Throwback Thursday: Secrets of a Well Dressed Woman and How Accessories Can Change Your Looks

Throwback Thursday

Welcome to May and another review of posts from a year ago this week.  Check them out below.

Five Secrets of a Well Dressed Woman

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman stylish?  Do you feel like you are missing something or that you just can’t get it together no matter how hard you try? I am sharing some behind the scenes tips I have learned about what it takes to be a well dressed woman.  Read More>>>

How Accessories Can Change Up Your Looks

Accessories can change up your looks, give you more outfit options, while also saving you money.   If you are looking to keep your wardrobe tight and easy to mix-and-match accessories are critical.  In this post, I am going to show you not only how accessories can make one outfit look different with with just a swap of accessories, but how you also don’t need a lot of accessories to make this happen.  Read More>>>