Friday’s Fab Find: Bombas Socks

Bomba Socks One of the oddest side effects of writing these columns is you often find yourself having strong opinions about things you didn’t think you could ever have a strong opinion on. Such as “Wow these are really great panties!” or “Wow this is a really great t shirt!”

Now I have a new sentence; “Damn these are really great socks!

Bombas Socks

Listening to my second favorite Podcast “How did this get made?”, a show which discusses the world’s worst movies (Staying Alive & Xanadu  are my favorites, but they’re all good).  One of their sponsors is Bombas socks. After hearing Paul Scheer go on about them my curiosity were piqued. I emailed the company, could I have a sample pair for my blog? They kindly sent me a pair.

I don’t really think about my socks. I purchase my socks at 99 cent stores or off card tables in Union Square. The second I put on these socks I was surprised how well they fit. They were really comfortable.  I’ve been wearing socks to bed since childhood and I never wake up with them on.  I wore my Bombas socks to bed and was SHOCKED when I got out of bed in the morning and they were still on my feet! Then I wore them out. I could not believe how comfortable they were and I was also so happy with the ‘blister tab’ a tiny pillow on the back of the ankle socks to keep them from slipping down into your shoes and giving you a blister.

Can it get better? Yes it can. For every pair of socks Bombas sells it donates a pair to a homeless shelter.

And now you can win your own pair. “Like” Bombas Facebook page  and leave a comment below saying why you want a pair of Bombas and you could win!