Throwback Thursday: Khakis and Shift Dresses

Throwback Thursday

Spring is in the horizon!  It’s time to start thinking about warm weather clothes.  In today’s Throwback Thursday we’re going to take a look at some posts from a year ago this week featuring khakis and shift dresses.

How to Stylishly Wear Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are quite versatile in the spring and summer.  Depending on how it is styled, they can be worn to work as well as on the weekends.   Over the years, given its more utilitarian weave and appearance, khakis have become synonymous with business casual businessmen and the waitstaff at most family restaurants which, let’s face it, are far from stylish ways to wear them.  So in this post, I am offering some tips on how to wear khaki pants stylishly.  Read More>>>

Summer Shift Dresses You’ll Want to Wear

Shift dresses can be so appealing because they are so cool to wear when it’s hot, but before you zip one up, take a look at some of my tips for wearing them this summer.  Read More>>>