Throwback Thursday: Culottes and Chunky Platform Sandals

Throwback Thursday

Another week is almost over.  Let’s take a look at what I was blogging about a year ago this week.  Interestingly, both these trends are still popular.

Culottes and Wide Leg Cropped Pants: How to Wear Them

culottesCheck out these five culottes looks ranging from wider leg crop pants to true culottes styles, along with some figure flattering tips to consider before you stock up.  I think there are a lot of figure issues to consider before you purchase them, so get all the tips you need on how to wear them here.

How to Wear Chunky Platform Sandals

chunky platformsI’ll admit it, I like chunky platform sandals.  Maybe it’s my small feet and the fact that these shoes make my feet look normal sized or maybe it’s because I find them much more comfortable to wear than wedges.  Perhaps I just find them nostalgic because the last time I wore them I was in my 20’s.  Whatever, the reason, I’m kind of happy they’re back.  If you want to check out a pair for yourself, check out these outfits and tips on how you can wear them.  Read More>>>