Throwback Thursday: Soft, Powerful Work Style and Fresh Ways to Wear Red

Throwback Thursday

Are you ready to take another glance at what I was posting about a year ago this week?  Let’s get started.

Subtle Power: Soft, Sophisticated Work Style

With so much noise in the world, It’s not uncommon to think that you have to practically hit people over the head with your message.  However, there really is something to be said for a more understated yet powerful approach. In this post, I am sharing some work style looks that are soft, subtle, sophisticated and strong.  Read More>>>

Fresh Ways to Wear Red

I decided to look at red and think about all the different ways it can be worn to give you some ideas to consider beyond just the basics.  The more we can expand our wardrobes the more value it has, so take a look at these ideas in this post.  Read More>>>