a pair of black jeggings that I sometimes convince myself are *close enough* to pants, but I mean, really. You can see the shape of my kneecap through them–they’re not really the same thing as regular pants.

          • Jennifer Kennedy

            The shape of your KNEECAP!!!!! Oh, my that is horrific. I don’t even know how a guy would be able to concentrate around you. Kneecaps – the shame!

        • Amy Escobar

          Yeah, they’re marketed as pants, but they do basically show every curve. If you’re going to draw a line, draw it before Jeggings and after Pants.

          • Mandi

            So do Leggings… your point? The reason they’re called “Jeggings” is because they fit like leggings and made from material that looks like denim. If you’re gonna draw a line for yourself, I suggest it’s before leggings too. But this IS a personal preference. I’ll draw the line after Jeggings because I’m comfortable with doing so. Especially if I’m wearing a large shirt that covers my butt and any self imposing Camel toe.

            If I’m appropriately covered, your insecurities about my wardrobe or curves are none of my concern. So I personally draw the line AFTER Jeggings. The true debate should be people who are wearing tights as leggings. Those are NOT one in the same and should be worn under skirts and dresses, NOT as pants because they feet and have a tendency to be transparent.

          • I always thought jeggings were supposed to be a crossbreed of “jeans” and “leggings” (aka, more comfy jeans) and that leggings were just supposed to be a warmer version of tights (plus they’re sockless and I hate wearing stuff with feet built in). So maybe I am out of touch there. But I didn’t mention leggings at all because I was responding to Emily’s posts, and I think something “see-through” is so obviously not suitable to wear on one lower regions, and went for the other property that I find obvious (maybe somewhat less so these days) “skin-tightness”.

            Mind you, I’m happy with my body, so if by “your insecurities” you meant, “you don’t think you’d look good in leggings alone” you are mistaken, and my husband will be first to back me up on that.

            I just don’t wear them in public. Unless I’m appropriately covered, as you say. So I don’t wear leggings OR jeggings as “pants” because “pants” by their very nature, should not need any “covering”.

            So just to be clear, my point(s) :
            Jeggings – Nope, not pants
            Leggings – Not pants
            Tights – 2x not pants

            (The jeggings debate is worth bringing up I think, because it dives into that gray area that is more hard to discern. Tights are kind of a no-brainer imho.)

            PS: I love leggings and I wear them all the time.

          • Jeggings, to me, are a hybrid of leggings and jeans, like you said and should be worn with the same caution that leggings should be worn. But, I am also 39 years old and, lord knows, nobody wants to see my ass exposed when wearing jeggings.

            Leggings, again to me, are a tights/pants hybrid, in the sense that few look good with them worn as traditional pants, meaning showing the butt, but are obviously not as thin as tights.

            Tights- 2x not pants, fo’ sho’. 😉

          • lordofthegays

            Personally, I wear a tunic or a dress over jeggings and a dress or skirt over leggings or tights. As long as my butt is covered I’m good.

  • Tatiana Green

    I don’t see the problem with wearing leggings as pants. I can wear whatever I want and if you don’t like it don’t look!

    • Yes, but we’re talking specifically about tights as pants here. I can’t imagine you’d agree with women walking around without any bottoms on? Let’s just hope she’s got some knickers on!

      • Jan Parker

        And w-a-y too many girls don’t wear undies with tights or pantyhose…What if they forgot to do that when they forgot to wear pants too! GAH!…Bleh!
        The guys that think it’s fine to wear tights as pants are probably voyeurs…
        I think this is a GREAT post!
        Have you done one on slips? Seeing a girl’s underwear (or lack thereof) through their dress or skirt isn’t much better than wearing tights as pants.

        • Hi Jan. Thanks. OMG, can you imagine wearing tights as pants WITHOUT underwear?!?! Yikes, for sure. I’d write about that but I’m sure I’d get another army of people saying that I am a slut-shaming, horrific dirtbag, not that I care if that were to happen.

          Anyway, it’s funny, what the heck happened to the slip? You ask the average 18 year old girl and she wouldn’t even know what one is. Personally, I like the Spanx skorts that are a slip/shorts hybrid. I think I may need to research the death of the slip. Interesting.

    • Marjohna

      If you do not mind looking stupid, we will be sure not to look. – Put some clothes on. Only shallow men who want a free peep-show enjoy the look.

      • Annoyed

        Though you make a decent enough point, the way a woman dresses should not be dictated by a man’s thought process. “congrats, you have now attracted a stalker.” ?? So because a man stalks a woman, it’s her fault because of the way that she dresses? No. It’s his fault for being a freaking creep/pervert. The blame is on him, not her.

        That being said, the point of the article was to not wear tights as pants. We all know what tights are. The author of the article has explained the definition of tights time and time again and for some reason those who choose to comment are just ignoring that fact. Whatever. The point is tights are tights, they are to be worn under something, be it a skirt, or leotard for dance, dress, or even real pants if it’s cold enough. Leggings are leggings. There are no feet attached. Wear them under a tunic, or a large sweater, or any of the ways that you would have worn tights. OR ignore the rules and do what you want.

        The point is that tights are not meant to be worn as pants, but it’s not like anyone can stop you from dressing however you want. It’s simply a matter of public decency/taste and your clothing choice should not be primarily driven on how you think a man perceives you.

        • Marjohna

          You are right – I was identifying a previous poster as a stalker and suggesting that they are out there and are the ones who benefit from someone who is indecent in their dress. While I do not blame the woman when she has a stalker, it is a fact that they are out there and I see no reason to ignore the fact any more than I ignore sharks in the sea and bears in the woods. All clothes take into account human, male as well as female, thought processes – otherwise we would be as naked as the monkeys in the trees. I do think that women who dress in a provocative manner and then pretend that it is not their intent to provoke are disingenuous and lack grace. In this I state what I think, because I don’t have an agenda and I don’t pretend what I know to be false.

    • Jennifer Kennedy


  • Lindy

    I don’t wear tights or leggings. I do think that I would much rather see a girl in tights with a long shirt than a girl with short shorts with a long shirt. I mean, at least her bare legs are covered and I don’t have to see that.

  • MamaRabia

    So very useful on this college campus where I work!!

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  • Devon Sisneros

    I LOVE THIS!! In high school I wrote an article stating that leggings are not pants for the school newspaper. Some girls rallied against me in rage(with the perverted support of many boys)! They planned a day to wear their leggings together and they constantly tried to show off their butts as I passed. All it did was make them look even more fashionably-challenged. And I was thanked by many perverts because those girls wore those stupid leggings as pants even more that year. It was a disaster. So glad to see so many people agreeing with my views!!!

  • Matt West

    Step One is education on what is acceptable. Now, we need to go to step two, where we enforce it!

  • Thinkniks

    Oh wow! You would stroke out on the Ole Miss campus!!!! Everyday……everyday…….smh!

    • Oh I’m sure. Although, admittedly, when I was in college I think I had a pair of velvet leggings that I wore with a a cropped sweater. I have no defense.

  • People don’t want to see that

    I totally agree. I think that wearing tights or leggings as pants is not flattering at all. If you can see the stitching on your panties, or every detail of your legs, you are showing way too much. When I see girls dressed as such, I can’t help but stare. It’s like a car accident, it’s so painful to watch, but you can’t look away! And you just stare at their legs. While at the store, a girl walked by with tights and a shirt, my husband leaned over to me and said “Oh, poor girl, she forgot to put pants on today. How embarrassing!” I could not stop laughing. People don’t want to see that!

    • Right? Truthfully, I felt more sorry for this girl than anything and wondered if she really thought she was wearing pants.

  • Joe in CT

    OK, ladies, shoot me for honesty… I have to say if you think you may be even a tad overweight, please please please reconsider wearing tights in public. They’re about as attractive as a speedo on a heavy guy. Lumpy, rolls of stretched out lycra or spandex are not your friend.

    • This is such a good point. Imagine I posted a photo of a guy in a Speedo? Everyone would laugh and nobody would call me out for being this mean, hateful person posting it.

  • Eric J.

    The same could be said for a man, or woman, wearing bicycling pants while not bicycling. I prefer to not see every nook / cranny / and bulge / of the person I am walking past in the supermarket. Call me a prude.

    Yoga pants on fit attractive women are great for pervy guys, I have had a moment or two of thinking ‘nice butt’ until realized I could see the shape of the butt muscle as it moved, then realized I was in the SUPERMARKET and was not doing anything related to shopping for food and felt a little dirty.

    In general, you are doing yourself NO favors wearing that in public. Not all attention is good attention. Do you have tips for guys on here your site? I might have to look around a little..

    • Jennifer Kennedy

      I have a tip for you. Worry about yourself and spend your thoughts on good things. Not mentally policing everyone’s articles of clothing.

      • Yeesh.

        When people choose to place themselves in the company of other people, they also choose to accept the responsibility to be considerate of the people around them. You, Jennifer, are so self-absorbed and closed-minded, that you can’t seem to put yourself in others’ shoes enough to understand why wearing tights, or workout pants, or compression shorts, etc. to the grocery store, or any other public place than the gym, is wrong.
        I am a woman and have been made to feel uncomfortable by the things other women wear to the grocery store. It’s not prudishness. I’m offended by the rudeness of being inconsiderate of your fellow human beings.
        I have a tip for you, Jennifer. Stop being so selfish and work on developing some empathy and consideration instead of policing everyone’s opinions on a fashion blog.

        • Jennifer Kennedy

          Pot, meet kettle.

          And when someone puts their opinion on a public blog, they should be considerate of their audience as well and be prepared to be critiqued. If you don’t like what someone is wearing, you can look away. Pretty simple.

          And what is “wrong” or “unflattering” is all a matter of opinion. You’re entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine. But when someone spews their opinions in nasty, rude, judgmental ways on a blog post that could make its way to women and girls one cares about – yeah, I’m going to counter it.

          Making women continue to feel embarrassed, self-conscience, not good enough, etc. is not helpful.

          • CeCeBDmntd

            Well, if you don’t want a fashion experts opinion about fashion, then why visit a FASHION BLOG? All she did was point out a fashion faux pas. Wearing hosiery as pants happens to be a fashion faux pas. If you think you look fine, that’s all well and good, but obviously people who visit fashion blogs are looking for fashion advice, which is what is given here. You can take it or, obviously in your case, get offended by it.

          • I don’t mind the critique, I find the comments that I am, how did you put it, nasty, rude and judgmental, amusing. If a post informing people on the difference between a pair of dark pantyhose and leggings can wreck a person’s self esteem then I really just feel sorry for them. It’s not like I wrote that women who choose to wear tights as pants are horrible people who are idiots. I never once went after the character of anyone who chooses to dress that way, all I did was point out that they’re wearing a pair of pantyhose as pants.

  • Bryan E. Johnson

    The girl in the photo is wearing a yellow shirt like a dress. I’ma Male… and I dont see a problem with this pic… maybe on a 500lb individual.. but this one.. nope. 😉

    • CeCeBDmntd

      She’s wearing a large t-shirt with no pants or skirt. That shirt is not a dress or even like a dress. It is a regular length Men’s t-shirt. If it barely covers the butt, that is not a dress. She is half dressed.

      • I just hope she was wearing the right “Day of the week” underwear on the right day of the week. 😉

  • Dawn

    You don’t really have any right to tell people what to wear or how to wear their clothing.

    • Interesting considering hundreds of thousands of people read this blog per month seeking out my fashion advice, yet the second I give advice that not everyone doesn’t agree with I suddenly don’t have the right.

      • Dawn

        If you’re putting people down for wearing what they’re comfortablein then you’re kind of a rude and horribly judemental person.

        • Oh okay, so I see how this works. i’m horrible person for simply pointing out that this person isn’t wearing pantsbut, meanwhile, it’s completely okay to judge my character as a person based on one blog

          • Dawn

            You’re right. I am sorry, I should not have said that. But maybe instead of bullying someone on something they are wearing, that they are probably pretty comfortable in, you should be encouraging those that are comfortable and confident enough to wear whatever they want. It is, after all, their business and their’s only what they walk out of the house in. Unless it is COMPLETELY inappropriate, they should be left alone. I’m sure if this woman knew that you were taking her photo to put on your blog to talk about how horrible what she was wearing is… She would not be happy. Consider peoples feelings before you go pasting them all over the internet. I’m sure you give great fashion advice for those who need it. But if people are comfortable enough to wear that, then so be it. Let them be them.

          • CeCeBDmntd

            Ok, clarification here for y’all. Tights and leggings are NOT the same thing. Tights are hosiery, Tights are opaque PANTYHOSE. Are you telling me you would wear pantyhose with nothing over them? Why would you wear essentially colored pantyhose with nothing over them? Leggings are a heavier material & are not sheer or see through. You wear leggings to the gym. You wear tights with skirts & dresses and such. What most of you are interpreting here when she says tights, you are thinking of leggings. If they have FEET in them, they are hosiery which equals opaque pantyhose. The girl in the photo is not wearing leggings, she is wearing the equivalent to dark colored pantyhose as pants. Geez, is it really that hard to figure out????

          • Dawn

            I , personally, would not because I would be uncomfortable. What I’m saying is people are free to wear whatever they like. It is no one’s business but their own. For someone to take photos of this person and post them on the Internet to ridicule is wrong.

          • Reality Check

            I agree that people are free to wear whatever they like . . . when they’re alone, say in the comfort of their own home? I often enjoy walking around the house naked in the summer time. But I don’t think you’d agree that I should be allowed to walk around outside naked.

            As soon as you step out into the world that you share with billions of other people, yes, it is other people’s business what you wear and you are not free to wear whatever you like. It’s the law, in fact. There’s this thing called “public decency” and if you just walked around in your underwear, no matter how comfortable you were or how amazing you looked, the cops would arrest you for violating public decency or indecent exposure. Tights are basically underwear. So, really, it should be illegal to wear tights as pants.

          • Thank you! That was my first point, if you pants have feet, they’re tights, not pants.

          • To quote you: “Unless it is COMPLETELY inappropriate, they should be left alone” So what you are saying is that walking around without pants on is appropriate because that is what this woman was doing. I was simply pointing out that tights are not pants.

            Yea, I’m sure this woman wouldn’t be happy she was on the internet for her poor fashion choice, just like I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy about all the stares and judgement from people on the street for the fact that she’s basically walking around half naked. And, “let them be them”. Really??? In what ways does this blog post, which I am pretty sure this woman will never see, not allow this woman to be who she is? Even if she does identify herself in the photo, how does that in any way stop her from still wearing tights as pants?

  • Georgia

    Thank you! I read this to my husband, and we both laughed out loud. Oh, what a world, where you have to tell people to wear pants…

  • Meg

    Unless you’re wearing them with a sweaterdress or something long enough to cover your butt, don’t do it. I don’t care what size you are… no girl’s ass looks good that way.

  • Jessica

    Have you ever worn leggings as pants? Its like, liberation at last. Comfiest thing ever.

    • I LOVE my leggings, don’t get me wrong. They’re the most comfortable things to wear. When I leave the house, I wear them so that my butt isn’t exposed simply because I doubt anyone would want to see that. But, yes, I wear them all the time.

  • MomofGirls

    Just checked with daughter. Apparently I have let her out of the house wearing tights as pants. I feel ashamed at this lapse in parenting skills. Explained to her that tights are designed to be worn *under* something: pants, skirt, dress, whatever. Whatever. Thanks for pointing this “trend” out, Bridgette – it won’t happen again.

    • Haha, well, wow, if I could help with that then I am thrilled. 😉

  • Guest

    Next: Please please PLEASE ban flesh colored skinny jeans or what ever those things are that look like your not wearing ANY pants!!!

  • giddypony

    You must be thin…there are real pants that have control tops

    • Kristen inDallas

      Pretty much all maternity pants. 🙂 Also 1 and 2 yr old girls should be able to wear pants with footies on them. But otherwise… carry on. Funny post. People wouldn’t get this angry if you siad you hated some shde of olive green. They’re likely angry because they do see the inherrant problem, and a nerve has been touched.

  • Feminism 101

    it’s really none of your business what anyone wears. no one actually asked you. let’s all stop the slut shaming and policing of each others bodies.

    • Shellyjj

      It’s not slut shaming! It’s people going out of the house in PANTYHOSE. That are stretched and not meant to cover every inch of skin completely. Would you be okay with men or women walking around to the mall and to work/school with just underwear on? How about a slip as a skirt?? Seems like you just don’t get it.

      • Haha, I don’t even know what slut shaming is.

        • Slut shaming is the concept of calling out women for behaving or dressing in a way that is supposedly “slutty”

          Most of the time, It’s a double standard because men can’t be shamed in that way, and yet it’s wielded against women like a weapon.

          (Yay feminism)

          I’m not sure that it is what was going on. Maybe some people are reading far too much into what you’ve written. You didn’t call anyone sluts or tramps – at least explicitly. If anything your article was just accusing some women of not knowing the difference between tights and pants.

          To me, your article was clever and funny. While I was reading it, I thought about how good taste would be served by similar articles involving sweat pants and pajama bottoms. In those two cases, men could use the pointers as well. =)

          • And I am assuming it is usually women attacking women, right? Oh brother. Back in my day we didn’t have a term for what you are describing.

            I don’t know what is going on either but my guess too is that people are reading far too into it. Like I said in another comment- this post is no different than if I clearly spelled out the difference between an apple and a banana. I’m quite certain that nobody would be all up in my grill about that. Some of these comments from others seriously makes me weep for humanity.

          • > And I am assuming it is usually women attacking women, right?

            From what I’ve seen, men do it as well.

            As long as women are held to a different standard for expressing our sexuality or enjoying sex, I’m glad there’s a term for “slut shaming”, because it’s a behavior that’s older than either of us. It’s easier to put a stop to something if you can easily identify it.
            Just my $0.02

            I agree about the comments. I guess all you can do is laugh.

          • Anon E. Mous

            Yes, trying to date single women who feel guilty, shameful, or otherwise have hangups about expressing their sexuality on a date because how society — mostly other, judgmental women — treats them is a drag, tiresome, boring, not sexy, and not really living the good life. I much prefer to date the feminist type women who could give a rat’s ass about what others think about how many different men they sleep with, how they dress in public, or whether they go down on or have sex with a guy on the first or second date. As a guy I can pretty much do what I want sexually with impunity and society could care less or just says, “Well, you’re a man”. Down with slut shaming! It hurts us all.

    • Jennifer Kennedy

      Agreed! Aren’t there much more pressing things to be concerned about?

    • I never said it was any of my business. Personally, I don’t care what people wear. However, as someone who writes a blog for people seeking fashion advice, I did think it was important to explain the difference between wearing tights and wearing leggings. Where in this post is there any “slut shaming” (What the hell is slut shaming anyway?) or did I police anyone’s body????? I simply pointed out that dark pantyhose aren’t pants.

    • Marc

      Uh, this is HER blog. Nobody needs to ask her. I think you need to take Pre-Feminism before you sign up for 101.

      • Thanks Marc. People get spicy when you tell them what they don’t want to hear, apparently.

  • Miranda

    YES. THANK YOU. I’ve wanted to say these exact things to people I’ve seen on the street before! I can’t believe anyone is getting pants and tights confused at all, smh. Although I feel the need to point out to you that it’s a “run” that you get in stockings and tights, not a “runner”. =)

    • I’ve heard it both ways. In fact, in Australia they call it a ladder.

  • Maggie

    What about skinny jeans? Just are just as tight as jeggings.

    • I own and wear skinny jeans, usually not exposing much because I’m nearly 40 and nobody wants to see that. But I like them, I wear them and I think they’re fine, just like I think leggings are fine. It’s the tights as pants that just surprised me.

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  • Erin

    I think the fact that the diagram includes “Jeggings” kind of contributes to the comments. In most stores, Jeggings are sold by and/or with pants. Jeggings usually are made of thicker fabric, have reinforced stitching, have zipper and button, working back pockets and faux side pockets. So, by and large, they possess many of the attributes of stretch denim; which are pants. Also, the trend right now seems to be for women to dress like a courtesan (which calls to mind the red stockings of the Canterbury Tales) – they have made suspender print stockings a thing recently, and lets think about the platform of shoes these days – at one time these styles were reserved for gentleman’s clubs only! So, maybe the designers have helped blur the line a bit over the last few years?

    I agree, tight are not pants…even footless tights, which some perceive to be leggings. But, i do believe that companies now make leggings to be worn as pants; especially since many women choose to wear them as such. This kind of legging is usually thicker fabric, has an actual waistband, a side (or inner) seam only (to cut down on the middle seam giving you a real camel toe. Yes, i’m talking bout the true hot dog bun split!), give a little but are not too stretchy, and they even come in numbered sizes. If printed, the pattern usually lines up, much like the horizontal stripes on the chest and arms of a well constructed garment (think sweaters or blouse/button down shirts). So maybe leggings designers feel like they should help preserve some modesty by making them thicker?

    I also think that people who have issues with their own body in these leggings/jeggings have the biggest problem with them being worn as pants. I mean, if someone thinks they look good in them, they wear it and do not find fault in those who look just as good in them. We’ve all seen women who just kill the leggings/jeggings and you secretly say “man, if I looked like that in ’em, i would too!”, or maybe you have to cut your eyes at your guy ’cause he too is looking in admiration. So maybe body envy and/or one’s own insecurities plays a part in it?

  • Mac

    Why tights when there is a wonderful thing called yoga pants?

  • my0.02

    Who cares, let people wear what they want in the way they want to express themselves.

    • Well I certainly don’t have the power to not let people dress the way they want, I was just writing that tights aren’t pants. Whether or not someone continues to wear them that way is of little interest to me.

  • I would not wear tights as pants, but I will wear jeggings, while I’m still young enough and in shape enough to get away with it. /sticks out tongue.

    • Hey, enjoy it while you can. When I was your age so did I.

  • BLC

    Why is everyone so up in arms about this? I thought it was clever and witty. And, let’s be honest, the only reason anyone wears tights out without a long shirt or other article of clothing covering their arse is because they think it looks “fashionable”, and the people they run with are doing it too. Otherwise, no one would be caught dead running around in tights alone. Jeesh…how embarrassing. I forgot my pants…skirt…!!! There are certain articles of clothing and styles that we look back on from eras past and have a good laugh at i.e. MC Hammer pants, tight rolling your jeans, blue jean overalls with only one strap hooked, (blue jean overalls period) etc. etc. etc. I propose to you that wearing tights (with nothing over them) is going to end up on that list of “How embarrassing, I can’t believe I used to dress like that, I thought I was so cool…” If you like the look, go for it. Enjoy the trend while while it lasts. Be happy with your style choice and secure enough to have a good laugh at a funny article. If it makes you furious…well maybe a little self examination is in order. Why does it make you so uncomfortable? Are your “pants” too tight? (joke) You don’t have to wear tights as pants. And really…you probably have much cuter items to be found in your closet. Thanks for the intervention, Bridgette.

  • Lyra

    Do you reside somewhere near a dance studio? Because sometimes us dancers (inappropriately, we know) meander outside in our tights-over-leotard ensemble. Some girls wear sweatpants and no shirt, some wear tees and no pants. Basically we’re never fully clothed and if you live near a studio you might be encountering some shameless performers.

    • Nope. I live in yuppie/hipster Brooklyn. No dance studios here, just people who don’t know that dark pantyhose aren’t pants.

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  • Ggirl

    Bridgette Raes, did you ever think that a silly but accurate chart meant to be just humorous would lead to heated discussions about religion, women’s rights, and other “deep” discussions? I read all this and think the ones criticizing you for acting “unchristian” are being hypocrites by criticizing you and probably wear tights showing their camel toe in a very ungodly way. Too funny!

    • Dude, I’m extremely exhausted, LOL! Yesterday I was out at meetings all day and every time a new email came in with a new comment notification I rolled my eyes thinking, “Oh lord, what now?” I avoided reading or commenting after a while because it got too ridiculous. However, this morning I found I just had to because some of the comments were ludicrous.

  • Nyneve

    No, leggings aren’t pants. Neither are dresses, skirts, or shirts, and nobody complains about that.
    They’re comfortable. Wear a long enough shirt that there’s no camel toe and stop giving a shit about what everyone else does.

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  • for serious

    this argument of yours is exactly I hate all fashion. leave these girls alone and worry about your god damn self and get off there ass. You just being nasty and finding a way to put yourself above them.

    • Fashion isn’t for everyone. I never attacked a girl once. I just questioned the fashion choice of wearing a dark pair of pantyhose as pants. If you had teenage daughters I’m sure you’d just chuckle as your daughters left the house half naked because they were wearing tights as pants.

  • Just for Fun

    I, for one, think this is hilarious! Great article. I love your humor.

    • Oh thanks! Humor is a coping mechanism for me, always has been. I am happy to put it to good use. Thanks for your comment.

  • Guest

    I found this fun AND informative- what’s up with all the negative comments? There is a difference between tights and leggings and, unfortunately, some people get them confused. For example, I have many pairs of black tights and leggings at home. Sometimes I can’t tell in the morning and I need my husband to help by seeing if he can see through them when I have them on- if he can than, yes, they are my tights and NOT pants. Look- if I can see your skin all the way to your butt than, yes, please put some PANTS on.

    • Yea, I agree. I have found it all confusing, myself. People getting upset about this post is equivalent to people getting all twitched out if I wrote a post about an apple not being a banana and then spelling out clearly why they’re two different types of fruits. When you look at it from that perspective you can really get a kick out of how “up in arms” some people have gotten over this. Give…me…a…break.

  • foss77

    Ha ha, this is hilarious and spot on. Also, I would like to add that even though tights are unfortunately and inexplicably popular right now, that does not mean that anybody can wear them! No insult intended here b/c I include myself in this category, soooooo, I don’t wear them!! Seriously though, unless you’re going to or coming from an exercize class, simply forgot to finished getting dressed in the morning, are a two year old with pj pants that are too small, are about to walk onto a ballet or dance stage, or just enjoy having people look at every square inch on your bottom half with no room for the imagination (fyi, some room for the imagination is usually a good thing) then NO, NO, NO, the tights are not appropriate! I might also add that there is a very, very fine line between tights and skinny jeans in my opinion! Men/boys take especial note here!!!

    • Yup, yup, yup. Tights don’t work as pants because they’re tights, not pants. 😀

  • foss77

    Also, let’s be honest, the vast majority of people who object to the tights criticism are people who probably were tights as pants and are embarrassed that they were called out! Now they are trying to make it seem like they object in some other ridiculous way. Tights as pants don’t look good, nice or not, PERIOD!!!

  • princessaura

    Hi BR, new to the blog because of, well, this post. Just want to say you are awesome. This is funny, well written, and unfortunately necessary advice. Slut shaming is a real, terrible thing, but you haven’t done it. And I’m sorry for the nasty personal attacks on your character. I have nothing real to add, I just thought this thread needed as many positive comments as possible.

    • Hello and welcome! I am glad some people get my humor and the intent of this post!!! Stick around and I hope you become a fan of my Facebook page as well!

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  • juliannathom

    To be clear, if the butt is covered then “we” don’t care if they’re tights, leggings, jeggings, pants, or nothing at all. That’s the point; if the butt is showing then you must wear pants and not tights!

  • Bethanie

    I see absolutely nothing of “slut shaming” and forbidden tights. This woman is CLEARLY giving you the ability to differentiate tights and pants.And how you probably don’t want to go out half-naked. If you do, hey, get yourself a cookie when you get home. If not, your choice. And considering she’s spent more time in the fashion industry than I’ve been alive, I think you need to settle down your pitchforks and torches and read it. Don’t read what isn’t there. K, thanks. 🙂 Have a nice day otherwise!

    • Thanks, Bethanie! You’re pretty smart and articulate for a young woman. Your post made me laugh!

  • Andrea

    Hilarious!!! Thank you for laying it out there straight!! I am sharing this with all the girls/ladies I know. When the leggings craze started a while back my 20 y/o sister was telling me how cute they were. I told her that leggings are only CUTE if you are 4 years old and younger. Just then a larger woman in her 20’s walked by wearing leggings and a very, very short dress. The look was awful. My sister looked at me and said.. “Nuff said. I get it.”

    • I don’t mind leggings on adults when they are worn right. Sadly, few people know what “worn right” means.

  • Sophie

    Best blog post ever. Thank you for making my day!

    • Wow, thanks!!!! I hope you stick around and read more!

  • Marietta Roby

    is so timely for us. My child headed out of her room the other morning
    in pajama pants. “Why?” I asked. Because she gets cold at the bus stop
    in the mornings. “Do you need me to buy you some long johns?” Probably.
    “How about a yes, please?” Yes, please.

    let the pajamas slide for just that one day in the interest of getting
    to the bus stop on time. She came home wearing leggings.

    “Where did you get those and why did you change?”
    first period teacher said the pajamas weren’t appropriate for school
    (Right ON!) and she had these leggings in her gym locker.

    “Where are your pajamas?”
    In the gym locker.

    The next morning she was ready to go, wearing long johns. No pants. This before I’ve even had coffee. It gives me a headache.

    • Your post makes me happy that I have cats, not kids. 😉

  • Melanie

    I wore leggings when I was a kid, back before stretch cotton and they still had little stirrups that went around your feet. They were pants in the 90s and they still are. If they are see through or made with nylon they should be paired with tunics or skirts and dresses. Jeggings obviously would look strange with a dress unless you are going for the punk pants under skirt look. (I used to do that too.) Sparkly pockets are cool if you’re 10…I guess…but like on most women’s apparel unusable. Tights are uncomfortable so I’d rather wear pants. While I agree and disagree, the flow chart is missing one yes which is most bothersome. While the flow charts addresses yoga pants, it neglects running pants which are even more like leggings. And the flow chart doesn’t address that such items are only context appropriate. I also have done yoga in sweats and pants quite often without problem. So, there’s that also.

  • Tristan Schendi

    Who cares about this bullshit. I can wrap some cheddar cheese around my legs and call it pants if I want. And noone has the fucking right to stop me. Neither to judge me.

    • If you wrap cheddar cheese around your legs please stay away from mice. 🙂

  • LAM

    People do have the right to wear what they want in public with some limits. I don’t know whether wearing tights as pants has crossed a legal line, but I will leave that for a court to decide if that time comes. However, if you are going to go with the argument that people have the right to wear whatever they want in public, again, with limits, then you also have to accept that people will make judgments about those people’s fashion choices. I do it. I do it especially when I see that horrible trend, that needed to go away ten years ago, of wearing your pants below your butt and exposing your underwear. Or, here’s another one, wearing PJ’s to the grocery store. Yeah, people can wear what they want, but they have to realize that there may be consequences, even if those consequences are merely being judged by others and failing horribly. Oh and when did exposing your bra straps become the thing? I still am not sure about that one. Part of me would like to and the other part of me thinks it’s wrong.

    • Exactly. People can do whatever they way, but must be prepared for the consequences.

  • beccabeast

    You may not want to move to Europe.

  • judgemental people suck

    Oh my holy jeeves, I was reading through some of the comments after reading this quite humorous blog a friend sent me and I think I am more concerned about those who are on one band wagon or another. First, we are going to bring religion into a blog about clothing…REALLY?? Just because you believe one thing does not mean that everyone else believes in the same thing, no wait those of you who have brought it up is not better than what you were aiming for, those who say this author is passing judgement on a persons financial situation by saying maybe they could not afford, or have grown up with…PLEASE! I grew up with a single mom and 2 younger sisters, I got the hand me downs from my mom and sisters because I was smaller than two of them. I am guilty of wearing “jeggings” however, I make sure that I cover my butt and other essential female areas before leaving the house. Finally, for those few that think this is about a person not being comfortable in their own skin get over it it is their own skin but I do not want to see some other woman’s underwear, crack, or camel toe!! I am a plus sized woman and I am comfortable in my own skin yet I do not run around in tights,or any other clothing so tight that I should be working in a bakery because my “muffin top” is over flowing into a “dunlop”.

  • onepissedoffmom

    My youngest daughter ( who is 10) recently attempted to go to school in a pair of shorts and tights and some horrible looking shirt, before my first cup of coffee I was able to catch her and make her change. When she came home she immediately went back into the tights and shorts, my son who is 17 asked if this new school they were attending was teaching the 80s era when tights was cute, cool and socially acceptable as pants…LOL my son, at 17 found this type of thing just as crazy as Ms. B. R has! Power to the writer and all of those who find it educating in a humorous way!!

  • Tam

    But my yoga pants have a gusset in the crochet and they are definitely NOT tights (waaay too loose). But that might be a exercise pants thing (to reinforce the seam).

    • Yes, but in cases of tights, the tights are nylon and the gusset is a cotton, usually a different color when you look inside. This is because nylon tights aren’t breathable and to help women from getting nasty “lady infections” that cotton gusset is there.

  • Fantastic! And, I like your name too. We’re a rare breed!

  • thedave

    This is not a comment on a fashion statement because TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS. Some people are really missing the point here… You would never see a woman in beige or ‘tan’ pantyhose as pants….why? Because they’re not pants. This is not akin to wearing a sheer blouse, this is wearing an article of clothing that is not meant to be worn that way…for a reason.

    This all started when 80s and 90s fashions started making a comeback, around the same time some manufacturers were labeling footless high-denier tights as ‘leggings’ to differentiate them from regular footed tights. They’re still sold in the hosiery section, people. A lot of these slaves to trend didn’t know the difference, and started wearing them. Don’t be stupid, put some pants on. These days manufacturers are cheap, so it’s hard to find really good leggings, but if you need a guideline, real leggings are just as opaque as yoga pants.

    Saying that this is some kind of difference of opinion or that it’s somehow limiting women’s choices is the same as leaving out the bottom of a peace symbol and saying that the resulting Mercedes logo is ‘just a different way of painting a peace symbol”.

    Truth. Of course its the WRONG way. Without all of the components, it is not a peace symbol. Without the correct opacity, it is not a pair of pants. Grow up, and put your big-girl pants on.

  • Carla Reid

    Love your article. Tights are simply not pants and with winter setting in this style of dressing, or partly dressing is going to cause some frozen lower body parts. You cannot wear whatever you want, whenever you want. On your own time sure go ahead, at work there are still rules for men and women. I cannot believe all the negative comments. I guess those people never read a fashion magazine for advice or to see what was new and hot/not, or never commented on what stars, models on runways or in magazines were wearing, positive comments or negative (in your head or not) it is still commenting (having an opinion) on what someone is wearing and we all do it. Keep up the great blogs, they sure make me smile.

  • Pamela Diamond Schmidthuber

    Your quoted “Even though I made myself quite clear in last week’s blog about leggings, a random encounter with this woman yesterday, who was wearing tights as pants, made me realize that some further instruction is necessary, especially considering that this is the second offender I’ve seen in the past week. I kid you not.” So you are assuming that everyone reads your blog and takes or cares about your fashion advice. You are putting yourself as “the fashion police” when you called this women the “second offender” that “you” have seen in the past week. Lets not forget the “I kid you not” part of your statement. So you then proceeded to single this woman out and take pictures of just her and her body/clothing…not just noticing her in a picture you were taking of something or someone you knew. That is called targeting. Your comment that because of this encounter you “realized some further instruction is necessary” implies that this person and anyone like her (not adhering to your dress code) must be stupid and so you decided to “instruct” your readers and post pics (to make and example of) and then argue it’s about pants vs. leggings/tights. It’s a fine line that you have crossed in your post. Your comments about image being such an important thing only shows your readers that it’s okay to make fun of and point out other’s that are different or dress different than you would have them to. I grew up with a wise grandmother who said these wonderful words when I thought my clothes were not quite right…”Honey if they don’t like how you look they can look the other way”. My advice to you…don’t demean other’s just because they are different than you or dress different than you or than you think they should. Maybe you should have looked the other way…and just maybe you shouldn’t have taken the picture to keep a record of the wrong decision.

  • Kayla Baumann

    absolutely LOVE this!! Thank you!

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  • Crispien Van Aelst

    The woman bashing of Ironic Hipster feminism is almost as not funny as racistly ironic Hipster anti-racism… but not nearly as funny as ironically bullying someone for being a bully when they are clearly not… fuck

  • thomas

    Please do a post on why sports bras ARE NOT shirts!

  • Andria Payne-McKee


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  • Heartland

    Speaking of pants, why do some women wear pants/jeans 3+ sizes to small?

  • Beth

    Ha ha! I just had this conversation with my little girls! It’s a shame that grown women need the same talk!

  • IMHO

    I personally feel self-conscious wearing anything other than jeans/slacks/skirt out in public. Even if I’ve just left the gym I prefer to change clothes before making a quick stop at the grocery store. But that’s just me. If people feel comfortable wearing tights or yoga pants out in public then that’s up to them. My problem is the people who just ignore the fact that (with tights at least) we can usually see their crack. If you are going to wear tights in public at least wear a shirt long enough to hide your g-string.

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  • NaySayNay

    Why is it wrong to want to promote a level of modesty that includes covering one’s ass crack? We’re not harkening back to puritanical times by saying please cover your rear. I don’t care how fit or fat you are, when I’m at the grocery store I don’t want to see anyone’s exposed buttocks! I can see right through those tights — it’s very odd to share that level of intimacy with a stranger! Not to mention, the jiggle factor. I feel like I’m getting a lap dance riding the bus with someone’s tights/leggings clad behind at eye level. And no, it’s not a sexist issue either. I definitely do not want to see anyone’s twig n’ berries being strangled by spandex unless I’m in a setting where I’m mentally prepared to politely ignore your bulge.

  • obamaClaus

    thanks to feminism and other brainwashing…women have lost their common sense and modesty…please wear feminine skirts and dresses – you’ll look pretty

    • What nonsense. Lots of us who are proud feminists wear skirts and dresses all the time.

  • texassa

    “Even though I made myself quite clear in last week’s blog about leggings,
    a random encounter with this woman yesterday, who was wearing tights as
    pants, made me realize that some further instruction is necessary…”

    And here, fair blogger, is my advice to you: worry about your own clothes and quit writing drivel about how you would like others to go about their day.

  • texassa

    …and by the way, that picture you posted looks like it belongs on the Reddit Creepshots page. You’re pretty classy, huh?

  • Wide hips + scrawny butt/legs

    In your post it also says that leggings (many of which are completely opaque and not revealing) and ‘jeggings’ are not real pants. I love my leggings and my jeggings, they are warm and comfortable and they fit my non-standard body shape well. And I have nothing to be ashamed of. Sorry my body is shaped like a woman, that doesn’t mean I have to hide it.

  • Faithfully Blessed

    I am a HUGE fan of leggings and sometimes feel uncomfortable if my shirt doesn’t cover atleast half of my thigh (like mini skirt length). The girl in that picture is wearing tights that you would wear underneath a dress which is a no no. Tights should never be worn alone…unless it’s for ballet or something but even then they wear a tutu.

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    THANK YOU leggings/ tights never have been and never will be pants!! People look so tacky with them on!! I don’t care how skinny or how fat you are you will always look awful in them. Don’t get me started on the girls who wear leggings and cowboy boots. No your not southern you’re a disgusting piece of trash. Thank you Bridgette for setting the record straight. I see hundreds of girls everyday with leggings on. I literally tell them to their face that the forgot their pants. They looked so shocked that someone has the nerve to tell them they forgot their pants. I know everyone who gives me hell about my comment are trashy girls who don’t wear pants. If you reply complaining you just admitted it. I would like to point out I am not jealous that girls feel the need to leave their home half-dressed, why would I be jealous of people not wearing pants? And the pic attached is what girls who wear leggings look like.

  • DC Professional Guy

    Tights are simply not pants. Period. I’m not sure how this is debatable. I see below that people are trying to somehow justify walking around in their underwear…..this isn’t an empowerment or body image issue. This is really just common sense, isn’t it?

    • Well, you would think, right? What is the saying, common sense isn’t very common? I’m still baffled by the backlash this post caused. Thanks for reminding me that there are sane people in this world!

      • DC Professional Guy

        Oh, not sure that I’m sane, but, really, women really ought not wear pantyhose without a skirt or dress 🙂 I’m not a prude, and love seeing a woman’s figure as much as the next dude. That said, subtle is attractive—you don’t need to bare all. Sharp is sexy. Knee-length is sexy.

  • Maria Goula

    I totally agree with you Bridgette Raes! Tights are not pants.
    To all of you who are commenting about fashion-experts and so on, it’s not a matter of fashion, it’s a matter of respect! If a girl starts wearing underwear as clothes then it’s obvious that she will be noticed by guys and this might be flattering, but getting noticed as a ho isn’t really honorary, is it?
    It is not a matter of fashion, but a matter of honour and respect. Keep in mind that no man respects a ho… all they see is an “easy” target and even worse serious guys won’t even talk to you. So, what do you want to be? A ho or a lady?

  • antlet

    At the end I got used to it, they are more funny than inelegant. If the idea of using socks in place of pants is so provoking or bizzarre, I think it nailed it :). Yes it’s unconventional because people don’t catch it at first sight, it challenge the conventions “what? Socks in place of pants?” and also trigger the “what next” association “panties as headbands? ” and other unconventional and more “ridiculous clothing” examples.
    It still challenge the lines of the criteria of what’s admitted.
    Now if for someone they don’t look good, fair enough. I agree though, they should be at least 99% opaque. It’s not so nice to see panties in translucency, even if I’m a guy :D.

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  • Dick

    Fuck you all

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  • Rosario

    These are true to all of the 10 determining questions proving that I am wearing tights as pants. But for hiking they are the best non pant replacement as they do prevent tick bites and the fi is prefect.

    • me

      I do agree with you they are good for hiking, cycling and jogging but they are heavier fabric made for that type of activity not like normal tights

  • AlwaysSearching

    Great post! And I also agree with Mary Fitter about this trend setting back the women’s movement.

  • michael pearson

    if that how lady like dress then it great with me lady xxxx

  • Richard

    I don’t have an issue with it. Lol

  • tragkfshnt

    I beg the differ I’m a guy I wear kilts with tight, or sometime oversized t shirts with it, doesn’t bother me or anyone else I am noticeable when in in public with it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be64df2ef839458baf443d99d3cea03e01f1f1d1fc9bfc1ea04dddea4dd50f4b.jpg