A Quick Note Before I Leave You For Vacation

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With just a week left to the summer season, I am going to excuse myself for a bit and take a few days off.  I will be back after Labor Day.

But a few things before I go.

I will be a critic

Bridgette Raes

I was really excited and honored to be asked to be a critic to fourth semester fashion design students at my alma mater, The Fashion Institute of Technology.  What this means is I will be offering my guidance and expertise to a class of students who will be working on their final project term garments for the semester which will be on display and judged at the end of the semester.  When I was asked, I felt like I was way too young to be doing this.  After all, it feels like yesterday that I was pulling all-nighters slaving away at my own final projects.  Then I realized this was 22 years ago.  Jeesh!

I am not sure how public I can be about the role I will be taking on, but I will be sure to share what I can here int he upcoming months.  Either way, I am really excited.

I am in August’s Real Simple Magazine

Bridgette Raes

This is going to make me sound like a real jaded jerk, but I often forget about it when I contribute my expertise to Magazines.  These publications work so far in advance and I lose track of time.  It wasn’t until a client and friend sent me this photo that I knew the article came out.  You can check out my expertise in August’s Real Simple magazine.

That’s all for now, my friends!  Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend (or regular weekend if you are outside the U.S.) and I will chat with you soon.

  • Pat

    You deserve some time off hard working girl. Have fun, get some rest, you’ll be missed!! We can get dressed on our own because you’ve trained us well!!
    A faithful fan,

    • Many thanks Pat! I will be grading you upon my return! LOL

  • Brian

    Congrats on the “I will be a critic” and “I am in August’s Real Simple Magazine.”

    Have a great vacation and we’ll see you after Labor Day.

    Oh No! Labor Day – does this mean no more white shoes???

    • Ha! When I read your comment quickly I thought you were telling me you were going yo also be a critic and you were in Real Simple and I thought, “Well, what a cool coincidence!” Then I read it again and got it straight. Haha. Forgive me, I have only been up about 15 minutes.

      Regarding the shoes. Well considering nobody knows where the rule really comes from, I’d say judge for yourself when to pack away those white shoes. http://bridgetteraes.com/2011/08/26/no-white-after-labor-day-where-did-the-rule-come-from/

      • Brian

        Haha, No forgiveness required, I think everyone is allowed a 15 minute grace period in the morning. :))

        Thanks for the “white shoes” link. I’ll check it out and keep you posted.

        Have a great break.

  • Alicen

    Labour Day is also a Canadian Holiday 🙂 Looking forward to the long weekend!

    • It is? Why didn’t I know this? Happy Labour Day! (I like the way you guys spell labor better)

      • tgchi13

        Yes, we spell labor better! Good eyes lady – now go relax.

  • Yup, that’s me. Although, my time writing for About came to an end a few months ago.