Friday’s Fab Find: Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder



I drink WAY too much soda. It’s a problem.  My New Year’s Resolution  is to limit myself to one regular can of soda and two diet soda per day. After that nothing but water.

So, really, my New Year’s Resolution is to drink more water.  Water is such a critical part of good health, but so few of us actually drink enough. It’s estimated that 60% of Americans don’t drink enough water daily.  Most experts say you should drink 64 ounces of water a day or roughly a half gallon.

Hydration can help you lose weight both by making you feel more full and decreasing hunger signals (often when you think you’re hungry you’re really thirsty).  Drinking water helps maintain muscles and reduces wrinkles in your face (seriously).  Drinking water actually helps your brain function! There are so many benefits.

So what can you do to remind yourself to drink more water during the day?   I am happy to say I found a very simple and easy device to increase your water intake. Introducing Ulla.

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

When I first read the directions for my Ulla I thought. “I can’t be that simple.”  It is. Take the device and put the silicone band around a bottle or glass.  It can detect when you aren’t drinking any water. If you haven’t taken a sip in 30-40 minutes (you can set the timer) it will flash. No annoying beeps either. Ulla uses a soft glow to remind you to drink.  It runs on a battery (you can turn the device off at night to extend the battery life).

Yes it’s just that easy.

Now you can have an Ulla too. Leave a comment and say why you need  one below and you could win!

Do keep in mind you CAN overdo water. You’d really have to be pounding it down. I’m talking about drinking 4 or 5 gallons IN A DAY can lead to water poisoning aka water intoxication which is often fatal. So moderation!

  • Linda J

    What a great idea. I keep a water bottle at my desk at work. I find that if I don’t drink enough water, I end up with a headache by the end of the day, but I often forget about and just let it sit there and when it’s time to go home, I realize I have hardly touched it. I should be drinking it all morning and then refilling it at lunch for the afternoon. Maybe a gentle reminder would help.

  • Lauren

    I’m SO trying to pound the water… but am terrible about paying attention to the signals telling me to do it! And as a nursing mother (to a five week old!) That whole staying hydrate thing is important!

  • Jermaine Daniels

    I am getting back into my health regimen and water is probably way better than the whiskey I usually down. My doctor says in a number of years diabetes could creep in. So I’m doing my part and this Ulla smart hydration monitor would be awesome. I tend to drink when I’m thirsty but it’s said by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. I’m excited by this and I hope I’m on the running!!

    • Aragon131

      Congrats Jermaine you’re a winner. Shoot me an email to with your mailing address.

      • Jermaine Daniels

        OMG THANKS!!!!!! I’m emailing now!!

  • Lauren Steinmeyer

    Totally trying to stay healthy too!! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve poured myself a glass of water only to forget about it a few minutes later!!!.

  • AmyB

    Gah. I’m constantly swinging from water-shortage-induced headache to feeling good because I’m on top of my water consumption. Would love an Ulla! What a great idea.