Throwback Thursday: Holiday Fashion, Personal Style and WarMMuffs

Throwback ThursdayIt’s time for another week of Throwback Thursday.  Check out what I was blogging about a year ago this week.

I Don’t Have Style or Fashion Sense. What is Wrong With Me?

Saying that someone can be born without person style is the equivalent of saying that someone can be born without a personality.  It’s impossible.  However, while I believe that everyone is born with style, I also believe that the difference between a person who has a natural ability to be stylish and someone doesn’t is simply that some people have an easier time with it and others don’t.  If you feel you are struggling with your personal style, read more here.


How to Create Five Holiday Looks From One Dress

If you have a few holiday parties to attend this season and are worried about what you’re going to wear to each one or if you know you don’t have the budget to buy something new for each event, here is my advice about how to create five holiday looks from one dress.  Get tips here.

Friday’s Fab Find: WarMMuffs

Hey moms, check out these nifty hand warmers for strollers are called WarMMuffs by 7 A.M. Enfant, a New York based company that offers a wide selection of versatile, urban and stylish baby accessories combining good design, fashion and versatility.  Read more.