Early Spring Transitional Looks Incorporating Winter and Spring Fashion

transitional fashion

The weather has been pretty grey here in New York City.  I like the color, just not in my skies.  I think the sun has been out a handful of times in the past week making my Vitamin D3 drops and Philips goLite Energy Light crucial for survival.  I really miss the feeling of sunshine and warm breezes.

This is probably the reason why I found myself lovingly staring at this outfit from J. Crew.  Okay, maybe it was the shoes, I love the shoes despite the fact that they would look horrible on me.  I just miss seeing my ankles and feet and am tired of having so much of my body tucked away to shield me from the elements.

transitional looks

The second the weather gets warmer I am going to be out the door in my flats, lightweight jackets, and exposed ankles, I promise you that.  In fact, admittedly, if the weather hits 45 I find myself often pushing the season and being terribly underdressed simply because I can’t stand bundling up anymore.

That said, in my enthusiasm for warmer weather to come, I put some early spring transitional looks that mix both winter and spring pieces to create outfits  that can work for early spring days where you are craving change.  These outfits will also work for you lucky ducks who have the luxury of not living somewhere so seasonal.  I really envy you right now.

Early Spring Transitional Looks Incorporating Winter and Spring Fashion

Outfit #1

transitional looks

When creating transitional looks for early spring, shoes will probably be the biggest change you will make.  It’s not time for sandals just yet, but swapping out your cold weather boots and shoes for styles that are more open will make a big difference.

I styled this outfit for early spring using these open toe booties from Vince Camuto that I paired with cropped jeans from J. Crew.  I added this tunic blouse from Equipment and layered a cashmere slouchy pullover sweater from Theory over it.  The mix of a sweater layered over a blouse paired cropped jeans and peep-toe booties is what gives the outfit an early spring transitional look.  Adding to the it, I used a scarf from Steve Madden that can replace a jacket or be paired with one if a jacket is needed.  Lastly, I finished the outfit with a cognac bag from Rebecca Minkoff, cuff from Banana Republic and drop earrings from Kendra Scott.

Outfit #2

transitional looks

I find having gloves and a scarf on hand incredibly useful in the early spring.  Sometimes that little bit of warmth can make a huge difference, especially if it is windy or the sun is in and out all day.  I also love the usefulness of a denim jacket for light coverage.  Layers are so crucial this time of year.

I styled the above look with a cropped pair of Elie Tahari trousers with a striped breton from Theory and layered a denim J. Crew jacket over it.  I finished the outfit with a scarf from Nordstrom, a silver metallic bag from Vince Camuto, red loafers from Gucci, black leather gloves from Fownes Brothers and triad hoops from Stella & Dot.

Outfit #3

transitional looks

In this last look I am showing how a lightweight coat can work for early spring when it is paired with warmer weather pieces.  I styled this Ted Baker short wrap coat with a pair of boyfriend jeans from Madwell, cap sleeve knit top from Reiss and my favorite d’orsay pumps from Sam Edelman.   I finished the look with a orange satchel from MICHAEL Michael Kors, a printed scarf from Givenchy, Adriana Orsini double strand rose gold necklace, rose gold earrings from Gorjana and sunglasses from Gentle Monster.

As you prepare for the season to come, I hope these transitional looks, that borrow from spring and winter, will help you come up with some ideas for your own wardrobe.

  • Luc

    I adore these looks, all of them but especially the last one!
    I live in a subtropical city in Australia, and it really only gets cold for a week or two in winter – even then, it’s far from serious! So all three of these looks are perfect for what we call our “winter”! When I first moved here, I found it a bit of a struggle, but I must say all of your tips are spot on for cool weather warming up – scarves especially are so useful. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I am glad these looks are so wearable for you! I have a lot of Australia readers and always have to remind myself that, in addition to your toilets flushing the other way, you are living opposite seasons and your winters aren’t all that significant. Thanks for reading down under!

  • Alicen

    Thanks for the reminder to get the Vitamin D Drops back out of the cupboard, I take them along with the kids and we haven’t had them in a bit. 🙂
    Unfortunately I’m even further north than you, so even these transitional looks will have to wait a while longer, but I’m on the hunt for some colourful flats for when the time comes.

    • I really like the drops too. I really like the light as well. It makes a surprising difference with the winter blues especially if you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter.

  • Patricia

    I forgot about my red flats … they’re coming out to play along with a red scarf for a little hit of spring under my winter coat… Timely tips.

    • I know! I can’t wait to break out my flaming orange flats! They make such a difference. Most people hate transitional fashion but I personally love it. Layering is the best.

  • Jeannean Jenkins

    Lucky me!! Your transitional looks are what I wear for winter!! Counting my blessings right now!!

    • I got a few comments, maybe you were one of them, from people who told me they don’t live somewhere that gets true winter and that a lot of my winter posts just aren’t applicable. I am glad this helped!

  • Brian

    I’m with you Bridgette, I miss feeling the sunshine and warm breezes. Most fashionable people love it when fall comes around and they can start wearing their fall/winter wardrobe. In my part of the world, winter feels like it has worn out it’s welcome. Spring and warmer weather needs to stop by for a visit. Humm maybe a new pair of red shoes would make it feel like spring. Thanks for sharing these winter to spring looks.