For Designers and Brands

Bridgette Raes is one of the few fashion industry professionals worldwide to have over a decade’s worth of experience in both fashion design/product development and the consumer side of industry.  She offers consultancy services to designers and brands to ensure they are delivering the best, most dynamic and wearable products to their targeted customer while matching their mission at the same time.

Brand & Product Consultancy Services include:

  • Trend forecasting
  • Product and fit development
  • Customer demographic and psychographic direction

In addition to brand & product consultancy, Bridgette Raes can further help your company by partnering her expertise as an established style expert.   These services include:

Spokesperson Role:  If needed, Bridgette Raes can represent your brand as a spokesperson and/or brand ambassador for your brand or product, being available for any and all media appearances, speaking events, trunk shows, press pieces and any other opportunities where representation for your company is requested.  Bridgette Raes can offer your company her established leverage and reputation, trust, expertise, loyalty and authority with your customer.

Multimedia:  Bridgette Raes can help reach your customer with the following multimedia efforts.

  • Blogging – Are you looking to reach your customer through your online presence?  Bridgette Raes is available to produce educational and editorially-diven online content for your blog or site  that marries your product with her established style advice to help promote your product and reach your audience.
  • Video Production – If you’re looking to reach your customer through online video, Bridgette Raes and her production team can help you produce engaging online videos that are educational and editorially-diven.  Like blogging, these videos can marry your product with Bridgette’s established style advice to help promote your product and reach your audience.

For more information about how Bridgette Raes can help your brand or company through these services, contact her below.


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*** In cases of spokesperson and multimedia work, Bridgette Raes will not represent a brand or company as a spokesperson, blogger or as an expert in video where she feels the product is morally ambiguous or offensive to her own personal beliefs/ethics, is not a good fit for her established platform, or is a product that she wouldn’t feel comfortable purchasing herself.