Virtual Styling Services

Bridgette Raes Virtual Styling Services
Welcome Bridgette into your closet virtually! Photo Credit: The Jetson’s, Hanna-Barbera

Have you you dreamt of having a NYC Stylist to come to your home and make you over?  Well, through the power of modern technology it’s possible!  Welcome Bridgette Raes into your closet for a makeover, Jetson’s-style!

Bridgette works with client’s all over the world via her virtual styling services, and you can be one of them!

Services include:

Closet Editing: Via photography and video Skype sessions, Bridgette can help you assess what’s not working with your wardrobe, make shopping suggestions and give recommendations of how to achieve a balanced wardrobe.

Online Shopping: Once your wardrobe has been assessed, Bridgette can help you find exactly what you need through online shopping suggestions which includes shopping links and a follow-up video session.

Outfit Creation Sessions: Bridgette will help you maximize the use of what you already own, along with any new purchases, by showing how to create looks and outfits.

For more information about how Bridgette can pay you and your wardrobe a visit virtually, contact her for more information!  She looks forward to seeing you on her computer soon!


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