Work to Weekend Novelty Blazer Outfits

Novelty Blazer Outfits

The versatility of blazers is well known by many.  Most of us know that they can be easy to wear with jeans on the weekend and in more professional ways to work.  I know I’d be lost without my favorite navy style.  While basic navy blazers can be easy to figure out, novelty blazers can be a bit trickier.  However, they don’t have to be.  In today’s post, I am showing you how to create work to weekend novelty blazer outfits.  Below, you’ll find three novelty jackets styled for the weekend and for work.

Work to Weekend Novelty Blazer Outfits

Work to weekend blazer #1

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This first jacket from Elie Tahari is more versatile than it at first looks.  It has just enough detail to be interesting but not so much that it is over the top.  Being grey, it pairs well with black bottoms and dresses, which most women have plenty of.  The jacket also doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing to look finished and it can upgrade the simplest of casual looks.

In the work outfit I styled the jacket with a black pencil skirt from Hugo Boss, a basic tank from Theory and accessorized the outfit with a grey bag from Matt & Nat, drop earrings from Kendra Scott and, for a splash of color, a green pair of pumps.

For casual, I swapped out the pencil skirt for these skinny jeans from J. Crew, added a pair of grey boots from Frye, a more casual grey bag from Hobo, and silver drop earrings.

Work to weekend blazer #2

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Ivory is the perfect blazer color because it can basically go over anything you pair with it.  I always find that my clients who have an ivory or white blazers grab them constantly to go with their work staples as well as their weekend pieces.

In the looks above, I styled the work look using this ivory blazer from Hugo boss with a gold silk front blouse from Reiss and fluid crepe pants in navy.  I accessorized the outfit with a pair of tan pumps Sam Edelman, pendant from Michael Kors and blue satchel from Brahmin.

For the casual outfit I took the blazer in a totally different directions.  I styled it with a sleeveless tunic from French Connection, pair of grey leggings, and finished the outfit with a comfortable pair of burgundy flats from Me Too, triangle drop earrings from Lord & Taylor and grey crossbody bag from Marc Jacobs.

Work to weekend blazer #3

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This blazer from Banana Republic is a novelty basic, meaning it can act like a basic in your wardrobe but has a small ruffle detail give it a little something extra.  It’s such a small amount which is why it can be worn in more of a basic way, hence the name novelty basic.  Pieces like this in your wardrobe can add some excitement while being versatile.

I styled this blazer for work with a pair of plaid pants from Theory and, for a splash of color, a cobalt t-shirt from J. Crew.  It is important to keep in mind that black and white prints and patterns can often be treated like solid black and you can wear color with them.  Finishing the look, I accessorized with these black booties from Bella Vita, a red bag from Tory Burch and earrings from The Sak.

For the weekend, I envisioned a really simple blazer look with a pair of boyfriend jeans, like these from Lucky Brand.  I used the same J. Crew tee, but in white, and accessorized softly using these tan booties from Vionic, bag from Louise et Cie and basic gold drop earrings.

If you are someone who loves wearing blazers, add some variety by buying some novelty blazers.  You’ll be surprised to find they are just as versatile as your basic styles.

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Looking to create some of your now novelty blazer outfits?  Check out these additional styles.

  • tgchi13

    Love blazers! And I prefer how you styled them to they way the retailers did!!

  • Alicen

    I have a cobalt blue blazer that I love. The only question I have about it – the buttons and a small detail on the top of the pockets is black. Does this mean I cannot/should not wear it with brown? I haven’t worn it with brown pants as I’m not sure if the blue even goes with brown, in addition to my question about the black details, but I’m trying to expand my horizons… so I thought I’d ask 🙂

    • Hmmm, I really hate it when a designer puts a small detail on a piece that limits its use. It’s not the button colors that bother me as much as the black detail on the top of the jacket. I can’t see it so I can’t say for sure, but it sounds like that detail might be a problem. I’d be happy to take a quick peek if you want to post a photo here.

  • Tina

    I have 4 blazers/suit jacket that I have recent “found” again after several years in the back of the closet. they were expensive, well made and I have always loved them. How old is too for me to wear them? I think they are very classic styles but I don’t want to wear them to work for example and have people think I must have lost my mind! lol

    • Well it’s always hard to give a firm answer to this because it’s just not black and white. However, I usually look at a few things to tell if a jacket is dated. First, the shoulders. If they are too broad or the shoulder pads are too thick, it’s usually old and needs to go. Lapels often date jackets. Take a look at those. Lastly, button placement. So, for example, in the 80’s, shoulder pads were wide, lapels were wide and button placements were really low. In the 90’s, there were hardly any shoulder pads, lapels were really thin and buttons were placed higher. Always be sure to put blazers on before deciding if they are dated or not. I’d say that if these jackets are within the past 5 or so years and from more classic brands you should be just fine.