Throwback Thursday: Covering Arms in Summer and Culottes at Work

Throwback Thursday

As it’s getting warmer and warmer, these Throwback Thursday posts will help you with some ideas.  Take a look at what I was blogging about a year ago this week.

Sweat-Free Ways to Cover Up Arms this Summer

It’s hot out, like twice the temperature of the sun hot and, no way, no how, are you going out with exposed arms.  It doesn’t matter if you can crack an egg on the pavement, the horror of not going out with some sort of arm coverage is worth sweating to death over.  But do you have to?  There are so many fresh trends going on right now that support arm coverage that you won’t have to leave the house feeling you’re wearing your sweaty cardigans like security blankets.  Read More>>>

Culottes and Wide Leg Cropped Pants for Work

Culottes and wide leg cropped pants can be a bit tricky to wear and not for everybody.   If you are looking to embrace these trends and are wondering if you can wear them for work, here are some outfits and tips.  Read More>>>