What to Wear with Gold Shoes

gold shoes

Today’s post about gold shoes is a reminder to me that I need to get blog topic ideas from my readers.  Because of my background and what I do for a living, I take for granted what I consider to be common knowledge or is a well covered topic that doesn’t require a post dedicated to it.  In the case of what to wear with gold shoes, no disrespect to the person who requested a post about this,  I figured everyone knew they went with everything.

What to Wear with Gold Shoes

It is no exaggeration when I say that you can wear gold shoes with everything.  I learned this a very long time ago while shopping at Zara.  I bought these impossibly cute sparkly ballerina flats in gold and soon found that they not only worked with everything in my wardrobe but added the perfect amount pop to my more basic looks.  I learned that metallic shoes were like the fun shoe shades of the neutral world.  This began my love affair with gold flats, sandals, after-five heels, and more.  My Tieks are gold, I have a pair of Cole Haan metallic silver loafers (pictured below), I have owned my fair share of gold summer sandals and usually wear metallic strappy heels and pumps with formal looks.

From reading my blog, many readers have told me that the addition of metallic shoes to their wardrobes have made a huge impact.  However, if you are new to adding these shiny shades to your closet, at the request of a blog reader, I am giving you more tips on what to wear with gold shoes.

Outfit #1

gold shoes

This pair of gold block heeled loafers from Kenneth Cole is the style bought by this blog reader and what inspired this post.  They are similar to the famous Gucci Marmont loafer at a fraction of the price.  This loafer style has been so popular this fall and when I saw the style I immediately thought about how these shoes could make a simple and elegant outfit look chic without going over the top.

I styled the gold shoes with a pair of skinny jeans, a tuxedo style white button down from Lauren Ralph Lauren, red bag from Lodis, oval hoop earrings from Nordstrom and chain link bracelet from Stella & Dot.

The next time your outfit feels too basic, try a pair of gold shoes to take the look from flat to fab with little effort.

Outfit #2

gold shoes

Gold shoes have this amazing ability to work nicely with warm neutrals, like olive, shades of brown, taupe, tan, camel, and so on.  The gold harmonizes while popping the outfit simultaneously.  I love the way these gold flats from Sam Edelman richly work with the warm red pants from BOSS Hugo Boss and so elegantly flatter the cardigan and tank from Nic +Zoe.  I finished the look with a pendant from Gorjana and taupe handbag from Sole Society.

Outfit #3

gold shoes
Gold pumps can work for daytime if the gold isn’t too shiny or evening looking.  However, gold shoes that are more evening appropriate can easily take a daytime dress from day to evening.  Having a pair of basic gold evening pumps or strappy heels can be a cost effective and quick way to go from desk to dinner.

For daytime, I used these more brushed gold pumps from Linea Paolo with a red dress from L.K. Bennett.  I finished the look with a navy bag from Furla and a pair of earrings from Lagos.

Final thoughts on gold shoes

  • Gold shoes go with everything.  Prefer silver?  No problem.  Silver shoes go with everything too.
  • Avoid too much foot coverage.  While gold flats, pumps, sneakers, sandals and loafers can be lovely in gold, gold boots can be a bit much.  Less is more when it comes to metallic shoes.
  • Like metallic handbags too?  A gold bag and gold shoes can be a bit much.  Pick one unless it is for evening.
  • Consider silhouette.  Gold shoes in classy chic styles can look very sophisticated.  Gold shoes can also be tacky in styles that are too racy.
  • See gold shoes as neutral shoes.  Try them with every color and notice how quickly they become your go-to style.

Shop for gold shoes

Ready to shop for gold shoes?  Check out these additional styles.

  • Kim Malkiewicz

    Aww, thanks Bridgette! This is my first foray into gold shoes…I *thought* they could go with everything, but wanted to see you work your magic. (Okay, I do feel a little silly, now, though! :-).)

    • Hi Kim, please don’t feel silly at all! It’s my bad for not realizing that someone would have this question! I am super glad you asked it! I am sure a lot of other women have the same question!

    • tgchi13

      I like your new shoe *much* more than the Gucci version!!

      I had a pair of gold pumps that I wore to death (theirs not mine…) decades ago.

      Now I only have one pair of gold evening sandals (purchased for my wedding) and silver shoes in sandals, ballet flats and a pair of ankle boots (but I had those toned down to pewter 🙂 )

      Don’t feel silly for the question – I asked similar of Bridgette about the ankle boots!

  • Ann Cutler

    Hi Bridgette,
    I just have to tell you how beautiful you look! Congratulations on your weight loss and I love your new hair. It’s so flattering on you.
    Thanks for all that you do. I always enjoy reading your advice. I’ve learned so much from you.
    Have a wonderful holiday,
    Your Brooklyn-New Jersey friend,

  • Brian

    Great post. At first I wasn’t sure if I could pull off wearing gold shoes but you are right when you say they go with everything. My collection of gold shoes is small and only includes 2 pairs of flats and one pair of vintage sneakers but they are all fun to wear. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c2425cd8ac633f99325af7c3fccae1aa3d8e18910c05f2be5a050360933fbcf6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07593572e1453a0b1e6855976f6d41a705f7ad256d26edb928ad6ae8666f1efe.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccbbefe30e873edcc7901fc922c0222e714c86e74165270178de7afed46eb057.jpg