Throwback Thursday: Colorful Tights and Burgundy Shoes

Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday is all about color.  The first is about wearing colorful tights and the second is about adding burgundy shoes to your wardrobe.  Check these posts out below!

How to Wear Colorful Tights

Opaque tights can certainly add a nice thick layer to your legs when you need to wear skirts on cold days, but, after a while, choosing black and brown tights can sure get boring.  If you have been thinking about giving colorful tights a try, but don’t know how, check out these five different looks using them to give you some tips and inspiration.  Read More>>>

What to Wear with Burgundy Shoes

It’s pretty incredible how versatile shoes in burgundy can be, no matter what style they are.  Given their versatility, I thought it would be helpful to do a post on what to wear with burgundy shoes.  Take a look at the outfits featuring this very wearable shoe color.  Read More>>>