Festive Holiday Looks for Casual, Dressy and Formal

festive holiday looks

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently.  Some people attend glitzy events while others prefer to keep it quieter or more intimate.  No matter what your holiday plans may be, you can create festive holiday looks that will match the occasion.

Festive Holiday Looks for Casual, Dressy and Formal

I have put three different festive holiday looks looks together that vary in level of dressiness.  I’ll be starting with a super casual look and finish with an outfit that is more formal.  In addition check out some easy tips on how to put  these types of looks together on your own.

Look #1

festive holiday looks

You don’t have to have any dressy events coming up for the to dress in a festive way. With sequin and velvet being very popular this season, there are plenty of ways to do this.

You can start with a more daytime piece that subtle glimmer, like I did with this sequin t-shirt from J. Crew.  Next, velvet typically has a holiday feel even when its not in a holiday shade like the pair of red velvet skinny jeans I used.  The jeans silhouette gives these pants a more daytime, casual look that makes the velvet look more laid back.  Over the t-shirt I added this slouchy grey cardigan from Halogen, used these gold flats from Corso Como and finished the look with a basic grey bag from Coach and sparkly earrings from Bauble Bar.

When making casual looks more festive, choose more casual silhouettes and add small touches of sparkle.

Look #2

festive holiday looks

This is a dressy look that can be worn to a semi-formal event or even a work holiday party.  If you look the silhouettes on their own, they’re actually pretty basic and somewhat conservative.  It’s the eyelash fringe on the skirt and the accessorizing components that makes the outfit look more festive and holiday-inspired.

I styled the Banana Republic skirt with an asymmetrical top from Reiss.  I finished the outfit with laced d’orsay pumps in burgundy from Bella Vita, a sparkly clutch from Jordy, fringe statement necklace from Stella & Dot and crystal cuff from Nadri.

You don’t necessarily need an entirely new outfit to create a holiday look.  A few accessories or one key piece can make an outfit you already own look festive.

Look #3

festive holiday looks

If you have a dressier holiday event planned this season, unless you have something in your closet, it’s time to get something to wear.  Even if you have multiple formal parties to attend, having one dress is usually enough, particularly if you’ll be seeing different people.  If you shop basic enough, you can also wear one dress for several years just by changing it up.

Getting the most from one dress doesn’t mean it has to be black.  Even a dress like the one I used from L.K. Bennett can be styled multiple ways despite the fact that it is covered with gold sequins.  For this look, I styled it with a pair of nude pumps from Stuart Weitzman, a green clutch from Tory Burch and tassel chandelier earrings from Rebecca Minkoff.  However, you can style this dress with any color.   A pair of burgundy pumps would look amazing with this dress, a blank faux mink wrap would also work, and so on.  Formal festive holiday looks aren’t as limited as you might think.  Once you buy the dress play with different accessories to create different outfits.

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  • Christine

    Love these ideas! Last year I bought a black sequin pencil skirt but I am at a loss as how to style it? I wonder how you would style it?

    • Hi Christine! Thanks! With your skirt, I would do something similar to the skirt I styled above.

  • Lindy Adams

    Great ideas! Congratulations on the success of your weight program. Have you shared or can you share your method?

    • Hi Lindy! And thanks for the kind words about my weight loss. Honestly, it all goes back to proper diet and exercise. I have seriously earned every lb. I have lost and it has taken forever. I still have a ways to go but I am already feel great. The secret to it all is consistency and to know what you will and won’t do to get there. For me, I won’t cook and if I have to think about cooking healthy I know I won’t do it, will order in and eat horribly. So, instead, I started eating healthy meal delivery food from KettlebellKitchen.com. The meals are really good and Paleo based so I can avoid gluten, soy, sugar, processed foods, dairy, etc.. I then try to get to the gym every day. If not everyday I go at least 5x a week. I have been doing that for a year and a half. The secret there is to, again, be consistent. I don’t workout more than 30 minutes a day because that is palatable and I know I can do it. Any more than that and I will find a way not to go. It also doesn’t hurt that my gym is literally 85 steps from my front door. I lift 3 days a week and I do cardio the rest of the time. There have been LONG stretches where my weight hasn’t budged and I kept with it until eating well and exercising became more of a lifestyle than a diet. The last tip is to have a cheat day. My cheat day Saturday always feels like a nice rest stop in a long week of being super mindful. I eat whatever I want and enjoy the foods I normally say no to. It helps break up the monotony and gives me one day that I know I have to just let it go.

      I hope it helps. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to weight loss that is permanent and lasting. It really has to become a mindset. As daunting as it sounds, the longer you stick with it the more it just gets ingrained. xox