Friday’s Fab Find: Shashi Socks

Shashi Socks

I’m getting older. Like everyone who keeps breathing. Recently, I moved into a 6th floor walkup.  I count the flight you go up to get into the building.  I noticed how getting regular exercise really improved not only how I felt, but my sleep and energy levels. I realized I needed to start getting regular exercise. At first, I tried an adult ballet. I figured it would be an easy thing for physically inactive person to begin with.  I was SO WRONG.

On advice from a friend I decided to try Yoga.  Now that was a good idea. A beginner’s class was perfect, and I really like the studio, but there is an issue. The place requires you remove your shoes. That would be fine except I don’t like being barefoot. I leave that place with dirty feet. So I decided to wear socks. Not a great idea. It made my feet too slippery. I fell. More than once. And they made my feet sweat.

Do they make slip-free socks? Yes they do!  Shashi Socks.  Click here

Shashi Socks

Shashi Socks aren’t just perfect for yoga practics, they are also great for hospital stays, rehabilitation therapy or just for walking around the house!

 SHASHI socks have several unique and enhancing features:

  • CLASSIC and STAR socks have a unique mesh top panel that provides ventilation and still provides full coverage of the foot
  • SWEET socks are designed without mesh and provide a barely there feeling with the advantage of having the sole of the foot and toes covered
  • Each pair of SHASHI socks is designed to conform to the contours of your feet, eliminating bulky fabric for a more comfortable fit
  • SHASHI socks’ grips are larger and more numerous, providing added stability and traction
  • All SHASHI socks are made with Coolmax® moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Each pair of SHASHI socks is packaged in a mesh pouch that also serves as a convenient place to store your socks, at home or on the go!

 My fave is the Shashi Star with their eye catching rhinestones.


Ready to try some awesome Shashi Socks? Use the code “Bridgette”  to get 10% off at checkout!  

  • Brian

    Congrats on becoming more active. Stairs and yoga, how perfect. Those Shashi socks look like they would grip the floor like you were wearing magnets on a steel floor. They’re very cute too. After all, who doesn’t love something pink on their feet!.

    • Hi Brian, thanks but it’s not me. Cameron writes the Fab Finds every week. As for me, I’m at the gym just about every morning. 🙂

      • Brian

        Hi Bridgette. Thanks for clarifying the Fab Finds post. I kinda expected you were a gym type of person. Glad that what I “thought” and the real you match up.

        I also gotta say, thanks for sharing your blog. I love checking in everyday and seeing what’s new.

        • Thanks, Brian! I have always worked out to some degree but, truth be told, I stopped for a while. After some recent health issues this year, I saw a wonderful integrative MD who helped me get my health back in order. I now have my energy back and am at the gym everyday. I am quite grateful.
          Cameron handles all the Fab Finds from start to finish. I’m really grateful she handles this part of the blog.
          Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate your support!

          • Brian

            Glad to hear you are feeling 100% and back at the gym daily. I admire your dedication. Feeling good and having good health is one of the greatest gifts you can have in life. It’s even better than a new pair of Tory’s, haha. My main summer actives including golfing and bike riding. Not as good as a gym workout but it a daily activity that gets me off the sofa.

      • Aragon131

        show off 😀

        • Well I got to get some credit for getting my butt to the gym regularly. Those weights don’t lift themselves! LOL

  • Ivan

    Those sock looks great for yoga and dance lessons. Any physical activity can prevent illness or at least reduce the time to get over. I was a fan of going to the gym in my early 20’s but I had some injuries, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and I started yoga, TRX & intervals, adult ballet classes and PIYO (pilates yoga) to get fit and gain my lost flexibility and improve posture and coordination in all my body. I love all my classes and keep me active again and relaxed. Definitely I will try those socks in black with the open top ! Have a nice day