Friday’s Fab Find: Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel

Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel

Ellie: You use four towels every shower?
Jules: Face, body, hair, feet!

-Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 18 “Lonesome Sundown”

What’s your earliest memory? It’s cloudy, of course, but I have distinct memories of my father, Frank, giving me a baths when I was maybe 4 or 5. He’d take me out of the tub, plop a towel on my head and rubbed furiously. I lacked the verbal skills to articulate myself, but I remember thinking “That can’t be good for my hair”.

I was right. It made my hair frizz and created a lot of breakage. Ever since I was old enough to take care it myself, I’d simply wrap my hair up turban style (I never, repeat NEVER, use a hair dryer, unless I’m defrosting my freezer).

I’ve heard people talk about wrapping up their hair in T shirts but my hair was always too long. I heard about towels designed specifically for hair, even ordered one off an infomercial but was unimpressed. I received a sample of Hair Remedie’s Frizz Eliminating Towel that is specifically designed to reduce frizz and help hair dry quicker. I got out of the shower, didn’t even do my usual squeeze so my hair was sopping, wrapped it up in Hair Remedie and was impressed by how soft it was. Five minutes later my hair was barely damp!

Benefits of using Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel

  • Stops Damage to hair
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Made from Fabric, no added chemicals
  • Reduces drying time
  • Healthier for hair
  • Works for all hair types- including color-treated
  • Reusable and washable
  • Solution for hair that works with current hair products

Win a Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel for yourself

Ready to try a Hair Remedie  Frizz Eliminating Towel? Leave a comment below saying why you want to try it and you could win!

  • Wendy Dackson

    Sounds like a super product! Getting as much water out of your hair prior to blow drying/flat ironing is a really good idea.

  • Noeb49

    This towel sounds better than the one I currently use. My hair is rapidly thinning and I’m trying to do all I can to baby it!

  • shue2a

    This sounds great for my long hair!

  • WildTrillium

    Oooooh! I definitely want to try this. I’ve been growing my hair out and frizz has definitely been an issue. Fingers crossed!

  • Lucy

    I would love to try this.especially with the summer months coming up. I love the no added chemicals part!

  • Meredith Braselman

    I am looking for ways to save time in the morning!

  • Joy O’Toole

    I need to try one of these. I use three conditioners every time I wash my hair and still have frizz. It’s the downside to natural curl. I never do more than wrap my hair in a towel for a minute to absorb moisture and then put serum in it. Maybe this would also help, especially in summer when frizz is the worst.

    • Aragon131

      Congrats Joy you won the towel! email me your mailing address to and your towel will be on its way to you!

  • Cheri Cutting

    My Granddaughter sure could use one. She has to keep her hair in a ponytail or braid or it is a tangled mess.

  • Unsub

    I just ditched my hair dryer too and I need to get out the door fast.

  • Deb

    Sounds like an ideal product for my long and plentiful Afro-Caribbean hair as I don’t want to blow dry and it takes ages to air dry. Very interested to try this product.

  • Kitty Foyle

    I have curly hair and anything that could stop frizz is a plus in my book!

  • Kimberly

    I prefer to let my hair dry without using a blow dryer. I have thick, long, wavy hair that takes hours to dry. Anything that could speed up the drying process would be appreciated.

  • Jocelyn Ann

    I would love to try it because I need to get out the door fast in the morning and I’d really like to ditch my blow drier! Thanks for the chance!