Friday’s Fab Find: Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior

I’m trying to lead a more active life style. I’ve begun walking more, swimming and doing yoga which, despite all appearances, is REALLY HARD. I find myself sweating like a pig at the end of each session.

Of course this being New York in August, one hardly needs to work out to get really sweaty. Temperatures in the low 90’s with 90 percent humidity. I feel like I go a swimming in a gross pool every time I step outside!

My hair isn’t fairing too well with this combination. Sweat contains a lot of salt. Between that and humidity my hair is frizzy with a capital F. Okay fine, I’ll dump a ton of conditioner on my hair because that is a perfect solution (insert eye roll here). My choices are frizzy hair, limp hair or greasy hair? Yippee.

Hair Warrior

Upon being sent a bottle of Hair Warrior I thought “if this does what it says it does, I’ll eat my hat.”  I was chewing that brim for a solid hour before it finally went down!

Hair Warrior is a leave in hydrating conditioner designed to work WITH your body’s heat to give you smooth soft hair.  You can check out their website here.

Hair Warrior achieves this miracle by using natural botanicals and essential oils like quinoa, Bamboo & Pro-Vitamin B5, Organic Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Greet Tea, Rosemary Extract and Eucalyptus.

No need to wash your hair after working out. Apply before you hit the gym (or in my case before you walk down a New York City in August humidity!) and that’s it.

No really that’s it.

Not into working out or living in places where the heat is completely inhospitable to human life? Spritz your hair and let the heat of your blow dryer do the work.

Win a bottle of Hair Warrior

Ready to try Hair Warrior? Leave a comment below and tell me why you need a bottle and you may win one!

  • Terra

    My long curly hair is typically a total friz-ball mess by the end of my Brazilian Jui-Jitsu classes. We laugh about Jui-Jitsu hair. Hair Warrior sounds interesting… Think it would be up to the challenge?

    • Aragon131

      I read a review from a woman who teaches hot yoga and she said this product is a good send!

  • Barbara

    I do hot yoga every day and my hair is a frizzy mess. This stuff sounds interesting!

  • Kelly

    4 words: New York in August!

    I would love to give it a try.

  • Carol

    Hair gets smoother during a summer workout?! I’m up for trying it!

  • MaryEllen

    I practice hot yoga and fire barre and end up a sweaty mess! My curly hair is untamable!
    Wonder if this would work for me?

    • Aragon131

      Could be worth a shot! What is Fire Barre? I have several model friends (as in actual runway and print models) who swear by Barre and tell me to try it.

      • MaryEllen

        Fire Barre is a barre class done in a hot studio..


    • Aragon131

      Congrat Mary Ellen you are a winner! send me your mailing address to

      • MaryEllen

        MaryEllen Murray
        47 Village Road
        SeaBright NJ 07760


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  • Jackie Okimoto

    I have long hair and can’t wash it everyday or it gets too dried out. So, my hair gets dry at the ends and can get a little oily near the roots. I wonder if it can keep my ends softer and healthier? It looks like a fun product to try!

  • lauren

    Gah- my hair and skin are parched with no respite these days, I feel! Blasted Texas heat.

  • Ann S.

    Nothing like walking out the front door to fogged over glasses to know it will NOT be a great hair day. I work in DC and walk a mile from the metro and by the time I get there my hair is, literally, a hot mess!

  • Michele Brignoni

    I also sweat like a pig in fitness classes. It makes me want to cut my hair all off! I’m thinking about checking this out. Thanks!