Friday’s Fab Find: TravelWise Packing Cube System

travelwise packing cube

Every few weeks I take my laundry to Mrs. Andreas who washes and folds it. I confess, I’m always amazed when I get it back.  I bring it in two or three bags and by the time she’s done, it’s folded neatly into a small cube. A small cube that weighs 25 lbs., so I must take breaks while carrying it home but it’s amazing how efficient you can be with space when you use it right.

TravelWise Packing Cube System

When I was sent a Weekender 5 pc Packing Cube set from Eat Smart Products. My first thought was “Wait this goes inside your suitcase? So I’ll have less room in there. ”

I could have NOT been more wrong! The TraveWise Packing Cube System is so great. It keeps your clothes organized, neat and makes it so easy to pack. I never realized what a hassle it is to find things while you’re traveling or, worse, to not be able to keep track of what is soiled and what is clean. I would just get frustrated and dump the suitcase out onto the hotel room floor. Which means I always had to set aside time to repack on my last day.

The TravelWise Packing Cube System is 5 small individual cubes that zipper shut, so you can divide and organize your clothes by category. One of the big secrets is to roll your clothes rather than folding them. I didn’t think that would make such a difference but it really does make extra room as well as keeping the clothes from creasing.  The individual cubes have mesh inserts which helps keep your clothes fresh as keeps things organized by being able to see what is in each. They even have a handle so they are easy to tote.

So are you ready to have a super organized and neat suitcase? Leave a comment below and you could win your very own 5 piece Packing Cube set!

Travel tips:

Cut a dryer sheet into 5 strips and tuck one into each travel cube.

Bring along a few freezer bags to seal smelly items (dirty socks etc) away from the rest of your clothes.

If socks or undies get too smelly just toss them. You can always buy more when you get home.

Finally figure out how many pairs of underwear and socks you need. Then bring two more. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

For more smart packing tips, check out other blog posts on the topic.

  • Amanda Pittman

    Friends who travel a lot for work rave about these! I’ve been looking into them for conference travel and would love to have a set!

  • Donna Artho

    I have looked for so long for a good quality cube set, but have not been happy with anything so far. Some have weak zippers and others have odd sizes. I love the look of this set and trust your opinion. Thanks for posting!

  • robin woods

    I travel frequently and I’m a huge fan of rolling my clothing. The cube concept is intriguing – I’d love to win a set and try them out!

  • Andrea

    Um, “just toss them”? I can’t think of much that would be more wasteful than this.

    • I think Cameron meant if they’re not worth keeping. I have had many clients pack things on their last legs and leave them behind. It’s not terribly uncommon

      • tgchi13

        Admittedly, I have done this. Not for business travel but for roughing it in the far reaches so I don’t have to worry about stuff getting lost, stolen or damaged.

      • Pat

        Yes, Bridgette, leaving items behind is very much appreciated in many developing countries. On a Mission trip to Romania my grandson, and others, left all their clothes except for necessities to get home. These teenagers came home with a renewal of gratitude.

        I love packing with cubes!! All the above works, also placing cubes in hotel drawers keeps items from touching cabinetry. It’s so nice knowing exactly where to find scarves, undies, tees, etc. Over the years I have accumulated a variety of sizes and styles, none of which fit my carry-on just right, have different zipping and visibility options, on and on, and on. I would love to try the graduated size Eat Smart packing cubes. Finally, a company understands the need to accommodate a variety of travel bags. Brilliant!

        Please put me in the loop to try these wonderful bags. As ever,
        Your faithful fan,

    • Aragon131

      if an item is going to make your entire suitcase smell awful it’s not worth it.

  • Gina Gallimore

    This looks like it would be super handy for our upcoming vacation. Would love to try them!

  • Tracy

    These look great! I’ve seen similar products that don’t have a zipper all the way around – the zipper was limited to the top half – which means you need to unpack the entire cube in order to see what’s at the very bottom.

  • Cynthia Peterson

    I like the fact that the Travelwise Packing System comes in different colors so that my husband and I can each have our own. I do the packing for both of us so I love the idea of having the mesh insert to see what is in each cube, and the all-round zipper to allow easy access. Great ideas!

  • Margaret Smith

    Thanks for the post! Anything to make traveling easier is a must read in my book.

  • Tarah

    Hi Cameron! Great advice and beautifully simple product. I agree with Cynthia on the color options to keep his/hers easy to distinguish. Because let’s face it, even with the cubes, he’s not going to neatly fold anything- but the cubes will contain the chaos! This may be what I get EVERYONE for Christmas! Done and done!

  • tgchi13

    Great post Cameron! All these ideas will be as useful as the cubes would be for my next trip home to Canada or even my first responder stints with the ASPCA! And yes, I *have* had socks too groddy to repack to bring home… 😎

  • Trainswreck

    I go to a lot of board game conventions. Wonder if these would stand up to being filled with board games. That way I could have each days games ready to go a lot quicker.

  • Connie Starr

    These cubes look great. I would love to try them on an upcoming trip. I cross pack our clothes on the way to our destination so one person isn’t with out everything if a suitcase is lost. The colored cubes would make this type of packing very easy. Thanks!

  • Joey Webb

    I will be traveling internationally for work a couple times a year and I am going to invest in these. Looks like a great plan!

  • Sue

    Thanks for the offer, Bridgette! I’ve been eyeing these packing cubes for some time and wondering if they are as great as they seem. Your recommendation just seals the deal. I’d love a set! Also, you are the only person, besides my mom, who recommended rolling clothing for packing. My mom was in the army and swore by it. Know what? She was right and so are you!

  • Meg Bouvier

    These cubes look great! And I love the travel tips. For that tip about packing a few extra socks and undies, I would add that you should make sure they are in your carry-on if you check your luggage. That way, if your luggage gets mis-routed, you will have a few with you (along with a toothbrush and any other essentials you might need.) I am also a fan of ziploc bags. But love these cubes.

    • I have these weird superstitions about that. Any time, when checking luggage, where I have put extra underwear in my carry on my luggage has gone missing. So I stopped packing it. I got so superstitious about it that when I was asked in check in if I wanted to give an emergency contact before boarding an international flight I said no. My thinking was if I prepared then something would happen to me. #illogical.

  • Anne Hunt

    Wow that aqua blue set is so appealing. I could see me using it at home to store things such as out of season gloves, hats and scarves too! I’d love to win a set. Is it my lucky day? Good luck all.

  • CJ

    How does TSA deal with these? Do they open the cubes or just put their notice on top of them?

  • Erin Dilts Thomas

    Great post! I have always been intrigued by how these cubes work. I am also a luggage dumper when I travel. Maybe I will just have to bite the bullet and try them out!