Throwback Thursday: Color, Building a Wardrobe, and More

Throwback Thursday

I’m back after a brief hiatus of Throwback Thursday posts and am happy to share some posts from 2016.  I am starting with the first two weeks of January with these posts below.  Check them out.

How to Create a Wardrobe You Value

Before you hit the stores and act like a kid in a candy store during the sales of January, I want to give you some words of wisdom because it can often take a lot of self-control to pass up on something when the price is too good to be true.   Getting something on sale does not mean you are getting a great value.  Read more…

How to Look Stylish When You Don’t Wear Color

If you want to diversify your wardrobe, but don’t want to do it through adding a rainbow of colorful shades to your closet, here are tips on how to look stylish when you don’t wear color.  Read More>>>

Behind the Scenes During a Client Styling Session

I was really happy to get back in the groove of looking at clothes again and I met up with my longtime client Ms. Chic, a client I have blogged about many times before.  Ms. Chic and I had done some shopping for fall and we used this past weekend’s time together to put some outfits together.  I thought you would enjoy taking a behind these scenes look at our styling session. Read More>>>