Throwback Thursday: Commuter Style and Transitional Dresses

Throwback Thursday

As we begin August it’s time to really start thinking about fall fashion.  Well, not entirely.  It’s likely still sweltering where you are, but the stores don’t care.  While you may not want to wear fall fashion, you can start strategizing.  Let’s start with some posts from a year ago this week.  Check them out below.

Stylish Ways to Commute to Work During Transitional Months

In this post, I am going to share tips on stylish ways to commute to work during the transitional months.  If you are in a walking city, these tips will prove additionally helpful.  For some of you, this stretch of time may last for quite a while and, for others, like me, this may go by in a blink of an eye before the cold weather sets in and it will be completely miserable to go from point a. to point b..  Either way, take a look at the suggestions here.

Dresses You Can Wear Now and in the Fall

A friend of mine posted a message on my Facebook that she is totally tired of her summer clothes.  I laughed when I read it because this is so incredibly common towards the end of the season.  While you could take one approach and stock up on some clothes that you can wear for the remaining summer weeks and then store away for next year, another approach could be to buy some clothes that you can wear now and into the cooler months.  In this post I am sharing some dresses you can wear now and in the fall with just a few tweaks.  Read more.