Five Ways to Wear Black Cropped Pants this Spring

black cropped pantsOnce the weather gets warm, basic black cropped pants are a trusted staple in many women’s closets.  If you are one of these women, who rely heavily on their black cropped pants, I want you to ask yourself if you are really getting the most out of them?  While these pants are easy, they can also get boring if you wear them the same way over and over again.  In addition to the variety of outfits you can create with them, depending how you accessorize your cropped pants, they can easily go from day to night.  It has been a while since I have done a “one item, five fashionable ways” post, but I thought using this format to show all the ways you can wear black cropped pants would be fun to do for this time of year.

Using these cropped pants from J. Crew, below are five different outfits to give you some ideas on how to get the most out of them.  And be sure to check out the additional black cropped styles, that you can shop for, at the end of this post.

Five Ways to Wear Black Cropped Pants this Spring

Outfit #1

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These pants are perfect for casual weekends.   Here, this classic look was created using a striped top from Boden, a pair of earrings from Max & Chloe, blue scarf from Michael Stars, a pair of Converse sneakers in white and super fun graphic tote from Modcloth.  The outfit is great for anything casual that you may be doing but is still super chic.

Outfit #2

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This next look uses the pants for dressier weekend plans that can also be worn in a business casual environment.  This outfit is much softer than the first with a grey sweater and lace two-fer top from French Connection, a pair of grey ballerina flats from Nine West, statement necklace from Stella & Dot, and blush handbag from Marc Jacobs.

Outfit #2

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Like the previous look, this outfit can go from work to weekend with ease.  Here the pants are styled with a printed wrap top from eShakti, a pair of black open toe oxfords from Anthropologie, a mint bib from Max & Chloe and yellow handbag from Vince Camuto.

Outfit #4

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If your office is dressier than a casual one, a look like this, using this white jacket from Reiss, that has been layered over a simple black top from Modcloth, and styled with Diane VonFurstenberg earrings, gold bangles from Nordstrom, a sleek black handbag and bold red shoes from Boden, is perfect.  The outfit may not say “super suited” but it still has a bit more a professional look than the last two outfits.  A smart thing to keep in mind when pairing a jacket with cropped pants is to choose jackets and blazers with full length sleeves as opposed to 3/4 ones.  Between the crop in the pants and the crop in the sleeves you can potentially look like you outgrew your clothes.

Outfit #5

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This last look is for the times that you want to get dressed nicely for the evening but a cocktail dress or formal outfit isn’t required.  Perhaps you are going out to dinner with your partner or friends, or maybe you have a party to attend and want to look nice.

Here the pants are styled with a shocking pink tunic from White House |Black Market, a statement necklace from Stella & Dot, a pair of heeled mules from Banana Republic and small black bag from Madden Girl.

  • Patricia

    If it weren’t St Patrick’s day, I’d be wearing look #1 today! Also love #4, to me, that’s a perfect dinner or theater outfit… I always love Five Ways to Wear…

    • I love both those looks too. I’m so feeling breton tops this spring.

      • Patricia

        I have a serious stripe addiction (yes, splitting my “wears”). I’m always feeling breton tops…

        • Well it’s not splitting your wears if you are getting use out of all of them. The goal is to get the value in what you own and if you are wearing all your stripes then that’s good.

  • arronrod

    Is it April fools already?

    • Ha! Why, because I used black pants?

      • Arronrod

        Black AND cropped!!!
        I tease…
        So far I haven’t seen cropped pants that flatter anyone but Audrey Hepburn (and those were really capris.) perhaps that’s just my own bitterness speaking.
        And black pants… Well, thanks to you I now only have the one pair which I wear as a base – but as a deliberate choice and not as a default. That has less to do with the color and more to do with your concept of divided wearing’s.

        Thanks to you I now only have a black of everything once… Black pumps, strapy sandals, pants, flattering skirt… Etc. Same for navy and camel really.

        Speaking of which since discovering your blog I’ve discovered I look 10 times better in the camel than I do in black or even gray. Thank you for that.

        I have no cropped pants. I have excepted that they do not work for me, so I will not be buying them.

        • Hahahahaa! Well I have never stated that I have anything against cropped pants.
          I think it is so awesome that you have learned to lessen your black and, more importantly to see it as a deliberate choice vs. a default decision. That is always my issue with black, not that I hate hate the color but that women just fall to it so easily. Black can be elegant and styled well if done right. I was just at an event where the majority of the room was wearing black. In most cases it was a default and it just looked flat.

          And, oh yes, why have more than one black thing in your wardrobe? It really doesn’t make any sense. When we pull back on black we can buy other things and have a lot more fun.

          Camel is gorgeous on the right people. It is so rich and elegant. Plus, it does work well with black too.
          I am glad you are feeling so great in your wardrobe. Music to my ears!!

  • Cheryl Schwarz

    Love my black cropped pants…especially with fun shoes! Just bought a new pair of Slouchy Black Crops from Eileen Fisher.

    Love the looks you put together Bridgette !!

    • I think that a lot of women really like having black cropped pants, but don’t know how to get the most out of them. I am glad you got some new ideas!

  • Maneera Saxena Behl

    I’ve owned a pair of black cropped pants for ages and only ever worn them casually with tshirts and ballerinas.

    This is a super inspiring post. And just in time – I think I’m going to try the last look tomorrow for date night with the hubby. Thank you so much!!!

    PS: I noted that you usually pick coloured shoes for most outfits. Metallic and green seem to be your favourite and I plan to add both to my wardrobe this season ‘coz I like the versatility these colours offer. However, I’ve noted you almost never use white shoes – heels, flats, sandals or pumps. Personally, I find white shoes hard to pull off with anything other than blue or white jeans. Are there ways to wear white laser cut pumps and wedges with dresses and skirts? I love to look at white shoes – I just don’t know how to style them?!

    • Hi! Yes, you are very observant!! I use those colors a lot because they are so versatile. And, you’re right, I don’t use white shoes a lot because I don’t always love them. I would sooner choose nude. Sometimes white shoes can look so cheesy. But I think they can look good if you choose the right pairs. I think I will do a post. Great idea. Thanks!

      • Maneera Saxena Behl

        Oh Bridgette, you’re a woman after my own heart!!!! I do reach for nude shoes The Most. It’s because I have short legs and I do love the longer, cleaner leg line these shoes create.

        On the other hand, white shoes look too stark and jarring against the skin (they look ok with white jeans). However, some stylists (like Angie from YLF) and few others use white shoes ALOT and that is what made me wonder how to use white.

        Hope you do a post soon!