Throwback Thursday: Relaxed Pants for Work and Fringe

Throwback Thursday

Another week of Throwback Thursday, another week to check out what I was blogging about a year ago this week.  It’s always fun to see trends that are still around a year later.  Take a look below.

How to Wear Relaxed Pants to Work

Just as we have gotten used to skinny pants, relaxed pants are making their way back on the scene.  From casual joggers and palazzos to professional pants with soft draping and, yikes, pleats, it’s time to consider the more relaxed side of work dressing.  All pants come with their share of challenges and relaxed pants for work are no exception.  Check out these to keep in mind.  Read more>>>

How to Accessorize with Fringe This Fall

Like most trends of the 80’s and 90’s, fringe is back.  Thankfully, this time, it is much more stylish.  Although, I am sure we said this back when it was hot the last time too.  That said, check out all these fringe accessories for fall and how to wear them.  Read More>>>