Friday’s Fab Find: Beautility Beautiscoop


A few years back, my roommate’s boyfriend, who I was irritated with (he drank my ginger ale), passed by the kitchen and asked me “umm…..what are you doing?”  I asked what it looked like I was doing. He answered, “It looks like you’re sawing open a moisturizer bottle with a bread knife.” I just groaned. That’s EXACTLY what I was doing.

There was a solid 5 more days of lotion in there and I was going to get it OUT.

I’ve worked for three major cosmetic companies and I have what I call the ‘burden of knowledge.’  It’s how I know cosmetic bottles are specifically engineered to keep you from getting the product out. It’s a tactic to make sure you buy another bottle as soon as possible. Sometimes, like with lip balm or solid deodorants, it’s necessary to secure the product in the container. Either way, it’s frustrating when you need something and it’s RIGHT THERE but you can’t get it out.

But what if you could?

Beautility Beautiscoop

Enter Beautiscoop (website here) a dual ended beauty tool that retrieves every last drop of your products.  Beautiscoop is an 8-inch long wand with scoops at either end. A larger scoop is for lotions, moisturizer, etc..  The small scoop for tiny holes even lip gloss tubes!  In some cases, it can fish out as much as 25% of the product! It can be rinsed and wiped clean in seconds (important you don’t want to containment your makeup)  and fits into pretty much any container.

Retailing at a mere $9.99, Beautiscoop will pay for itself many times over with all the money you’ll save by not wasting product. If you indulge in high-end department store brands it may pay for itself the first time you use it.

But that’s not all Beautiscoop saves. By partnering with The Clean Water Initiative and  A21, part of the proceeds from the purchase of a Beautiscoop will go towards providing needed clean water and combating human trafficking.

Despite the oh-so-affordable pricetag for a Beautiscoop,  you could be the lucky winner of a free one for yourself! Leave a comment below telling us why you need one to win.

  • Mabuhangin

    Ack! I need this…because I should not play with sharp objects…

    • Aragon131

      it’s soft plastic.

      • Mabuhangin

        Hi, yes I know, I meant that I can’t use knives to open the containers for the leftover lotion. So I need this product to avoid self-injury…

        • Aragon131

          I never even thought of that! Good point you could also injure yourself on the sharp edges created when you have to saw something open.

  • Deb

    This is fantastic! I especially hate glass bottles that I can’t cut open. I can see the product but just can’t get to it!

  • Alicen

    I just spent the most money on myself (skin care wise) that I’ve ever spent. So I will definitely need this scoop in order to get ALL the product I paid for out of the bottle 🙂

  • Linda Jean

    I’m the girl who TRIES to get it all out, some times gracefully and sometimes not. This tool would permit grace to prevail!

  • deborahwilliams

    I like to recycle as many plastic containers as I can. I know they need to be clean to go in the recycle pile. I feel like I waste water when I use lots of it to get unreachable product out of bottom of bottles. If I could USE the product, I’d benefit and so would the environment.

    • Aragon131

      Congrats Deborah you are a winner! email your mailing to

  • Anne Hunt

    Gosh I drive my husband crazy in my efforts to get the last bit from bottles and tubes.He says I’m tight- Waste not,want not I say! Even on holiday once I cut open a ‘finished’ tube of toothpaste and we got another 3 days use. Now could it be used for foodstuff too?