Relaxed Casual Summer Pants

summer pants

There are some women, no matter how hot and humid it is outside, who won’t wear shorts.  They also won’t wear skirts or dresses because, for them, baring their legs is as uncomfortable as it is for many women to bare their arms.

If you are one of the women who would wear a pair of pants, even if it meant wearing them to a visit to the surface of the sun, I am sharing some relaxed casual summer pants to consider.  This season there seems to be a lot of styles to check out, so let’s get started.

Relaxed Casual Summer Pants

Outfit #1

summer pants

The waist tie on these super cute bright orange cropped poplin pants from J. Crew add something fun and special to these relaxed casual summer pants.  Perhaps they’re not for those who prefer to not to tuck or who feel a little self conscious about their mid-section, but for those with a curvier shape, these pants can work really well.  Plus, they’re lightweight and great for hot days.

I styled this pair with an olive top from Boden, a pair of gold slides from Steve Madden, olive tote from Monserat De Lucca and layered necklace from Nordstrom.

Outfit #2

summer pants

If you prefer a little swoosh in your pants with an elastic waist, you might be interested in a style like this from COS.  It wears more like a skirt, but isn’t, and gives great range of motion.  I styled these pants with a red and white striped t-shirt from Madewell, cobalt platform sandals, white handbag from French Connection and turquoise necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane.

Outfit #3

summer pants

This last look I am putting a dressy spin on a pair of joggers.  I styled these Athleta pants with a open stitch sweater and tank from Chico’s.  Finishing the outfit, I added a pair of comfortable Birkenstocks, a grey backpack and pendant from Lucky Brand.

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  • Nan

    I love how you put together outfits like this, Bridgette, especially when you get me thinking about colour combinations. I have olive pants similar to those in the first outfit, but would never wear orange. What would you pair them with going the other way on the colour wheel (say, toward the blues or even jumping across to something from the reddish part of the wheel)? Thanks for all you do for your many readers!

    • Olive is one of my favorite neutrals to work with. There really are no colors that don’t work with this color. Absolutely, shade of blue work with olive. I love soft blue and olive. Red and olive definitely works. One of my favorite combinations is lavender and olive. Pink and olive is stunning. Yellow and olive…I could go on. Typically, any color you can wear with black you an wear with olive.

  • Nan

    Or how about what to pair with cobalt capris or violet ones? So I’m not always stuck trying to make them work with a safe neutral like white? (I know, I went a little crazy at last year’s end-of-season sales and now have to make my impulse purchases work this summer for sure 🙂

    • This gets a bit trickier because cobalt and violet aren’t neutral colors. with cobalt, you could try navy to work tonally. But, really, it all depends on how much color you want to wear at once. Typically, when I wear colorful pants I tend to wear neutral tops because I feel a bit clownish otherwise. But that is personal. You could try soft purple with violet and see how that works. You can also try navy with violet too. It’s less harsh than pairing black withe the violet or cobalt. I hope that helps.

  • Saxon

    It’s Hammer time!

  • tgchi13

    All these are calling for Birkenstocks! I’m finally thinking about getting a pair – in olive since I wear a lot of grey, denim and olive as my neutrals. I am wondering, though, about the two trap vs one strap. Thong-style doesn’t work for my feet. Have you tried the one strap?

    • Agree! I haven’t tried a single strap pair but I know people who have. I don’t think you can go wrong with whichever pair you choose!