How to Look Stylish in Slouchy Sweaters

slouchy sweatersThe timing couldn’t be more perfect for slouchy sweaters to be in the stores.  The season is changing, fall weather is here, the air is crisp, and everything has been “pumpkin spiced.”  The idea of curling up with a big comfy sweater is so appealing.

The problem is, seeing these slouchy sweaters on a 5’11” stick thin model is one thing.  On many women, they look more like shapeless potato sacks.  The super long sleeves look like a knitting project gone wrong and the boxy fit appears to be more tent and less chic.   How can the average woman wear these slouchy sweaters without looking like they have been home for a week with the flu?

In today’s post I am going to give you some tips on how to look stylish in slouchy sweaters.

How to Look Stylish in Slouchy Sweaters

Outfit #1

slouchy sweaters

As you may know, I have really sharpened my knitting skills this past year.  I am currently finishing up my fourth sweater and have learned the importance of good quality yarn.  I knit the same exact sweater pattern in two different styles, one as a gift for an adult and the other in a child size for my nephew.  I used less expensive yarn for the child size knowing that my nephew would not only need a yarn that was more durable but that he would grow out of it quicker.  Comparing the two sweaters, my nephew’s sweater looks much cheaper and the fit isn’t nearly as nice.

If you want to look chic and luxe in slouchy sweaters then laying out some extra money for styles made of good quality yarn is smart.  You don’t have to exclusively buy cashmere, but fishing a cheap, junky sweater out of the bargain bin won’t exactly give you a good look.

My next tip if you want to look pulled together is to pair your slouchy sweaters with finer, more tailored pieces.  I styled this slouchy Vince cable knit sweater with a pair of plaid pants from Theory (coincidentally, Karen Walker wore these in the second episode of Will & Grace).  I finished the look with a pair of block heeled loafers from Cole Haan, that all my clients have been loving, burgundy stud earrings from The Sak and tote from Madewell.

Lastly, proportion.  If you are going to wear a huge slouchy sweater then wearing slim bottoms creates balance.  A super tall model may be able to get away with slouchy pants and a slouchy sweater, but most women cannot.

Outfit #2

slouchy sweaters

I think this is the way most women think about wearing slouchy sweaters– with skinny jeans and boots.  This outfit is like the universal symbol for fall.  Like my tip above, keep your jeans on the slim side when wearing slouchy sweaters.  You don’t have to pour yourself into them, but wide legs or styles that are too full can make you look squat and wide.  A combination no woman is striving for.

I styled this teal Free People sweater with a pair of Banana Republic jeans, cognac boots from Sam Edelman and bag from Sole Society, navy tank from Eileen Fisher, Karine Sultan teardrop earrings and, for a pop, a yellow scarf from David & Young.

Outfit #3

slouchy sweaters

Slouchy sweaters aren’t just long.  There are plenty of shorter, boxier styles out there.  This style can be appealing for those who are petite or for someone who wants a relaxed look that isn’t overwhelming.  If styled properly, a boxier sweater can also go to work.  For a more professional outfit, I styled this boxy style from Theory with a pair of slim black ankle pants from Banana Republic and finished the look with taupe block heel pumps from Vince Camuto, bag from Lodis, gold bracelet from Stella & Dot and earrings from Lucky Brand.

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Ready to embrace the slouchy sweater look this fall?  Check out these additional styles.

  • tgchi13

    I love slouchy sweaters – especially in cotton – but who doesn’t?! What I’ve always done is buy one in my size *but* from the men’s department!

    ie – I wear a ladies small so I would buy a men’s small and it would be the perfect amount of slouch for me (5’5″)

    • You like sweaters in cotton? See, I find them to be a lot stiffer and really difficult to get cozy in. I also find in certain stitches they can get really misshapen. Interesting. That’s an interesting approach by shopping in the men’s store. I do that with my white cotton shirts that I wear as a cover up at the beach.

      • tgchi13

        Yes! I’m a tactile person by nature (drove my mom nuts that I always had to touch everything). This won’t make a lot of sense to anyone other than me but I prefer the stiffness of cotton over the softness of cashmere just as I prefer my food spicy rather than sweet!

  • Alicen

    I LOVE outfit #2, all because of that yellow scarf! That pop of colour makes the whole outfit 🙂

  • Patricia

    Slouchy sweaters are just what I want to wear when the rainy cold weather settles in. But, as you point out, it’s sometimes tricky… I recently tried an oversized turtleneck sweatshirt at the Gap. Even though I’m 5’6″ with an average neck, I looked like a frightened turtle. I wasn’t wearing it, it was wearing me. #pitfalsoftheslouch.

    • Frightened turtle! I LOVE it! Exactly what you said, slouchy sweaters are more about a feeling which is why we love the concept of them. And they can be great but they can also be sloppy, ill-fitting and unflattering. Plus, you really don’t need a closet full of them. One or two for those days you want to wrap yourself up in a cocoon is plenty.