Throwback Thursday: Buying Clothes You’ll Wear and Seasonless Dresses

Throwback Thursday

As we start a new month (Happy February), let’s take a look back at some of the posts from a year ago this week that are still relevant and will give you some tips for creating a wardrobe you’ll love and wear.

Four Easy Ways to Shop for Clothing You’ll Actually Wear

If you love to shop for clothing or hate it more than anything in the world, we all have a common goal, to be effective.  Nobody wants to come home empty handed or, worse, full of things that will just get added to the already over-stuffed closet.  Shopping takes time, energy and, often, a lot of patience.  There isn’t a person out there can spare any of these things.  In post, I am giving you some tips on how to be effective when you shop.  Read More>>>

Versatile Dresses You Can Wear All Year Long

In this post, I am sharing some versatile dresses and how to take them from cold weather to warm.  The timing of sharing this information will be helpful as early spring is already in the stores, and it’s likely you can buy something and wear it immediately while also wearing it once spring arrives.  Read More>>>