Throwback Thursday: Full Midi Skirts and Casual Weekend Style

Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another review of blog posts from a year ago this week.  Let’s take a look.

How to Wear a Full Midi Skirt


If you have been keeping up with the fashion trends, you know that the full midi skirt is making a comeback.  It’s a feminine, demure and modest style that can look really elegant.  It also has a lot of dressing issues that can make it tricky to wear.  Before you consider this skirt to be the answer to all your style problems, take a look at some figure flattering ways to wear to the full midi skirt.  Read More>>>

Casual Weekend Style

It’s the weekend.  You have no big plans besides laying low, maybe running some errands, hitting the park or just hanging around.  Ah, you can finally relax and it really doesn’t matter what you wear.  Yet despite this lack of a dress code, you find you still want to look and feel good in what you wear.  Here are some outfits to consider for your casual weekend style that are both comfortable and stylish.  Read More>>>