Throwback Thursday: Stylish Holiday Sweaters, Pantyhose and Hood-to-Go

Throwback ThursdayWelcome to this week of Throwback Thursday, a recap of what I was blogging about a year ago this week.  As usual, there are some great posts worthy of another look.  Check out the highlights below!

The Ultimate How to Wear Pantyhose, Stockings and Tights Guide

There is no definitive answer to when wearing stockings went out of style. Looking for the ultimate tips on pantyhose and stockings.  Take a look at these tips!

Five Not-So-Dumb Holiday Sweater Outfits

The surge in popularity of holiday sweaters has more to do with the seasonal trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties than having anything to do with style.   Yet, what if you want to wear a holiday sweater in less of an ironic way and more of a fashionable one?  Is it possible to find stylish holiday sweaters?  Find out here.

Friday’s Fab Find: Hood To Go

If you’re like me, you like a hood when the time is right but don’t like to wear a coat with a hood when one isn’t necessary.  While there are those types of coats out there that have a hood that zips into the collar of a jacket or coat, rare is it that I buy a coat like this or actually unzip the collar and roll out the hood.  Clearly, I’m a high maintenance hood wearer, or like the bad boyfriend of hood wearers- I only want one when it is convenient for me.  This is why I love Hood-to-Go.  Check it out here. 

  • Lesley Watson

    What color tights do you wear with cognac boots? I generally match my tights and boots – brown and brown, black and black – but my cognac boots always throw me. I often end up going with brown, but sometimes I don’t like the contrast. And I’ve never found a pair of cognac tights that I thought looked high enough quality to buy.

    • I have been wearing burgundy tights with my cognac boots lately. If you look at the sidebar photo of me on the right you can me wearing them, actually.