Throwback Thursday: How to Fix Broken Makeup & What to Do About a Wardrobe Slump

Throwback ThursdayWelcome to this week’s Throwback Thursday, a weekly post where I throw it back to this week a year ago and revisit what I was talking about then.  Here are the highlights…

A ‘How to Fix Broken Makeup’ tutorial

Broken MakeupAfter breaking my bronzer compact, I got a great tip on how to fix it.  Check out my video putting the tip to the test and to find out if it worked.


What Your Fashion Slump May be Trying to Tell You About Your Style

Fashion slumpAfter outing myself on Facebook that I had fallen into a wardrobe slump I wrote this post on what exactly a wardrobe slump may be trying to tell you about your style.  Revisiting this post a year later I also recognize that I was in a bit of a life slump at the time.  It’s funny how our clothing can be so reflective of what is going on in our lives.  You can read the post here.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a wardrobe slump?

And that’s what I was writing about a year ago this week.