Throwback Thursday: Little Black Dress, Winter White and Skeggings

Throwback Thursday

Your LBD Does Not Have to Be Black

Check out this video on why your LBD, or little black dress, does not have to be black, and why any colors you can wear with black you can also wear with any other neutral shade.  Watch the video.

How to Wear Skeggings (Skirted Leggings)

If you’re someone who thinks skeggings and skirted leggings are a great idea, check out the five ways I styled them, along with my additional tips to learn how to wear skeggings.  Read more.

How to Wear Winter White

Winter white is as beautiful as freshly fallen snow.  Yet, unfortunately, just like freshly fallen snow, winter white can also get dingy, dirty and messy.  Let’s all agree, wearing winter white comes with its fair share of challenges.  However, if you are feeling up for the challenge, I am going to give you my tips on how to wear winter white, as there quite a few differences between winter white and the white you would wear in the summer.  Read on.