Friday’s Fab Find: We’re Giving Away Some SWAG


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoyed our Treat Yourself! Promotion. Congratulations to our winner! We hope you enjoy your beauty treats. A special thanks to everyone who entered. We love our readers!

We’re giving away a bag of SWAG!

And now, as promised, we’re giving away another swag bag! This one’s a little different. As editor for Friday’s Fab Finds, I get sent items every day for consideration. I’d say a solid 75% make the cut. Usually when an item gets rejected because it’s kind of ‘meh’ ,it’s just not something our readers would want or in some cases it’s REALLY REALLY stupid.  Your swag bag won’t contain anything stupid. But it will contain some pretty randoms items, leftovers from New York Fashion Week gift bags, free samples I’ve received, and more.

How can you win the SWAG bag? Just leave a comment! We want to hear from you how we can make Fab Finds better. What kinds of goods and services do want to see more of?  Which Fab finds were your favorite? Which ones didn’t interest you at all.  Do you have a favorite product that you think should be considered as Fab Find or are you an entrepreneur who would like a product featured? We want to hear from you.  Send me an email to cgr1030 at gmail dot com.  And, no, I’m not Bridgette! My name is Cameron Grey Rose.

While I have your attention a quick word on giveaways. Every once in a while a vendor will send a good directly to  me for a giveaway but the overwhelming majority of the time, a winner will receive their item directly from the manufacturer. If you are  winner I’ll forward your mailing address directly the company. If say more than a two weeks go by and you don’t have your item. LET ME KNOW! I’ll track deadbeats down and force to fulfill their commitments.

Okay everyone your turn. What’s  on your mind?

  • Patricia

    I just need fab finds that make my life easier. Make my skin care and make up routine quick. Help me look pulled together. Help me be a happy traveler (packing ideas?)

  • Mimi

    Hey, I like swag. I enjoy the makeup features, and for things that are a bit different (such as the Kameleon Rose dress that was featured a while back). Love that you focus on smaller businesses. I’m a bit thrifty, so I’d appreciate features on anything that’s on the lower end of the cost spectrum that mimics the results of those on the higher end.

  • Sarah Schroeder

    I like seeing things that have the potential to make my life a little easier. The sort of small things that solve a problem that I had just resigned myself to living with. I do like higher-quality items, and am willing to pay more for something that’s well-made and/or very useful to me personally. I am less interested in make up and more interested in clothing, fashion, and travel type items.

  • Joanna Alper

    Of course I love makeup and beauty products, but my favorite fab finds are products I didn’t even know existed! Keep up the good work introducing us to cool new things!

  • Anne Koontz

    I enjoy see new and novel things. Especially everyday organization helpers. Things to get me through a rouitine faster, or pack smarter are always appreciated!

  • Mary T.

    Friday Fab Finds is one of my favorite features of the blog. I love the variety of items you share and I like being surprised with finds that I would never would have discovered on my own. That being said I’m really interested in more small businesses that offer unique items. I like being on the cutting edge.

    • Aragon131

      Congrats Mary T you’re our winner! send your mailing addy to and your bag of swag will be on it’s way!

    • Aragon131

      Mary T you have one more day to send me your mailing addy or I’m picking a new winner for the swag bag!

  • Gina Gallimore

    I love the Friday Fab Finds! I think my favorites are ones highlighting small businesses and ones that feature natural/organic products that help me reduce the chemical impact on my body. You do such a great job of highlighting products and businesses that I never knew existed!

  • Sue

    I especially enjoy finds from small businesses that I haven’t heard about, plus any beauty products that are cruelty fee and natural.

  • Diane Groff

    You always have great ideas for making my wardrobe go further. I enjoy seeing how to put some colors and styles together. I love to get ideas from your selections to perk up my style! Thank you.

  • Harriet M.

    I love Friday Fab Finds and even won once. Yea for me! And thanks! Have you ever included either the Hipsi belt or the Isa belt? I have the Isa belt, but now want to upgrade to the Hipsi. Actually, I want several Hipsi belts and several buckles, but that gets expensive. I have the black and clear Isa belts and wear them all the time. I love anything unique and useful, Cameron.

  • Maria Capucciati

    I love the products you present that solve a problem. I think I ordered Bombas socks on your recommendation.

    • Aragon131

      Congrats Maria you’re up! you have til Monday to send me your mailing addy or I’m just going to pick a previous Fab Find winner whose mailing addy I have .

  • darla

    More accessories might be fun.