Throwback Thursday: Sweater Vests and Bib Necklaces 2.0

Throwback Thursday

It’s time to revisit some old posts that are still relevant today.  Take a look at some stand out posts from a year ago this week in this Throwback Thursday.

Fresh Ways to Wear Bib Necklaces

Have you ever fell in love with a new song and then find yourself tired of it a few months later?  No matter how much we like something we’re bound to get bored with it.  I have been feeling this way about bib necklaces.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like them, but I don’t find myself as enthused about them as I used to be.  If you have bib necklaces hanging around and want some new ways to wear them, here are three fresh ways to wear bib necklaces.  Read More>>>

How to Wear Sweater Vests this Fall

My clients have been loving sweater vests this fall.  Unlike sleeveless blazers, which only one client has purchased to date that can come across a little less versatile, it seems like everyone is embracing this easy cardigan alternative.  It’s hard to miss sweater vests in the stores because they are everywhere, and in today’s post I am going to show you how to wear sweater vests if you have been considering adding them to you wardrobe.  Read More>>>