Introducing Online Style Courses with Yours Truly

online style courses After a nice holiday break, I am back.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I really enjoyed my downtime.  The time off was a really nice balance of time with family, time to recharge my batteries and time to do a little work.  In addition to this, today is my birthday.

Birthdays for me are always a little weird because I am never prepared for them.  It seems like it’s October and then it’s my birthday.   What I do like about my birthday being January 5th is that it’s a new year and a new age, this one being 42.  I cannot believe I am 42.  I need to let that sink in a bit.

In the meantime, when I last left you for the holidays, I mentioned I was getting ready to launch something exciting on my site.  Well, it’s finally here.  I just launched online style courses!

Online Style Courses with Bridgette Raes

I have been wanting to do something like this for quite some time and have been looking for the right outlet to bring something beyond just my blog posts to all of you.  With a little research, a ridiculously steep learning curve and some extra time, I got to work and created my online school, which you can check out here.

The reason I decided to go the online course route versus creating webinars is because you can sign up and take a course whenever time permits.  In addition, once you purchase the course you can watch it and review it any time you want, it never expires.

online style courses I am currently launched with just one course titled, Why Dress for Success Doesn’t Work which was originally a successful speaking event I have presented many times at companies and organizations around the country.  I expanded on this seminar, turned it into a course and decided to start with this one because my guess is that a lot of you have career goals set for the new year. This is the perfect course for any working woman who feels a bit blah, uninspired, is lacking confidence or feels that who are they are on the inside isn’t powerfully expressed in their work wardrobe.

This course is broken down into eight comprehensive parts and is only $49 for the whole thing.  And, remember, once you own the course, you can watch it any time on demand.  I have also made the first lecture in the course a free preview, so you can watch it before you decide to buy.

Stay tuned for more courses to come.  I am currently developing a closet transformation and editing course that I should be launching real soon.

I hope you enjoy!  Have any online style courses ideas you want to suggest?  I’d love to hear them!!



  • Laura

    Happy birthday Bridgette! Today is my birthday, too. I’m 49. It feels really strange being this close to 50. In reality, I don’t feel a day over 12. Ha Ha! Hope that you have a great day. 🙂

    • So what you are saying is that I am in great company? LOL, thanks Laura! Yea, I can’t even fathom staring at 50. And, I agree, I still feel like a twenty something. Unbelievable how fast it goes!

  • Debra

    Happy birthday, Bridgette! Forty was the hardest one. Fifty and sixty weren’t that bad. I still feel like I’m in my twenties, except my body doesn’t want to cooperate.

    • Thanks, Debra! 40 wasn’t that bad. I’m must not liking moving farther away from the shore from it. Everyone says it just gets better, but…we’ll see. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • tgchi13

    Happy happy birthday!!! I just turned 50 a week ago 🙂

    • tgchi13

      Oh, and looking forward to the courses you are adding – thanks for your birthday present to us!

      • Thanks! There will be more courses to come. This was an easy one to start with because it started as a seminar I used to do. I just need to make sure I am setting aside the time to develop it.
        Happy birthday to you. Being a Capricorn is great!

  • Cheryl Chalfant

    Happy Birthday Bridget and congrats on your new endeavor!

  • Jen W

    Happy birthday Bridgette! I’m excited to see what this year’s gifts will be. I haven’t gotten to wisdom yet myself, but compassion and resiliency have been wonderful gifts in my 40’s so far. Congratulations on your classes!

    • Oh I’m sure you’re being hard on yourself! You are probably far wiser than you give yourself credit for. I am really looking forward to offering more classes! It’s all about making the time to create them. I need to create a deadline or the next course idea will just hang around in my head.