Throwback Thursday: Work Style, Travel Style and Casual Style

Throwback ThursdayThis week’s Throwback Thursday includes a lot of practical style tips.  Check out what I was blogging about a year ago this week.

Stylish Work Outfits with Just a Few Tweaks

Get tips on how to create stylish work outfits with the tiniest of tweaks.  What you may realize from reading this post is that the difference between looking like just another person in a crowd and looking pulled together and memorable doesn’t really take all that much effort or a closet full of new clothes.  Read more.

How to Style Your Casual Winter Fashion Essentials

In this post I am showing you how you can keep a level of casual comfort  that you enjoy on the weekends while also showing you how you can change up these widely embraced looks so you don’t feel like you are wearing the same looking outfits repeatedly.  Read on.

Airline Travel in Style this Holiday (Video)

I am a bit of an expert traveler and mastered airline travel in style.  Over the course of all my travel, I learned these little things to make my flights much easier and bearable.  Considering the time of year has arrived where millions of people will be traveling for the holidays, I thought it would be smart to share some of my travel tips.  Watch the video to get tips.