Karen Pence’s Style: What I Would Do Differently

karen pence's style

In terms of the bigger picture of what just happened this past weekend, it seems a bit silly and shallow to discuss what was worn by those attending the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States.  Clearly, there are bigger issues going on than who wore what and which designer dressed whom.  I get it.

However, I am a personal stylist, even when I am not consciously thinking about it, my brain goes on auto-pilot and I style people in my head.  This past weekend there was a lot going on, from Melania Trump’s absolutely stunning powder blue suit to the Woody Woodpecker disaster of an outfit that Kellyanne Conway wore.  Yes, these two woman stole the show, for better or for worse.  However, I found myself more obsessed with Karen Pence’s style, and I’m not just referring to that repurposed wedding gown.  I am talking about her style in general which, with all due respect, needs some help.

In today’s post, I want to address Karen Pence’s style as if I was speaking to her directly about what I would do with it now that she has stepped into the role as Second Lady of the United States.

Karen Pence, I am coming for you….with a big rolling rack of clothing in tow.

Karen Pence’s Style: What I would Do Differently

Dear Mrs. Pence (or is it Second Lady Pence now?),

This past weekend, you were thrust into the spotlight with your inaugural gown choice when it looked like you repurposed your wedding dress.  A cool idea, no doubt, and I think it was awesome that you went back to your home state and employed a small local business to create it, but it was an idea that, sadly, failed pretty miserably.  Blog posts and Twitter were relentless and vicious about what you wore and, I assure you, I am not writing this post to you with the same malicious intent.

As someone who took advantage of Planned Parenthood’s services in my early 20’s for my gynecological care, and who, in return, has donated money back to the organization, who will always stand for the rights of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters of this great country, believes climate change is real, and is, let’s be honest, a bit afraid of your husband, you and I have opposing views on many things.  However, I also respect and support the right that all Americans have; to believe what they do as long as they don’t take those rights away from another individual.  Therefore, I have gladly worked with many clients over the years whose beliefs I don’t agree with.  Despite you and I not being on the same page with many issues, I am still reaching out because I think you can use a little assistance in an area where I am an expert.

Doing some research on you, I learned that you were an educator for more than twenty years.  Coming from a family of educators, I have always said that teachers do God’s work and commend you on your chosen profession.  I also learned that you minored in art in college and are a watercolor painter.  As a student of fine arts myself, and being someone who works in a creative field, I sincerely hope you support the arts as Second Lady.  I have read you plan to advocate for art therapy in your new role, which I think is fantastic.  Lastly, I read that you were also a small business owner, like I am, and created a towel charm line.

Getting to my point, over the past few months that I have gotten to know you, your style has stood out to me as someone who can use some tweaking.  I am getting the sense that style and fashion just aren’t in your wheelhouse.  I mean no disrespect by saying this.  My career has been built on women who share your struggle.  Trust me, you’re more the norm than the exception. My impression is also that, in terms of relative importance, this isn’t high on your priority list.  Fair point, but not one that I completely agree with.

Personal image and style is one of the strongest forms of communication we possess.  It communicates who we are, our goals and our message to others more strongly than the words we speak.  This is why so often my clients come to me when they are transitioning to more public roles, bigger job positions and are becoming more visible.  Look at it this way, no matter how you look, what you wear will always be communicating something.  Wouldn’t you rather it be positive than negative?

I also think you have a great opportunity to be aspirational with your style.  While many are looking to Melania Trump as this physically perfect specimen who could wear a potato sack and look good, there is probably a .001% chance that anyone will ever look as good in clothing as she does; making her terribly hard to relate to.  Sure, over the next several years we can expect that all eyes will be on Melania to see what she is wearing, but we will do it knowing that we will never be able to wear clothes as well as she can.

You, on the other hand, are a much more relatable and accessible representation of the average woman in this country.  While this may not be a role you signed on for, it’s part of what it means to be in the public eye.  Given your average and normal body size and height, along with, I am sure, your own body struggles that you deal with daily, it will be interesting to see how you tackle them as you step into this more prominent role.  I will be watching and am quite curious to see how it all unfolds.

I have had a policy since starting my business in 2002 that I never approach a woman if I thought she needed style help.  My feeling has always been that a woman has to feel ready to make changes.  I have also been incredibly sensitive to how receiving this type of information might feel.  However, if you would indulge me a bit, I am going to share a few past images of what you have worn with my thoughts on what I would have done differently, while also suggesting a few looks and shopping ideas that I would present to you if I was your stylist.  While this might come across as a bit insensitive, I am also expecting that a lot of readers of this post will find the advice enlightening for their own wardrobes.  Remember I said I thought you could be aspirational?  I wasn’t kidding.  Let’s take a look at some of the outfits.

When you and your husband met the Bidens

karen pence's stylist

I hate to say it, but I really didn’t like this outfit.  While I think you can wear bold prints because of your coloring, it was the jacket and the dress together that was a misstep.  The clasp and round neckline of the jacket fought the v-neckline of the dress and created a distraction.  I also didn’t love the shorter a-line shape of dress either.  You have great legs (did you know there is a YouTube video devoted to your legs?) and you are petite, making shorter dresses better, but this one looks a bit juvenile and not all that powerful.  The shorter, dress paired with the boxy jacket created a squat roundness that didn’t do your body any justice.  You have a much better shape than this.

Your Inauguration Outfit

karen pence's stylist

A lot of people got viciously caught up in your repurposed gown look, but I actually found this choice to be more questionable.  I don’t know any other way to say it, but it just didn’t look upscale enough for the role your are stepping into.  While I do think you will be able to successfully take a page from the former First Lady, and mix high end clothing with low end clothing in your looks, the inauguration just wasn’t the place to not look expensive. The dress just looked a bit flat and ordinary, like you picked it up at a local department store on sale.

I also didn’t like the length of the necklace paired with the neckline of the gown, found the dress a bit unflattering on your body, and even saw your bra strap exposed at the luncheon.  I would have loved for you to have worn a small shrug or arm covering to give the outfit some polish.  The coat was sort of cool looking, but the sleeves looked too long, the fabric a bit inexpensive and it lacked a certain level of sophistication befitting for the position.

Your repurposed wedding gown

karen pence's stylist

This is the look that likely showed you how cruel and unforgiving the media can be towards what women wear.  While I don’t particularly love the final outcome of the outfit, I truly felt bad that it wasn’t a hit.  Having heard the story of the hardworking seamstresses from your home state who worked to pull this gown off, I was really hoping for a better turnout for their sakes.  As I said earlier, I really loved the concept, but didn’t love the execution.  I don’t mind the bottom half as much as I do the top.  I just don’t think lace is you and found the sleeves terribly matronly.

Your Bold Blue Inaugural Ball Gown

karen pence's stylist

Reviews seemed mixed on this gown.  There were some things I liked and others I didn’t.  I liked the color.  This color is so perfect for you it’s almost a shame you’re not a Democrat.  But, seriously, any deep, bright, cool based jewel tone is your color.

I also didn’t even mind part of the silhouette.  What I didn’t love were the shoulder straps.  There could have been an alternative way to keep the dress up without the straps.  I also didn’t love how full the gown was.  You’re a petite woman.   Very full skirts and dresses are not your friend.  There was just too much fabric (I read half a football field of fabric) at the hem.  The wider the hem, the squatter you appear.  Not good when you are so small.

If I was your stylist, these would be some of my suggestions

Below you will find some suggestions I have put together based on how I see your style evolving.  I chose designers including, Lafayette 148, Armani, Akris Punto and Hugo Boss.  While these are on the higher end, I do see you being able to borrow from lower end designers as well because I think a mix of high and low will not only be quite fitting to your personality, but will make you more relatable to other American women in this country.

I see a more modern and sleek style for you with some bold touches.  For color, I chose to anchor your wardrobe in black and navy and popped it with jewel tones that are perfect for your skin tone.

Outfit #1

kare pence's stylist

Having seen this coat from Armani Collezioni, I know how stunning it is in person.  It’s classic with a bit of retro throwback that can also look incredibly modern.  I paired it with this bold red BOSS Hugo Boss sheath and colorblocked the look these cobalt slingbacks from Manolo Blahnik.  If you are willing to go there, I think you could have a lot of fun with unique color combinations like this.  Lastly, I added these long leather gloves from Portolano, black clutch by Chloe, gold Ippolita round earrings and simple Swarovski pearl necklace.

Outfit #2

karen pence's stylist

This ruched shirt from Lafayette 148 has been a tremendous hit with so many of my clients.  For you, I love the way the shirt has shape while delicately draping the tummy area.  It’s a great update to your more classic blouses that you seem to like.  To move you from the a-line shapes, I chose this bold jacquard skirt in navy and white, also from Lafayette 148, that I would hem for you just below the knee.  The straighter pencil style will give you a longer look.  Finishing the outfit, I used these nude pumps from Jimmy Choo to further lengthen your fantastic legs, added an orange pop of color through this statement necklace from Marni, and further finished the outfit with a navy bag from Nancy Gonzalez and cuff from Jennifer Fisher.

Outfit #3

karen pence's stylist

For a chic, daytime casual look, I created an outfit that is bold and optic.  With your coloring, you can carry this level of contrast.  I started with this black and white zipper jacket from Lafayette 148 and layered a black and white intarsia sweater from Armani underneath it.  For pants, I used Akris Punto’s Franca pants, which I have yet to see anyone look bad in, and finished the outfit with a pair of suede Louboutin flats in black, a black Chloe crossbody bag, silver hoop earrings from Shinola and a bright pink scarf for a splash of color.

Outfit #4

karen pence

This Armani dress is another style I have recently seen on and it is stunning.  I chose this dress for you because it delicately shapes the waist while being forgiving.  I have surmised that your tummy may be your body area of concern, but, at the same time, you need shape to look more proportionate.  This is a modest style that will flatter your figure and be very easy to wear.

To give the dress a sophisticated finish, I added these magenta low heeled pumps from Jimmy Choo, a beige bag from Marc Jacobs, two-toned purple earrings from Ippolita and the same Jennifer Fisher bracelet I used earlier.

Outfit #5

karen pence

This Lafayette 148 jacket is a style that someone with your coloring can pull off magnificently.  It’s modern, sharp while not being too young.  Throw a simple tank underneath it and you can be done.  I styled the jacket with these pants, also from Lafayette 148, the orange Marni necklace I used earlier, these black slingbacks from Manolo Blahnik, and black and white bag from Brunello Cucinelli.

One last thing.  Your hair

I’m not a hairstylist.  I cut my bangs once in high school and that was the end of my hair cutting days.  I’m good at hair suggestions, I just can’t execute them.  If I were you, I’d cut into that bob style you currently have.   I wouldn’t stray too far from what seems to be your signature hairstyle, but I would cut some layers into it to bring it up to date a bit.  It just needs some shape and some sharp layers.  I think it would be incredible to see what a few layers could do.

Of course, my hair and style suggestions are merely that, suggestions.  If you are currently happy with the way you are dressing, Mrs. Pence, then I’m all for you sticking with it.  I’m already preparing for an onslaught of comments from those who think I am out of line for criticizing your style while also preparing for comments from those so against the current administration they will consider me some sort of traitor to my gender for writing this. Nobody likes to be called out for something that can use improvement, so if you ever do read this I hope you understand that it is with nothing but graciousness that I am presenting these thoughts regardless of our differing views.

More shopping suggestions for Karen Pence’s Style

  • Love! This! Post! Bravo. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I avoided most inauguration coverage, so I missed Karen Pence’s outfits. I found this post helpful because, as it turns out, I probably resemble Karen Pence in coloring and body shape. Hopefully I have better hair.

    • Thanks and what you said confirms my belief that she can become quite aspirational with the right clothing choices.

    • Lindy Adams

      Yes, Bridgette thanks so much for this kind and helpful post. I hope Karen Pence sees it! As the reader above, I’m also a short woman with the same coloring as Karen. These suggestions were so helpful for me. I’d love to see you do other makeovers for prominent women. Would you have a different take on Hillary’s look? Thanks again!

      • Hi Lindy, many thanks for the comment! A few days ago, apparently, Karen Pence wore leggings, or something like that, on a trip. I missed it but got two messages within 5 minutes of each other from people who remembered this post and wanted to get my feedback. I had to laugh that this post has now made me synonymous with what Karen Pence wears. Poor little lamb, so lost. I’m not snarking on her, I really believe she is just tuned out. It happens and I would help her if she called.
        As far as Hillary goes, I have had extensive conversations about her style with many people. She was such a tough one because of the position she was in as the firs

  • I am a fairly recent reader of your blog, but what I enjoy about it is that you give such solid, thought-out style advice. I’ve learned so much from reading your posts! While I don’t share the same body shape as Mrs. Pence, I am also petite and it was good to hear your thoughts on what works for the petite figure.

    • Thanks, Carrie! Quite often there is so much to say because I have worked in this field for so long. In my head, I just want to solve everything, and that can’t always get done in one blog post. I am glad this post resonated for you. I really think if approached smartly, Mrs. Pence could become someone style-wise, that many women could relate to. Speaking for myself, I’d be shaking in my boots if I frequently needed to be photographed standing beside Melania.

  • Kelly

    I have been following your blog for a long time now from Australia and I have to say I cannot begin to understand how politics works in the US. Not that I can say our seemingly more simple system achieves any better results. Aside from all that, I love the suggestions you made for Karen Pence – I have not seen much of her style but what you have suggested is just beautiful. But do you know what I love the most? The absolutely most respectful way you have made your suggestions. The way you have approached this would make me so comfortable to work with you.

    • Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for saying that! Working with women all these years who have struggled with this, I have always been mindful of bringing nothing but compassion to the situation. I know I would appreciate that if I was getting guidance on something I wasn’t particularly good at. It would have been way too easy to make this a trash piece where I ripped Mrs. Pence to shreds, particularly considering, her views differ than mine. But that would have been the low road and something I couldn’t live with. No matter how divided our nation has become of late, I refuse to be a mean girl.

  • Noeb49

    I really love this post, Bridgette! I’ve been avoiding tv since the election and wasn’t even aware of Karen Pence, but I agree with your assessment of her style. Your suggestions were made so graciously and respectfully. I hope she sees this post and contacts you for a style makeover. I’d really like to see her in each of these outfits shown.

    • What an incredibly kind thing to say, thanks! I’d really like to see her style evolve in this direction, too, and would be happy to work with her.

  • Stacie Bussey

    I have been a long time reader of yours and have enjoyed and incorporated many of your ideas! I’m sure that I’m in the minority of readers in regards to political views. That being said I loved the suggestions you had for Mrs. Pence. Did you do a blog post on Michele Obama like this?

    • I have written about Michelle Obama many times but not in this way. In my opinion she started off on the right foot and her approach to style was quite smart. I actually think Karen Pence could follow suit quite successfully by mixing high and low end, wearing accessible designers, and dressing her very real body shape. I honestly think that was Karen Pence’s goal. I even read that she wore a pair of boots that cost around $100. I think her intention of keeping her price point low and going for local designers was quite smart, it was the execution of that goal that missed a bit, sadly. She just needs some fine tuning and with what seems to be her intent to keep her style accessible, with a little help she could be well on her way.
      If you want to see some past posts on what I wrote about Michelle, here are a few of them:

      • Laura

        No politics, and strictly fashion-speaking… you made some good style suggestions for Karen. Melania was both sophisticated and stunning. I look forward to following her fashion over the next four years!! Frankly, I was horrified to see how frumpy Michelle O looked at the inauguration. She looked downright matronly in that dress!! What was she thinking?! Disappointing!! Don’t you agree??

        • Thanks, Laura! I agree, it wasn’t my favorite look on Michelle. I liked the coat, but not the dress. I think it is was somewhat strategic and purposeful, however. I think she chose understated as a sign of respect that the Obamas time was over and to make sur the spotlight was directed towards the new administration. But, speaking about the outfit on its own, I agree, not my favorite look.

  • Lissy310

    Hi Bridgette, I love your posts and always feel inspired after seeing your ideas. As such, I would love to be able to see them in their entirety. However, the Twitter Pinterest Facebook logos are popping up right on top of all images on my mobile. This is a bit frustrating as I can’t see the outfits in question in their entirety. Maybe the icons can be shifted to a vertical orientation so they aren’t across the bottom of the image?

    • Hi Lissy310, thanks for that call out! Unfortunately I can’t reposition them, I might just remove them entirely because they do get in the way. One thing you can try is lightly tapping your screen. It usually makes the icons disappear. Let me know if that works. I can see why it would be frustrating. At the same time, I want to make it as easy as possible for people to share things they enjoy. A conundrum for sure.

      • Your outfit suggestions for Mrs. Pence were utter perfection and along with the others, I appreciate your gracious attitude. There are way too many non-gracious people on this planet!

        I just wated to say I agree with Lissy (above) that the social media logos are definitely a frustration when trying to view your posts on my iPhone. Thanks for considering the possibility of discontinuing them.

        • Thank you! I think writing it the way I did, like I was speaking directly to her, helped remind me that she is a person who has feelings and, regardless of political views, I can still be kind. It is way to easy to get caught up in the anonymity of the internet. Plus, I would never speak harshly to anyone when working with them. It’s just not appropriate.

          I just went in and found I could set the share buttons vertically. If that is better I will keepit. If not I will probably just remove them. Thanks for the helpful call out.

  • Renee Augustine Mathis

    Thanks, Bridgette! This post is exactly why I love working with you 🙂 Beautiful suggestions and applicable for many. “Shopping Trip with Bridgette” = still on my bucket list. Hugs!

    • Thanks, Renee! You know I adore you too! I can’t wait until we can shop in person.

  • Jeannean Jenkins

    I have been a follower of you for a long time, but I must say this post makes me wish I could have you style me!! You are so diplomatic and just plain nice when giving advice. And I loved several of these outfits!!! You took Ms. Pence’s outfits from run of the mill to outstanding. She should definitely follow your advice. (Unless she is happy with the way she looks. Then more power to her)

    • Thanks Jeannean, I really appreciate the kind words. I didn’t want to attack her and feel she just didn’t deserve that level of persecution. Plus, I hate the fact that fashion has become synonymous with shallow, bitchy, callousness. I’ve been in this industry a LONG time and it’s just not how professionals behave. Wannabe Twitter “Fashion” Police Experts do, but they rarely have the skills to back themselves up. Yet, despite this, I can only take the niceness so far. I really do think Kellyanne Conway did look like Woody Woodpecker. I can’t mince words with that one.

  • Dianne

    Love your style suggestions and the respectful way you expressed them, As someone who is similar to Mrs. Pence in age, shape, and coloring, I think it is best to avoid emphasizing the shoulders and upper arms, which tend to become more fleshy and rounded with age, and her inaugural ball gown did that both because of the spaghetti straps and the drooping off-the-shoulder sleeves. In addition to updating her bob, I think the color could be adjusted– such a deep hair color in conjunction with a wardrobe of jewel tones tends to create too strong a contrast with the fading skin of a mature woman. I think the mauve-y grey color of the first outfit looks better for that reason.

    • Thanks so much! Michael Kors makes the most perfect shrug that really would have helped that dress. I’m not so much against her bold color choices, but I do agree, she risks getting hidden. I think cutting into the heavy bangs and bob, and some stronger makeup would make a huge difference. Thanks for weighing in on with your great suggestions!

  • Johanne Taylor

    I saw an image of Karen Pence standing next to Melania in their ballgowns and my first thought was that it would be difficult for any woman to feel confident or look “good” next to a model. It is certainly not something I would want to do. Unless Mrs Pence is able to ignore her internal chatter (and best of luck to her if she can) this is something she’ll probably have to deal with multiple times over the coming years, so if I was her I’d be happy to receive some gentle advice as you’ve provided.

    • As a fellow woman, it broke my heart too because I think we can all relate in some way, no matter how confident we are. Add to that, she was scrutinized more harshly than most of us ever will be. It’s a tough position to be in.

  • kristen

    Did you like her hat for the Inauguration? Just curious, as I know who the designer is

    • Whose hat? The only woman I remember wearing a hat was Kellyanne Conway.

  • deborahwilliams

    Thanks for posting this! I enjoy seeing your suggestions and really appreciate learning from the “before and after” type of examples. These aren’t the types of clothes that I need or wear but I still was able to learn more about fit and color from reading your post. You left comments about “age appropriate” out which I also appreciate.

  • Susan Sprickman

    This post was the most diplomatic, tactful, and tender set of suggestions for our new 2nd Lady. I hope she reads your post and understands the grace with which they were written. (….and that you hear from her soon!)

    • Hi Susan, thank you. It’s never easy to tell someone they can do better, which is why I typically avoid it. I feel everyone deserves respect when trying to give advice like this. It’s never easy to hear.

  • Peggy Fergueson Miller

    I love the choices you made for this beautiful lady. She has great potential and maybe will get some gentle guidance such as you provided. I am enjoying your blog. I live in a small town but I am a scarf and jewelry devotee,not over done. You have empowered me to dress in what makes me feel good and I have learned from the outfit you put together.

    • Thank you Peggy. I am glad you enjoyed this post and have gotten helpful advice though my blog.

  • Terri Cheney

    I knew she was in trouble when she stepped out wearing the black coat and black boots. I told John “Oh no! She looks like the Russian. I am surprised she has an art background. I’d never have guessed it by her clothing. I saw a glimpse of her dancing at the Armed Forces Inaugural ball and there’s a fun side to her personality that would be far better expressed in the clothing you suggested. Here’s hoping there’s a stylist on board at the White House (whose name isn’t Conley!) who will give her pointers. I seem to recall that Hilary was upgraded quite a bit in the White House arena for her style.

    • After writing this post, I read that she wore a pair of boots by Impo that cost $105. After I read this I started to think about what her goals were, which were actually well intentioned.I think she intended to set a precedent to go to local designers and wear affordable and accessible clothing. I applaud the goal, if I am right, I just think it was executed poorly. But I may be giving her too much credit. I’d totally be on board with these goals, if I was to work with her. I’d just do it with a bit more style.

      • Throckmorzog

        I have been assuming these were her goals, also. I hope so. It would be lovely to see more women of power integrate these kind of values into their wardrobes. Clothes are not very important, but they DO carry many messages. Let us all send our sartorial messages according to our values and desires.

  • Courtney Johnston

    I loved your post as far as an assessment of Mrs. Pence’s style, but I did not enjoy the political commentary. I think your post would have been just as successful without it, and you must know that your readers across the entire political spectrum. Unless you always preface your interactions with conservative clients with a disclaimer of where you disagree politically, to do so here felt a bit gratuitous.

    • Thanks for your comment! While I have made it a point in the past not to share my political views because that is not why people read my blog, I chose to do it to show that despite differences in views, we can still be kind to one another and want good things for another person. There is so much judgment and hatred going on simply based on who someone voted for or their personal views, that we have become a very divided nation. From that standpoint, it felt necessary to include our differences. It also gave me an opportunity to show that despite these differences, we still share common ground.

      • Courtney Johnston

        It’s hard to know what to say. I have a lot of respect for you, which is why I’m a regular reader of your blog. Perhaps you could rethink your earlier comment where you said it would have been “way too easy” to have “ripped Mrs. Pence to shreds.” I know you said you wouldn’t stoop to this level, but you put it out there nonetheless. I’m just wondering why.

        • Well given the fact that others decided to stoop to that level and rip her to shreds, and that is normally how others critique fashion, it would have been easy to stoop to a low level like that instead of being constructive and helpful. In this day and age most people forget there is a human behind the person being criticized. Instead of going that route, I chose a helpful way. At least that was my intention.

      • cmatthews191

        Who cares at this point! I have spent years keeping moot on all political commentary because I didnt want to offend anyone. Others dont care who they offend and don’t mind speaking out. And someone is always going to take offense…so hats off to you Bridgette!!!

    • mikiT

      I agree with you. I’m disappointed in the political commentary as well. It did seem gratuitous. I thought the tone of the post was written in a belittling way and did not come off as being very kind to Mrs. Pence. Just the comment “a bit afraid of your husband” is off putting and comes off as intolerant. There are many assumptions made simply because these people come from the “other” political party. Too bad.

      • Thanks for offering your perspective mikiT. Even though I don’t agree with what you are saying, I appreciate your point of view.

  • Mary Eddy

    Brigitte Raes–You Rock! Love this post…………

  • cmatthews191

    Love this post. Funny, yet respectful in getting your message out. Aye Aye Sister Democrat!

    • Funny you should say democrat. I actually voted libertarian this year.

  • Throckmorzog

    The Second-Lady represents the people of America at so many official functions, and serves as our ambassador. I hope Ms Pence takes that responsibility seriously, and presenting herself as a woman of taste, power, and intelligence is part of that job. I also believe that, because of Mr Trump’s lack of public support and his previous activities that appear to flaunt the law, Ms Pence is more likely than most Second Ladies to become First Lady if, or when, Mr Trump is impeached or resigns…that seems to be a real possibility as the press’ scrutiny of Mr Trump’s behaviors amps up to Presidential level.

    Regardless of politics, …Good luck to Ms Pence, and thank you Bridgette for looking at “real women” in the public eye, instead of focusing on the Princesses and First Ladies out there. I hope you will do this sort of review of other public figures, as we all see them so often we can learn a lot from your professional input about their style.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you liked the post!!

  • Ivan

    Hi Bridgette,

    Really a good blog. Honestly you should be Mrs. Pence’s stylist, you would do a wonderful job on her style. Despite I am an ordinary citizen, I always ask my girl friends and close relative about some of my outfit when I am not sure if the clothes and shoes (flats 😉 will suit me well or not, and I always like to going shopping with my girlf friends, or brother and his family and get some different opinions and check other options that would will fit better taking in count many aspects: age, height, body frame, skin’s color, etc. Great post, I wish I were your client, you always show us wonderful outfit elegant and well tailored, I love the garments and colors, I hope Mrs. Pence would check your blog one of these days. Have a nice day.

  • Cecilia Henry

    STUNNING!! The entire selction of suggestions were absolutely stunning! Bridgette you ROCK! Your choice of words in addressing the situation at hand and your execution of suggestions is brilliant. It’s very easy to criticize but not so easy to follow up with the right advice….you managed to do so with the utmost class. I love following your blog!!

    • Hi Cecilia! It was so nice of you to say this and I really appreciate to hear that what I said landed in the way I intended it. Yes, it is very easy to judge but it’s much harder to know how to fix the problem. Thanks again for your kind words.

  • Lynly

    I know I’m late to the party here, but so glad I found this post. I thought Mrs. Pence looked really frumpy and dowdy at the inauguration. It was all bad in terms of cut and fit for her body and it all looked so cheap. I agree with your clothing and hair suggestions for her, but would add that she needs a professional or much better professional color job on her hair. As it is now, it’s too harsh and flat of a color for her skin tone and looks like a helmet, unfortunately. She needs to up her game in her new position. For what it’s worth, I think both of the Pence daughters suffered from some of the same fashion mistakes at the inauguration and I don’t think dressed as well or as polished as they should have given the occasion. Thanks for your post! I will continue to check out your site!

    • Thanks for your comment. I TOTALLY agree with you about how her daughters were dressed. I think they all looked subpar. I noticed it when they came out of the cars during the parade.
      I can also see you point about her hair color. Not being a colorist myself, I never think of what needs to be done to make that happen. My hairstylist just does it for me. The hairstyle is a bit “Dora the Explorer”

      • Lynly

        Yep to “Dora the Explorer.” Not a good look for almost everyone older than Dora. 😉

  • Dee Dee

    Bridgette, I have been a reader for a couple of years and enjoyed this post very much; yes her husband scares me too. Have you thought about doing a similar post but with a less expensive price point? I loved the shopping suggestions and would like to incorporate them into my daily work wardrobe you provided but I can’t afford a $1,000 dress for work. I am moving up in the corporate world and need some more professional pieces, instead of wearing black everyday, but could not afford the awesome $400 pants you suggested.

    • Hi Dee Dee. Completely understandable. This price point isn’t attainable for everyone. I chose this price point for this post because of the topic. However, as you probably see on this blog often, I try to include a range of price points for everyone. One pair of pants you can check out that you might like is Nic + Zoe’s Perfect pant. It’s a REALLY comfortable pant, is pull on and quite professional. It’s only $128 and totally worth it. http://rstyle.me/n/cffjf28d2e

  • Ann

    Just chiming in some months later of sightings of second lady wearing leggings on this trip she went on with the Vice President to Asia and the Pacific. It was not a pretty sight. When your husband is wearing a business suit on official business (her twitter acct pix in American Samoa) leave the leggings at home. She looked like she was making a potato chip soda run to Wal mart. Also legging sightings in Taiwan and Honolulu, in addition with her daughters also in leggings messy hair and rumpled shirt. It looked like they just rolled out of bed.

    • Hi Ann, The day she showed up like that I got bombarded with messages from people telling me this. I hadn’t even seen it yet. A potato chip run to Walmart, ha! I really think her intention is to emulate former FLOTUS’s attempt to be approachable and relatable but, unfortunately, it’s just not translating the same way and she isn’t choosing the right places to do it. There are just situations where dressing down isn’t okay. Plus, when you dress down in a position like hers it still needs to be sharp and neat. Gosh, what a missed opportunity, she really could be an aspirational everywoman.

  • Jerilyn Westwall

    Thank you so much for saying what so many were thinking. Karen Pence may be FLOTUS one day. She will need to do much better than what we’ve seen so far to carry that title with the style American’s are now used to in their First Ladies. She is cute. She can do it if she wants to.

  • Carol Cook

    Love the suggestions. I actually resemble Mrs Pence in coloring, hair style, age and shape. I’m going to steal this info and use it for myself!