Throwback Thursday: Wardrobe Capsule and Olive Bags

Throwback Thursday

With wardrobe capsules being so popular, I am happy to be back with this week’s Throwback Thursday showing how to create one and then build upon it.  Plus, check out my tips on olive handbags, a color I love so much and is so versatile.

Wardrobe Capsule for Work: How to Build One and Expand On It

After appearing on a podcast and discussing a woman on a budget who was looking to change careers to one that has a more corporate dress code and wanted to build a wardrobe that would work for interviewing, networking and putting herself out there.  In addition to the advice I gave, I shared an example of a small work wardrobe capsule that a woman could consider and, in this post, I am illustrating it while also explaining how a small work wardrobe capsule can be built upon.  Read More>>>

Olive Handbags: What to Wear with Them

When looking for versatile handbag, the goal is to look beyond the idea that a functional handbag has to be a boring one.  I have talked about this many times before, but in this post I am throwing a new color into the “bags that are tremendously versatile” category:  Olive Green Handbags.  I am showing you how versatile they can be.  Check out the looks and all the ways you an carry one.  Read More>>>