Throwback Thursday: Challenging Trends and Pantrums

Throwback Thursday

It’s time to check back on some standout posts from a year ago this week.  These two posts that I am featuring are two of my favorites from 2015 because I think they both take a realistic approach to two common issues that many women face while shopping.  Let’s take a look below.

Five Challenging, if Not Impossible, Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is the time of year when we get bombarded by fashion trends to consider adding to our wardrobes.  However, not all trends are easy to wear.  Before you hand your money over, check out these five challenging, if not impossible, fall fashion trends of the season to help you decide if they are right for you.  Read more>>>

Trying on Pants: How to Avoid Throwing a “Pantrum”

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to making trying on pants less stressful.  However, if you go into the process with a better understanding about the way things work the easier the process can be.  Here are tips to keep in mind when trying on pants.  Read more>>>