Throwback Thursday: Leggings for Work, Sleeveless Dresses and Green Handbags

Throwback ThursdayWelcome to another week of Throwback Thursday.  Check out the posts from this blog from a year ago this week.

How to Wear Leggings to Work

The cooler weather means leggings season is here again.  If worn properly, these comfortable, elastic waist, stretchy beauties can actually be quite stylish.  While leggings are often reserved for casual wear only, they can be worn to work, if, and only if, certain rules are followed.  In this post I am giving my tips on how to wear leggings to work.

How to Wear a Sleeveless Dress in the Fall

Sleeveless dresses in the fall seem so counterintuitive.  Just as the weather starts to get cool who wants to bare their arms?  Well, generally speaking, who wants to bare their arms, period?  Yet, despite the much-agreed-upon aversion towards this, there are many fall dresses out there sans sleeves to choose from, and nothing is worse than falling in love with a dress and not buying it because it’s sleeveless.  Sure, you could just wear it with that ratty old stand-by cardigan for coverage.  Or you can think beyond the sweater that hangs off the back of your chair at work, or that wrap that you use solely for warmth, and actually put some cute looks together.   In this post I am giving my tips on how to wear a sleeveless dress in the fall.

Why You Need a Green Handbag

One of the best ways to look good in what you are wearing regularly is to have clothing and accessories on hand that are versatile, that need little effort to look good and that you can just grab and go.   I’ve talked a lot about these no-fuss items in the past, like metallic sandals or flats, a gold necklace and a tan handbag, and today I want to talk about why a green handbag is another great piece to have on hand.  Find out why a green handbag is so versatile.