Throwback Thursday: Blazers and What You Wear Matters

Throwback Thursday

It’s time to jump in the wayback machine and take a look at what I was blogging about a year ago this week.  Take a look below.

Work to Weekend Blazer Looks

Versatility is so important when it comes to having a workable wardrobe.  If you can take one piece and style it a variety of ways you will get more value, so check out these blazer looks to show you how you can take some of your favorite blazers and wear them to work and on more casual days.  Read More>>>

Feel Better, Do Better: Why How You Feel in What You Wear Matters

Think about times during your job, or even in your personal life, where what you wore affected how you felt and, as a result, affected how you interacted with others.  Even if it was slight, you may have noticed a decline in your confidence level or avoided certain people.  Or, perhaps you decided to power through, regardless of how you felt in what you were wearing, but found yourself distracted in your mind with thoughts that you wished you wore something else.  Take a look at why what you wear matters.  Read More>>>