Behind the Scenes: Styling a Client’s Wardrobe


You may have heard me talk about Ms. Chic before.   She is a long standing client of mine who always let’s me post photos from our styling sessions.  Last week, I took some time to incorporate some recent purchases into her current wardrobe.  With her permission, I am showing you some of the styling of outfits I put together.  In cases where I could find some of the pieces in these photos I included some links to them.  Let’s get started!

Behind the Scenes: Styling Ms. Chic’s Wardrobe

Outfit #1


When I styled these outfits Ms. Chic wasn’t home so I told her to leave me some pieces she wanted me to focus on.  The first was this sleeveless Vince tunic and another was a surprisingly flattering pair of leopard skinny jeans from Lauren Ralph Lauren.

After pairing the two pieces together, I knew I had to add a layering piece.  So I added a drape front 3/4 sleeve cardigan in brown that was in Ms. Chic’s closet, and offered these jewelry and shoes suggestions, including these Sam Edelman nude flats.

Outfit #2


With layering pieces in mind, I grabbed Ms. Chic’s shrug from Michael Kors in burgundy.  You have probably heard me talk about these shrugs before.  They’re quite expensive but really versatile.  Well, good news, Michael Kors has the burgundy style on sale for around $210.  I know that is still a lot, but compared to $695 it isn’t.  With the same Vince Tunic, I added these taupe-y/olive faux suede leggings.  Finishing the outfit, I used this incredible necklace we bought from BCBG and I included several shoe options, including these leopard flats and the Sam Edelman nude pair.  I wish I could share info on those peacock colored fringed loafer flats but they are Louise et Cie from last fall.  A lot of clients bought them.

Outfit #3


In this next outfit, I kept the tunic and cardigan the same and swapped the bottoms for a pair of boyfriend jeans by 7 for all Mankind.  I gave several shoe options and jewelry suggestions.  I wish I could share a link to those two tone pumps Ms. Chic owns.  They are probably my favorite pair that she owns.

Outfit #4

styling This last look using this Vince tank I styled using a pair of burgundy Theory pull on skinny pants that Ms. Chic already owned.  Over it, I added a navy Elie Tahari cropped cardigan, added some jewelry suggestions and gave Ms. Chic the ability to choose flats or heels by suggesting these printed Via Spiga pumps from last year, a pair of warm grey suede pumps, the Sam Edelman flats and printed leopard flats.

Outfit #5


Next up, I grabbed the Lauren Ralph Lauren skinny jeans again to offer a few more options.  In this outfit I used a Theory cashmere short sleeve sweater that Ms. Chic had in her closet, threw together some jewelry options and gave her the option to choose tan shoes and black using tan booties, the tan Sam Edelman flats and a pair of last year’s Vince Camuto black booties.  Yes, even though I don’t wear black personally does not mean I don’t style my clients in it.

Outfit #6


This similar outfit I styled using a cashmere turtleneck sweater in the same color as the short sleeve Theory sweater.  I offered the suggestion of tall black boots (the booties can work equally well) and the same tan shoes as in the last look.

Outfit #7


Next, I added this very popular Vince relaxed blouse to these Lauren Ralph Lauren jeans.  This blouse has been very popular with clients this season.  I will give you a head’s up, it runs very large.  With it being more of a night out look, I looked back into Ms. Chic’s closet and grabbed these strappy heels that have been around longer than I have been styling her, these tall boots and black booties.  I added some jewelry options including this tassel that Ms. Chic has had for years.

Outfit #8


Before moving on from these leopard pants, I wanted to put something together that was more casual.  I used a basic white Elie Tahari tank, the same brown cardigan that I used in the first outfit, some long necklaces and tan shoes options, including the Sam Edelman flats.

Outfit #9


The last time Ms. Chic and I went shopping we picked up this pleather skirt from BCBG.  Originally we saw it more as a going out skirt.  Yet, when Ms. Chic told me that fashion is starting to get a bit funkier in finance we talked about it being a potential piece for work if styled right.  It seems that even in this industry suits are being seen less and less.  Another piece that Ms. Chic has also added to her wardrobe that was a bit of a departure was a chambray shirt for work.  Now, Ms. Chic did something smart with her’s; she got it tailored in a much more fitted way so it would look polished for the office.  I added it to this pleather skirt, included a navy flannel blazer from Elie Tahari and loved the way the BCBG necklace looked as a pop.  Using the colors in the necklace, I suggested these two shoe options.  This look is filled with classic silhouettes in interesting colors.  This is what makes it stand out.

Outfit #10


Next, by simply swapping out the necklace choice, I could introduce some more shoe options to the pleather skirt, navy blazer and chambray shirt.  I included these grey pumps from Coach that a lot of my clients bought last season.  You can still find a few sizes in stock, but inventory is low.

Outfit #11


Next, I styled the skirt with this blouse that Ms. Chic and I both love because it has sleeves.  It can be nearly impossible to find work blouses that aren’t sleeveless that when Ms. Chic bought it a few seasons ago it quickly became a favorite.  I grabbed it and styled it with the pleather skirt and used offered all these shoe and jewelry options.

Outfit #12


In this next look using the pleather skirt, I grabbed a black and white top that is a few seasons old from Banana Republic.  With this more optic outfit, I suggested black boots or booties,  black earrings and just a short gold necklace to fill in the neckline.

Outfit #13


Here the skirt is again with a back zip short sleeve top from BOSS Hugo Boss that Ms. Chic bought about a year ago.  To it I added this statement bib from BCBG that I can’t seem to find anywhere online and a pair of black and grey tonal leopard pumps.  Ms. Chic can also wear her black suede boots and booties too.

Outfit #14


Swapping out the necklace for the colorful BCBG style, I used the colors found in the necklace to offer three shoe options.

Outfit #15


In a look that is a bit more conservative, I used a charmeuse Lafayette 148 tank in champagne under a knit stretch Peserico blazer that so many of my clients own.  To it, I suggested either the necklace, the colorful one from BCBG that I have been using, or this short geometric style.

Outfit #16


This last look using the pleather skirt I created using this Kobi Halperin blouse.  With those perfect fog grey pumps from Coach on hand, I used them to pull out the grey found in the top.  Ms. Chic had a few navy earrings styled on hand and I suggested these three.  With such a flouncy neckline a necklace is unnecessary.

Outfit #17


Lastly, I moved into styling Ms. Chic’s 7 for all Mankind Josefina boyfriend jeans.  I seriously could devote an entire day to styling these jeans alone.  The first outfit I styled using a leopard shell from J. Crew, a basic Akris Punto blazer over it and offered several shoes suggestions.  The red is a less obvious choice that I really thought added some interest to the overall outfit.  Of course, for more casual days, I loved adding the Sam Edelman flats.  The tile necklace is from Anthropologie and one that I wish was still in stores.

Outfit #18


Next, I used the drapey Vince blouse that I used earlier with these jeans, added some jewelry options and these amazing shoe choices.  I can’t even begin to tell you how stunning those burgundy caged heels are.

Outfit #19


As you can plainly tell, Ms. Chic has no problem wearing heels casually or to work.  I know that makes her a bit rare, however, in her case, I have no problem adding heeled options to this weekend look of these boyfriend jeans and Vince cashmere sweater from a few seasons ago.  However, a look like this can look equally good with flats or low heeled booties if you are looking to duplicate.

Outfit #20


A few clients purchased this rose colored pleather jacket from Vince Camuto.  It’s the perfect weight for early fall and in person it doesn’t look anything like pleather.  In this look, I layered a basic merino crew neck in charcoal under it and styled it with the boyfriend jeans.  To work tonally, I added these burgundy heeled booties and pendant that Ms. Chic has had for some time now.

Outfit #21


For this outfit, I used a dark plum turtleneck sweater from Ms. Chic’s closet and paired it with the Vince Camuto jacket and jeans.  To it, I used the tan booties, leopard flats, burgundy booties and suggested rose gold jewelry.

Outfit #22


In this outfit I took an ombre T Tahari blouse and tweed jacket that Ms. Chic already owned and typically wears to work and styled them with the boyfriend jeans.  I used the tan booties again and just suggested hoop earrings.

Outfit #23


In this last outfit, I used a burgundy top and slouchy cardigan to create this look with the boyfriend jeans.  To finish the outfit, I added the BCBG necklace and black booties, the burgundy caged heels and, for contrast, the dark teal pumps.

I hope you enjoyed getting a look at Ms. Chic’s wardrobe and just a few of the outfits I put together.  And a huge thanks to Ms. Chic for allowing me to do it.  Even if you don’t own the exact pieces, I hope these looks give you some ideas for your own closet.

  • This post is fantastic! I am sure it’s a lot of effort to put together, but I sincerely appreciate all of the information & pictures. Only you could make me desire a pair of leopard jeggings! 🙂

    • Haha. I know! Those leopard skinny jeans. Sometimes I pull things and even I think, “I’m not sure. Are these crazy? I think they might be crazy.” But the fit of the jeans were so flattering that Ms. Chic had to buy them.

  • Brian

    How fun creating outfits for others. Exceptional looks but what really caught my eye is the amazing necklaces. They are centre pieces and certainly unique.

    • Yes, the necklaces are amazing! Ms. Chic has a wonderful collection. Although, I’d say the shoe options made many of these looks pop.

      • Brian

        I agree the shoes do make the looks pop. I just wanted to show you I don’t “always” just think about shoes 😊

  • Megan

    Thanks, Bridgette & Ms. Chic! I wear jeans most of the time, but lots of ideas here I can adapt to wear casually. I’m glad I picked up the J. Crew leopard shell & cardigan, & it was fun to see how you styled it! And I have some other pieces in my closet that will work as shown, so thanks for the inspiration! I didn’t think I was locked into “matchy-matchy” thinking, but seeing leopard shoes looking great paired with navy makes me realize I guess I was locked into thinking black would work but navy wouldn’t. (I don’t know how I got that idea, because I wear denim jeans with leopard, & denim of course has navy in it!) I’ve been wearing leopard with denim & my usual turquoise jewelry & boots & that works for me, but I do have similar jewelry & footwear that’s a bit more polished, so thanks for giving me some great ideas for how to wear them when I get a bit more dressed-up!

    • You are so welcome, Megan! That shell is so versatile and I am sure there will be more ways I will be styling it in Ms. Chic’s wardrobe. I am glad you enjoyed the post and got some new ideas for your own wardrobe!

  • chiara

    Loved seeing all the different stylings. Now I’d really like to see the clothes worn…

    • In this case, Ms. Chic wasn’t home. I have known her long enough that I can go to her home while she is at work and put the outfits together without her there. Normally, clients try things on and I take photos. However, laying them out is much quicker. Some of these looks I wanted to see the proportions on her but being able to just stop by on my own was much more efficient.

  • Patricia

    Great post. Some looks I’d never wear (pretty much anything in heels!) and some I’d love on me. You’ve given me ideas on how to use my leopard print crew neck sweater with a lot more than just black pants. I need to remember that leopard is a neutral print that works with a lot of colors.

    • Glad to hear this post helped you, Patricia! The great thing about these outfits is they can be modified for many needs. I am glad you got some ideas for yourself!

  • stacie

    Thank you Bridgitte & Mrs. Chic!! These are one of my favorite posts!! I was able to get some new ideas for my wardrobe:D

    • So happy to hear it, Stacie! It’s always fun to show you real life styling! Glad you got some good ideas!

  • carol

    I loooove these types of post. There is always something similar I have that I haven’t thought to wear in a way you show. Thank you. One thing that would be helpful is to know what colour opaque tights you’d put with the different options as where I live it’s too cold for bare legs and nude tights aren’t that warm and in any case can look a bit ‘granny’

    • Thanks Carol! In most cases I would match the tights to the shoes. In Ms. Chic’s case she does wear nude stockings, so for her it’s not as necessary as it would be for others. The one thing that is important about nude stockings is that you buy good quality to avoid that granny wooden leg look.

  • JanieBabes

    Loved this, as always. I always enjoy when you do these as I can usually get great ideas and on how to combine things, just in my winter colors. Love how I can also see that, for example, with the outfits styled with the burgundy skirt, you could easily swap out for the burgundy pants shown earlier in the post. All so simple

    • That’s a really great observation that even I didn’t immediately make. What doing this outfit session really helped me identify was what Ms. Chic is still missing in her wardrobe. This is why I think everyone needs to do this. It really drills down useful pieces that need to be added.

  • texstyle

    Love this post! So many helpful points here – thank you.

  • mikiT

    Thank you for the amazing post! I feel like I just got a personal styling session. My wardrobe is much more casual than Ms. Chic’s but I have many similar items that can be adapted to my casual lifestyle. I pinned and will be referring back to this post often 🙂

    • I am so glad you liked the post and found it helpful for your own wardrobe!

  • robin woods

    Thank you so much! I pinned several of these for inspiration. Ms. Chic is clearly stylish, slim and has a wonderful wardrobe. Thanks to her for sharing it with

    • Hi Robin! Yes, Ms. Chic is really stylish. I love working with her and helping her develop her style. We have had a long standing relationship so it has been fun to evolve it over time. Glad you got some inspiration for yourself!