Friday’s Fab Find: Renpure


There is just something about Winter in New York. The after-Christmas sales at Macys,  Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, seeing Central Park frosted in snow…watching dry radiator heat make your hair blow up bigger than a jiffy pop, with a million flyaways to boot. .

Okay that last one isn’t so pleasant.

I love New York but that dry radiator heat, makes my skin itch, my nose bleed and my hair explode.

Well, it used to.


A month ago a company called Renpure (site here) sent me a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to try out as possible Fab Find. I was so annoyed when I opened the box. Argan Oil? Didn’t that trend play itself out awhile ago? But whatever.  I gave it a try.

Now I’m really angry…that I didn’t find this shampoo years ago. Not only is my hair no longer poofy, my ends aren’t crispy and a surprisingly, but delightful, side effect occurred; for the first winter in forever my scalp isn’t constantly itching.

Going online, I found people are devoted to the line. Renpure has a sulfate free line that many people with severe allergies say is the only hair care line they can use without having  a reaction. Quite  number of people with thinning hair report seeing new growth.  The company even makes a point to use only organic ingredients gathered from places that use sustainable farming practices.

By now you might be thinking “Okay, fine. It’s a great hair care line, but I’ve seen these organic sulfate free shampoos at Whole Foods. They cost $24 for 4 ounces. Pass.”

The line comes in 16 oz bottles that retail for between $6 to $10, making it very affordable.

You can find Renpure in most retail stores (consult the retail finder on their website) or you can order it from

  • Katie

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner a month or so ago at Target. So good, and so affordable. My favorite part is their statement on each bottle of how the products are tested on their family, not on animals. Yay!

    • Aragon131

      I saw a note once on a bottle of shampoo saying “All animals testing is done with consent”