Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks This weekend is Memorial Day, which is the official kickoff to summer and when we can officially break out the white pants, if you haven’t already (because that rule is dumb), relax a little bit and enjoy the warm weather.

My Memorial Day weekend is usually spent at my sister’s, who lives way up in the country of New Jersey.  Yes, New Jersey does have countryside, contrary to popular belief.  She hosts a summer party, which also is a birthday celebration of my youngest niece, Avery.  It’s nice to get away, smell the country air and take a few jumps in the bouncy house that she always has brought in for the kids…and adults who know how to enjoy themselves, especially after eating a few spiked snow cones.  I always make sure my outfit is bouncy house friendly.  Because she lives in farm country, literally with a cow farm across the street, it isn’t uncommon to have some animals, like ponies and baby goats also stop by.  She doesn’t need to hire a pony, the neighbor just brings one.  Yea, it’s pretty rural, and I am not kidding when I say that one year she had a garage sale and someone came by on their John Deere tractor to shop.

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks
Some photos from Memorial Day weekends past at my sister’s.

Whatever your plans are, I put together some stylish Memorial Day Weekend looks to consider that will keep you cool and stylish as you welcome the summer season.  Take a look at them below.

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks

Outfit #1

Stylish Memorial Day Looks If you plan on wearing shorts and a t-shirt this Memorial Day, you can make this super easy ensemble look stylish with a few accessories that won’t take away from the casual nature of the outfit.  Here, for example, I took a pair of Gap shorts and a Theory t-shirt and added a pair of yellow sandals from Coach and  turquoise drop earrings from Banana Republic, for pops of color, and white bracelet from Stella & Dot.  Even without the Fossil Bag, that brings all the colors together, the outfit still looks polished without being fussy at all.

Outfit #2

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks A maxi dress, like this one from Modcloth, is a great choice for a Memorial Day weekend party.  Not only is it a bit more elegant, but it’s comfortable, easy to move in and covers up your legs, which may not be all that tan yet.  All this outfit needs to look complete is a pair of gold sandals from MICHAEL Michael Kors, a gold pendant necklace from Max & Chloe and a green handbag from Hobo.

Outfit #3

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks A short little sundress is another great option.  Personally, summer dresses are my favorite for weekend parties.  They are no-brainer options that make it look like you tried a lot harder than you did to pull an outfit together.  Here, I chose this navy and white halter dress from Boden and added a comfortable pair of tangerine Espadrilles from Franco Sarto that add can give you some sophisticated height without actually wearing heels.  Lastly, I finished the look with a basic pair of hoop earrings and white handbag from Lord & Taylor.

Outfit #4

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks Going the cropped or ankle pants route is a popular choice for many women who wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts but don’t want to wear pants.  Here this leaf printed pair from J. Crew looks summery and sophisticated, especially when paired with a sleeveless tunic from Theory in ivory.  The gold Bauble Bar pendant adds some interest near the face, while the comfortable Anhu sandals complements the outfit.  The metallic crossbody bag is an easy finish for this look.

Outfit #5

Stylish Memorial Day Weekend Looks Lastly, a printed summer skirt, like this one from MICHAEL Michael Kors, is a perfect substitute for a pair of shorts.  You can check out more ideas on subbing in a skirt for shorts, here.  I love the way the navy J. Crew tank creates a more summery (and less Halloween-y) look than black would.  To keep the outfit casual, I added these navy Fit Flop sandals, an orange nylon Mosey by Baggallini bag and orange drop earrings from Blue Bijoux.

Whatever your plans are this Memorial Day weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time and feel great doing it.

  • Patricia

    Okay, what kid doesn’t want a pony to drop by the party? And a bouncy house? Is it too late for your mom to adopt me? PS loved the range of choices…

    • Haha, Patricia! I think you mean you want my sister to adopt you. It’s her house all the way in the sticks. I can see if she has room. 😉 The pony is certainly a nice touch, but when it’s the neighbor’s pony it sort of loses its novelty. I think the kids there are just used to it. The goat just showed up one year. A girl got out of the car, I think mom was at the party, and he had a baby goat it tow. it was so unbelievably cute, like a little puppy running along. I think the girl was in 4H. That’s how they roll there. It’s really quite adorable.

      • Patricia

        Actually I do mean your mom: I could be sister to you for styling help and your sis, for invitations to that fabulous party…
        And baby goats, oh my!

        • Hahaha! Gotcha! I can count on one hand the amount of times my sister has asked me for fashion advice. She’s just never been interested. When I was shooting my book, and my sister was one of the models, all my clients came up to her and asked what it was like to be able to get free fashion advice all the time. They were shocked when she said she never really did.

          • Patricia

            I can only shake my head in sorrow, our other sis is passing up a really good thing. I take advice from you all the time! I’m using some of your styling tips on my upcoming trip to Sicily. Yes, alas, I’ll be out of the country and can’t show off my cute Bridgette styled outfit at the memorial day party. I would have totally rocked that bouncy house…

          • If you think that’s bad, one time, I took my mom shopping for an outfit. After I selected it she was unsure and walked out of the dressing room to ask strangers what they thought. I said to my mom, “Do you know what I do and how much I get paid to do it?” I guess my family will always see my differently.
            You are welcome to come take a bounce in the house any time! Have a wonderful trip to Sicily! I have been to northern Italy many times but never the south. One day.

          • Patricia

            Mille Grazie,


          • Haha, totally. I wrote a post about my mom a few years ago for Mother’s Day and I get it. It is frustrating when I go home and my family really doesn’t get what I do or have accomplished, but it is nice to have a place where it has nothing to do with my career.

            This is the post I wrote.

          • Patricia

            Re-read that post. It really spoke to me. My mom was a very strong role model for me. From age five I knew I was going to college. I also learned to never use safety pins on my bra straps because what if I got hit by a car (huh?).
            But I also learned how to sew my own clothes. And the most precious gift came in first grade. I was in the bottom reading group and that was not acceptable to mom. Every night we’d sit on the couch and read together. By the end of that year, I was reading at a much higher grade level and went on to become a speed reader. And that skill has helped me the rest of my life.

          • Bethw

            Actually I just sent B a picture of a dress I’m wearing to a family wedding to get her thumbs up or down. Then we moved into shoes. I am a stay at home mom of 3 so I really don’t have to worry about work attire. But when their is something major such as a wedding or event I usually send her pictures of the clothes I am choosing.

        • Yeah, I’m with Patricia on this one!

  • Aw, thanks! Yes, my sister’s kids are my favorite little people. Morgan, my sister’s oldest daughter, and I have a special relationship, and my nephew, Evan is so pure of heart. I will try to take some photos this weekend.