Photo Inspiration Outfit Contest Finalists Announced

Photo Inspiration OutfitsAfter my hiatus from blogging, I was so excited to come back fresh and ready.  Unfortunately, as luck would have it, I’m sick.  I have one of the worst head colds imaginable.  It has been years since I have been this sick.

To make matters worse, I also threw out my back.  It all started last week when I felt some sniffles coming on.  Brushing it off as either allergies or a mild cold, I slowed down a bit but continued on.  I even went to the gym for light workouts.  While stretching after some cardio, I felt a twinge in my lower back and knew from past experience this wasn’t good.  Within hours I was flat on my back trying to recover because I had a client the next day.  Somehow I rallied, saw my client all day on Saturday and by Saturday night my cold hit its peak and my back was only mildly better.  The past few days of recovery have been horrendous.  If I lay on my back to rest my back the congestion got worse and when I sneeze my back spasms.  Yea, good times.

I wish I could say I was rested and ready to go, but I am hobbling into my return.  However, the one post I wanted to get up was the announcement of the photo inspiration outfit contest finalists.  There were so many beautiful submissions and I am thrilled to share my finalist selections.  It’s now up to you to choose the winner.  In the comments below, vote for your favorite.  The winner will be revealed as an Instagram photo on September 13th.  You can find me on Instagram here.

Photo Inspiration Outfit Contest Finalists


Entry #1- Lori

photo inspiration outfitI loved the way Lori used the touches of blues to finish her outfit.  She told me she mashed up some basics from her wardrobe to create this look.  Nice job, Lori.

Entry #2- Barbara

photo inspiration outfit contest

Barbara sent me several entries and this one stood out as my favorite and worthy to become a finalist.  She told me she had a lot of fun doing this project.  I can tell she did.

Entry #3- Carol

photo inspiration outfit contest

Carol put this understated outfit together that has the perfect pop of red to pick up the accent in the photo.  I loved the way her outfit not only captured the colors in the photo but the mood of it as well.

Entry #4- Amy

photo inspiration outfit contestAmy did an incredible job of creating this adorable little look that so perfectly captured the photo.  Too cute!  Nice work.

Entry #5- Kelly

photo inspiration outfit contest

Kelly created a more upscale look using this photo as inspiration.  Even if she didn’t make the top 10, Kelly told me she found the project to be a lot of fun.  If I had the legs for them, I’d totally wear those booties.  Nice find, Kelly.

Entry #6- Betsy

photo inspiration outfit contestColorado girl, Betsy, created this country inspired outfit using this photo.  I love that scarf and those red cowboy boots.  Nice job, Betsy!

Entry #7- Aneta

photo inspiration outfit contestAneta proudly created this outfit only using pieces found in her wardrobe.  It’s a lovely interpretation of the photo and a very practical, yet stylish, outfit.  Kudos, Aneta!

Entry #8- Lauren

photo inspiration outfit contest

Lauren found this contest particularly helpful.  She told me she had all these pieces in her closet but never thought to wear them together. It was the photo that inspired her. Wearing the outfit to work, she got a ton of compliments.  How incredibly awesome!

In my opinion, all these finalists are winners.  Yet, only one can win a free virtual hour with me.  Make sure your favorite takes home the prize by voting for them in the comments.  To my finalists, you all rock!



  • Tania Kleckner

    I love #3

  • Patricia

    I’d vote for Carol #3 (that’s so in my wheel house, I’d wear it today if it weren’t 80 degrees) and Kelly #5 (I’d never wear this look but find it creative and love the boots I’d never be able to wear… or stand up in).

    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks! OMG! I can’t remember the last time I had a cold this horrendous. If it isn’t my cold it is my back. I really hate hobbling into the new season this way.

      • Vildy

        I know about that world’s worst head cold and am sharing your fate. What helps me is 1/2 dose Nyquil (or knockoff). Really helps especially when you’re lying down and you don’t get the zombification from the full dose of dextromethorphan (cough suppressant). I always use the green color version as I think the red dye in the red version weirds me out.

        • I wish NyQuil worked but I am sensitive to any over the counter medicine that is supposed to put you to sleep. Now prescription on the other hand…

  • Lauren A

    My vote is #3… I’d wear that in a second! (And I’m not even voting for myself here- I’m #8… lol!)

  • carolyn

    # 8 Lauren So Perfect !

  • Noeb49

    My vote is #3 for first, then #1 for second place. All are nice.

  • Renee

    I’m torn between 3 and 5. 3 captured the color balance, but 5 got the textures. Love them both.

    • If you had to vote for one which would it be?

      • Renee

        I give it to 5.

  • Emily

    #3 Carol NAILED IT!

  • Cindy Hays

    #8 Lauren! Very classy!

  • Alicen

    I want the shoes from #1 and #7, but I’m voting for #3.
    If I had a second vote, it would go to outfit #3.
    What I find most interesting is the wide range of outfits that people came up with from the single photo. Impressive!

    • Alicen

      I meant my first place vote would go to #2 🙂

  • Liesbeth Jacobs

    #7 Aneta, very Nice!! Love it!

  • Kristof

    #7 Aneta – nicely done!

  • Jane m

    7 Aneta love the red shoes.

  • Kelly

    Thank you! So excited to see my outfit make the cut – it was a really fun exercise and was really quite the eye opener for a person who is terrible at colour! All the outfits are very cool. My vote is # 3 (though that would only work for the coldest winter day here!). Hope you are feeling better very soon Bridgette!

    • I love how you guys who made the cut are voting for others. What sportsmanship! I am hoping to be on the upswing. What a miserable experience! I should be back to blogging regularly by next week.

  • Robin

    #3 is perfect!

  • Marilyn Brill


  • Linda Sill

    Entry #3 – Carole ❤️

  • Megan

    I loved them all & I’d like to thank all of the entrants for giving me some great outfit ideas! I had a hard time picking a 1st place winner, finally narrowing it down to #1 & #6 because they both appealed to my country girl sensibilities. I love turquoise, so I love #1 Lori’s turquoise necklace & turquoise & western feel of the handbag & the way the blue in the shoes ties in with the turquoise. I have a similar turquoise necklace & I’m going to love wearing my version of this outfit with my bag with a bit of a western look to the embossing on the leather & dusty aqua & brown cowboy boots. And speaking of boots, I love the boots & concho belt in #6 by Betsy! Oh shoot, now I have to choose! It was a hard choice but I’m going with #1 because the turquoise got me. Thanks, Bridgette & entrants!

  • kendra pyke

    2 or 3

  • meibaola

    Kelly’s rendition is my favorite (#5)!

  • Kim Malkiewicz

    Entry #5. I adore both color and skirts!

  • Pat

    Congratulations to all entrants!! Clearly, a lot of thought and effort went into creating each interpretation and vision. One in particular, Carol #3 best depicted the mood, coloring and textures of the photo. Good job, Carol!

    Last years lucky winner,
    Faithful fan, Pat

  • Carol

    Number 3 here – I’m voting for # 8! I love that you created a fantastic look from pieces you own, Lauren. What a fun contest! There were so many different interpretations of the photo, and they all work. Thanks for the idea, Bridgette, and I hope you feel better soon.

    • Again, I just need to say how awesome I am finding all the finalists to be. You’re all voting for other submissions. It’s amazing. I am found this whole project great fun. I am glad everyone is enjoying it.
      I am feeling better, thanks! I am at that phase where I sound worse than I am. I sound like Marge Simpson with a pack a day habit.

  • Melissa Friesen

    They are all fantastic but my vote goes to #3 as best matching the mood. I was particularly enthralled by the cream bag with subtle stripes that were similar to the boards in the picture.

  • Maria

    I vote for Aneta’s outfit – 7.

  • Barbara

    I vote for #3

  • Rysiek

    Number 7 is my favourite!

  • Anna

    Mine too. #7 so very classy!!!

  • tgchi13

    Ick and ouch! I’m not pleased you are suffering (glad you are feeling better though B!!) and I’m going to weigh in; of these, I think #3 is perfect and #1 would be my second pick.

    Both captured the essence (to my mind) and that is what art is all about.

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed my lady.

  • Pamela

    I loved outfit #3. I just LOVE that gorgeous bag!! This is an outfit that I would feel comfortable wearing. It also really does capture the feel of the photo. Love the slide on mules and my favorite sweaters are the chunky Irish knit sweaters so this look gets my vote!!

  • Karolina

    I think that the outfit number 7 is the best.

  • Vildy

    3 and 5 are amazingly creative. Well, they’re all great! Love the frill on 5’s mustard top but I’m voting 3.

  • Aneta

    Like the frenchie style of outfit #7

  • Georgina

    #7 Super

  • Kate

    Texture on the trousers in outfit #7 really resembles texture of wall panels.

  • Angela


  • Robbie

    Well done Aneta!

  • Heather

    Bracelet from outfit 7 looks nice 🙂

  • Kasia

    #7 Aneta I would wear it to work on Monday.

  • Agnes

    I choose #7 How stylish!

  • Catherine

    I like the colour scheme of this year’s contest and #7 Aneta’s interpretation speaks to me the most.

  • Eilidh

    What a great idea to use photographs as inspiration for an outfit. I vote for #7

  • Adrian

    Number seven is my choice !!! it’s just unbelievable that she make that up only from bits and pieces which she found in her wardrobe !!!
    Well done Aneta !!!

  • Alice

    Entry #7 is the best.

    Aneta, you should wear this outfit on your next trip to Bordeaux!

  • Mary

    I vote for number 7, because I know how much dedication and effort Aneta puts in creating outfits.

  • Paulina

    Entry #7. Aneta dresses like that in real life too. Her outfits are always colour coordinated.

  • Sherrie

    #3 is my favorite! Also love something about #2. All are inspiring!!

  • Kerry

    I vote for outfit 7. Good luck Aneta! I hope you will win 🙂

  • Jan

    Whilst I think that everybody made a nice and interesting outfit, my preference goes to #7 Aneta. Simple but stylish…

  • Laura

    Outfit no.7 is very nice!

  • Pete

    #7 Aneta!

  • Nooraini Yasin

    I vote 5 and 7 depending on dressed up or slightly casual