How to Wear Leggings

How to wear leggings With the comfort and popularity of leggings, not to mention the improper way most women wear them (ladies, please cover your butts), it seemed wise to do a post on how to wear leggings.

Okay, let’s jump right into the first, very important rule about leggings.  Despite the fact that leggings have a waistband and two pant legs, leggings are not pants in the traditional sense and should not be worn as such.  I don’t care if you take six Zumba classes a week and can bounce a quarter off your bottom, please don’t show us your tushes when you wear them.  I shake my head as I give this obvious advice, yet, until I go at least one week without seeing someone (toned or untoned) walking around in a short top and leggings I will continue to preach.  Nobody wants to see your bid’ness, and this includes any views from the front, too.  No matter how thick they are, your leggings should be used like opaque tights without feet and anything you wear with them should cover your butt.

The best leggings to buy

Now that’s that out of the way, let’s talk about the types of leggings to buy.  When I first started wearing leggings I started out with a cheap pair not knowing if this was a trend I’d embrace full on.   I soon regretted going this route.  It was only after a few washes that I noticed that these cheap leggings got stretched out, became ill-fitting and that holes were forming in them quickly.  I never purchased a cheap pair of leggings again because the money spent replacing them with cheap replacement pairs could have easily gotten me one pair in a better quality.  Leggings are sort of like good opaque tights– buy nice or buy twice…or three or four times.  So, if you are going to buy leggings, buy better.

Leggings brands I like

First, I love my Genie Slim and Tone Leggings.  I know, I know, they are sold like bad As Seen On TV commercials and look cheesy, but for the inexpensive price tag they really do what they say.  Not only do I feel slimmer and more toned in them but they offer support, something important to someone like me who stands a lot.

For plus-size I love Lyssé leggings, which go all the way up to a size 3x.  They are also available in missy sizes, as well.  My favorite style is their high-waisted leggings with an 8″ waistband.

Another popular favorite, which I have no personal experience with, is Eileen Fisher’s leggings, for their comfortable and light year round feel.

For longevity, another popular style is Danskin’s 1562 ankle leggings.  This makes sense.  If you are going to wear something that dancers have been wearing for decades you might as well go right to the source.

Whichever brand you choose, the most important thing to look for is substantial fabric that has some beefiness to it and good recovery in the Lycra or spandex.   Good recovery means that the fabric will bounce back quickly when you stretch it.  The better the recovery the longer the leggings will last before they start to bag out and become misshapen.  The beefiness is critical in the fabric for a few reasons: First, you don’t want there to be too much grin-through when you wear your leggings (grin-through means you can see your skin through the fabric when stretched), and, secondly, the beefier the fabric the more support you will have when wearing them.

How to Wear Leggings

To help you get inspired with outfit ideas for your leggings, here are five outfit examples, all using J. Crew’s Essential Signature Leggings, which come in black, navy and carbon (grey).  In addition, like every week in this series, to show you how to maximize what may already exist in your wardrobe, in addition to showing you five ways to wear a pair of leggings, I will be re-purposing some items several times in this post in addition to using wardrobe items used in past posts in this series.

Look #1

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways. Look 1
Leggings, boots and drapey cardigans together makes a perfect casual fall look.  Here, I matched a pair of Steven boots to the color of the leggings.  Matching your pants to your leggings is a great way to create a longer, leaner line on the bottom half of your body; something to keep in mind if you are petite or bottom heavy.  Next, I belted a vibrant Modcloth top with a Belgo Lux belt and draped an easy, butt covering Mango cardigan over it. Belting the top was an important step in creating waist shape while still providing coverage through way of the cardigan.  The outfit is finished with a grey Vince Camuto handbag, an Asian inspired statement necklace by David Aubrey and a Stella & Dot cocktail ring.
Look #2
One Item, Five Fashionable Ways. Look 2


As you know I don’t wear black, but, admittedly, I do own black leggings.  When I wear them I often reach for cognac accessories to warm up and bring richness to my black leggings.  This is why I always say that cognac accessories shoes and bags will get you more mileage than your black ones, they’re more versatile in that they can work with black and brown, plus other neutral colors like grey and navy.  With this olive Max Studio top, I styled the leggings and sweater with a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction cognac booties and a cognac Michael Kors handbag.  The leggings instantly get richer in look, especially when styled with a brown pair of wood earrings by K. Amato and a gold Stella & Dot necklace.

Look #3

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways. Look 3


Leggings are great for taking summer dresses into fall or for underneath autumn dresses that may be too short and where opaque tights may not be enough.  Here I styled this Mango tunic dress with a pair of leggings, used the same black boots from the first look and added a complementary pop of color through a burgundy Modcloth handbag.  A pair of purple and teal Holy Harlot earrings and simple silver bracelet by Blu Bijoux finishes the outfit.

Look #4

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways. Look 4

Let’s face it, most of wear leggings because they are comfortable, so it makes sense to find a way to wear them in a comfy, cozy manner.  One way to do this, without looking slovenly and unkempt, is to do it with a long, casual cardigan, like this one from Zara.  With it, I layered a Mango turtleneck underneath and styled it with a weekend bootie by Vince Camuto.  For a pop of color, I used a red Big Buddha handbag and the look is simply finished with a pair of silver Stella & Dot earrings.

Look #5

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways. Look 5


For the last look, I styled leggings with a soft pink tunic blouse from Zara, something that works as long as the blouse covers the butt, and added a grey pair of dressier booties by Calvin Klein.  The outfit is finished using the same bag and necklace from previous looks and earrings by Lucky Brand.

Shop for leggings.

Just don’t forget to cover your butt.

  • Amanda Toop

    I really like American Apparel leggings. If you fit the size range I think this is a good choice because the fabric stays completely opaque ALL the way down the leg. So many leggings become sheer on the thighs – looks horrible.

    • Bridgette Raes

      Thanks for the recommendation! Yes, this sheerness you speak of is exactly what I mean by grin-through and is totally icky!!! Someone else just recommended Uniqlo’s as well.

  • Amy Johnson

    Thank you for emphasizing that women should cover their butts when wearing leggings. I can’t tell you how many women I see wearing leggings as pants, it’s so gross.
    I mostly wear leggings with short dresses like you illustrated in your last point. Most dresses today are way too short for my comfort level, so leggings are the perfect way to solve that problem!

    • JessePinkman

      I’m sorry, Amy Johnson, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Leggings, tights, and pantyhose are the perfect pants, and look best when you don’t cover ANY part of them. I welcome skirts getting shorter, as they’re finally catching up to the sixties and seventies.

  • Bebe Hightimber

    You know what? I will wear my leggings how I want to wear my leggings. If I was want to wear my leggings with a nothing but a bralette, guess what, I’m allowed. I’m tired of women being told that this or that part of our bodies shouldn’t be seen. You don’t like my tush in leggings, avert your gaze and get on with it.

    • Becky M

      Darn straight. You tell ‘em.

    • Bridgette Raes

      I hear what you are saying…to a degree. On the one hand, nobody cares if you wear a pair of leggings on your head and run around naked and nobody is saying you’re not allowed. Yet, on the other, one can use a butter knife as a screwdriver but the fact remains, a butter knife wasn’t designed that way. Leggings were never designed to be pants in the traditional sense So, wear your leggings however you want, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

    • Sarah

      Pornography is everywhere and men who are trying to get away from it also don’t want to be bombarded with women who wear pants that look like they are painted on (says my husband). Please be kind to them. I usually do a “husband check” before I head out the door. If he says he likes it in such a way that husbands should *like* it, I cover up or put on something else.

      • alex

        the fact that you just implied that women should dress a certain way to appease men because of PORNOGRAPHY (mostly a male based media) just goes to show the internalized misogyny of this idea that all women “should” do something because of their bodies. i’m sorry that you feel the need to check to make sure your husband approves instead of just dressing how you want to

        • FemininePhysique

          Um, as a woman, I don’t want to look at you in leggings, either. It’s tacky, and you look like a whore. Stop trying to throw around words like “misogyny” as if you actually know what you’re talking about.

          Also, wtf? Only men watch porn? dafuq did that logic come from? lol Maybe you are the one with internalized misogyny. I guess we precious innocent females aren’t allowed to get down a dirty. We must remain pure and virginal. Stay out of the sex shops, ladies. Women aren’t allowed!!!!

          • Guest2

            Jesus Christ. Some people actually do know what “misogyny” means, no one is pretending. Also, I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK if you don’t want to look at me in leggings. Aw, poor little baby, you saw someone’s cellulite-y ass, your life is so hard.

            She didn’t say that only men watch porn, she said it was a “mostly male based media,” which is true. You logic is inconsistent: you (rightly) believe that women can and do enjoy sex/porn/toys/etc. and aren’t inherently virginal, but if a woman chooses to don a pair of leggings.

            Side note: Aren’t yoga pants basically just flared leg leggings? No one complains about people wearing yoga pants.

          • Guest2

            *don a pair of leggings she is a whore.

        • Sarah

          I check to make sure my husband approves because I care that other men don’t see me as they ought not. I only want my husband to see me and enjoy me sexually. I’m not a free-for-all piece of eye candy for everyone.

          Too many women have been lied to by men and told that “freedom” is “dressing however you want.” It’s not. That’s enslavement. Enslavement to be sexual objects for all men everywhere.

          If you dress like a whore, then you’re simply being a big tease. It’s like saying, “Even though I’m practically naked and you’re looking at me like a sexual object, you can look, but you can’t touch.” That’s called being a big tease. Be kind. Not slutty.

          • Charlyn Lenore

            Did you just imply that a what a woman wears automatically invites sexual advances and it’s HER FAULT others can’t control themselves around her? That they should be ALLOWED to touch her because of what she decides to wear?
            That can’t be what you’re saying.

            When a man goes for a run down the beach in gym shorts and no shirt am I ALLOWED to touch him however I want because it’s reminds me of boxer shorts? Does his clothing choice give me permission to invade his personal space?
            No it doesn’t.
            Need other examples of how your logic is horribly flawed?
            If I walk into a hotel and I see a beautiful wedding cake in a hotel ballroom and I take a bite because the cake was so beautifully done it was “teasing” me am I justified? Nope i have no rights to the cake. I can’t have any cake until the person who owns that cake chooses to share it with me. If they don’t share it with me I can’t cry “BUT YOU MADE THE CAKE LOOK SO GOOD. YOU MADE ME WANT IT! I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER MY MOUTH AND I HAD TO EAT IT.”

            Also you said you check with your husband before leaving the house, in clothing one would assume you thought to be perfectly fine when you pulled it out of your closet. He CONTROLS what you wear. That is a form of enslavement. You are just choosing to adhere to it. That’s fine for you but don’t tell me that being able to wear what I want is “enslavement”.

            UGH You will probably ignore all the logic I just wrote but at least I said my peace.

          • Sarah

            I think you have some anger issues. Maybe you can go down to Alcoholics Anonymous to relax and have a chat with them while you drink a beer? After all, they should be able to control themselves and you have the freedom to drink whatever you want.

            Or perhaps run on down to gym, pull out a big bag of potato chips and enjoy them in front of all the overweight people trying to be healthy. They need to be able to enjoy their cravings and they can’t infringe on your rights to eat whatever you want wherever you want.

            Your problem is that you’re being selfish, and coming up with ridiculous conclusions like, “You’re saying it’s a woman’s fault!” You’re not thinking of others and the problems that they may have. There are men out there that are literally trying to RUN from women like you (like the “Forbidden Woman” in the Proverbs).

            I am teaching my son to look away when an immodest woman is around. I am teaching him to have self control and respect for women. I am also going to be teaching my daughter to dress lovely and not seductively.

            Be kind to others. Think of them. Not just yourself and your so-called “freedom.”

            Oh, and if you call having a husband that loves and cares and provides for me and leads our family… as “enslavement”? Wow… someone is bitter…

          • Charlyn Lenore

            Actually a truly recovered alcoholic should be able to be around alcohol and not imbibe. It proves that they are able to control or suppress the urge to drink. They are in control of their own bodies and not at the mercy of the next glass of whiskey. If the only way someone can get over an addiction is to never be around that to which they are addicted they are not “cured”. Self-Control is needed in more areas that just sexual urges.

            You ignored my question.

            Are you saying that what someone wears gives another person rights to touch them?

            That is my question. Feel free to answer yes or no.

            I know what Proverbs Woman I am. I also know that my Lord and Savior did not judge people the way you have decided to judge me.

            The things you will teach your children are great in theory.

            Please hear what I am saying:

            My clothing does not give anyone else permission to touch me in any way shape or form. Whether scantily clad or wearing a snowsuit. That is the point I’m trying to stress to you. That is something you can teach your children along side what you deem acceptable to wear in your family.

            Woman get raped wearing sweatpants. Mini-skirts. Jeans and a sweater. And rapists often say “well look at her she was asking for it” Your “I’m a tease look but don’t touch” comment is why people blame these woman and give men a pass.

            Please answer my question or don’t respond at all or ignore my question completely and make assumptions about my private life and metal state some more if you like. i am done with this conversation.

            Are you saying that what someone wears gives another person rights to touch them?

          • Sarah

            I am saying that men need to have self-control (and are completely responsible for their actions), and women need to dress modestly (and are completely responsible for their actions). One does not negate the other.

            So the answer to your question as a yes or no, “Are you saying that what someone wears gives another person rights to touch them?” is “No.”

            Men who have no self-control and are rapists ARE going to rape women no matter what they’re wearing. The issue is not rapist men. The issue revolves around the average, red-blooded man. Men, such as my husband, don’t want to think thoughts about women that they ought not. They *should* have control over their thoughts completely (like Jesus did, who never sinned), but they don’t. Jesus said that even lust of the heart is adultery: “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28) So, again, be kind to them. Help them.

            You said, “I know what Proverbs Woman I am. I also know that my Lord and Savior did not judge people the way you have decided to judge me.”

            Here is what God says regarding the way we dress:

            “likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” (1 Timothy 2:9-10)

            And in reality, we are not our own. We do not have the “rights” to do whatever we want. God reserves those rights: “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (2 Corinthians 6:19-20)

            Women need discretion about what they wear: “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.” (Proverbs 11:22)

            And in Proverbs 7:10, the forbidden has a certain kind of “uniform”, if you will. It says that there was a woman “dressed as a prostitute”. So you’re saying it’s okay to dress as a prostitute?

            You see, ever since the fall of man in the garden, we have since clothed ourselves. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were naked and they weren’t ashamed. But now that our eyes are opened, we see our creatureliness in our nakedness. We’re meant to cover that up. Not expose it.

      • Becky M

        Thank you for taking us back several decades. Every one is responsible for themselves and their own self control. Women should not dress to cover themselves up because men have so little self control. People are going to be aroused by the sight of other human beings regardless of what they are wearing. It is normal and natural, what one chooses to do with that arousal is their responsibility.

        • Sarah

          Sure. Let’s walk around naked!

          • Becky M

            Okay, but you best make sure your owner, I mean husband, approves first.

          • Sarah

            Owner? You mean, “head of the household”? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. ;) Actually, I like my man to have some balls. Too many castrated, spineless men out there. “Yes, dear.”

            *internet explodes with angry bitter women*

          • Becky M

            Yeah, okay, whatever makes you happy is quite all right. But different things make different people happy, if we try to please everyone with the way we dress, we will drive ourselves insane, because it isn’t possible. We can only please ourselves, or our spouses if that is one’s preference. That being said, people should be able to wear whatever type of PANTS they want, however they want to wear them.

          • Sarah

            You’re totally right! The first thing my husband does is take off his pants when he gets in the door (typical man). I think he should stop wearing pants wherever he goes. Just wear his underwear at work and in public. After all, he is more comfortable without pants. He’s not there to impress everyone.

    • FemininePhysique

      Why did you come to a fashion blog if you are just going to get bitchy because someone told you the truth and you didn’t like it? Kindly get off the internet and never return.

  • Becky M

    Leggings are pants. If they are not see through, they are leggings, and are therefore pants. Leggings are not the same thing as tights. Leggings are, can, and will be worn how people want to wear them. This is the trend. You are not “up” on the trend. Leggings are pants. Deal with it and get over it.

    • Bridgette Raes

      Nobody is saying that leggings aren’t pants

      • Becky M

        “…leggings are not pants, at least in the traditional sense…” So yeah, it was said. So what are “traditional” pants? Jeans? Slacks? Corduroys? Sweats? If they are opaque, they are pants.

        • Bridgette Raes

          Yes, traditional sense meaning that they are much tighter and therefore become a tights/pants hybrid. Comparing slacks to a pair of leggings just seems silly because you can’t wear them the same way, and that is my point.

    • Sarah

      Sure. You can wear them as pants. You can also just go out in your underwear. But nobody wants to see that.

    • FemininePhysique

      Leggings are not pants. You look like a cheap whore when you wear leggings as pants. True story.

  • WordyBird

    Bridgette, I love leggings but am challenged with a long torso. Often, tunics and long sweaters that would work on other women, leave my “bid’ness” exposed. I can usally make it work with leggings under dresses, but I am limited in my choices. Do you have any suggestions??

    • Sarah

      I have the SAME problem! I’m going to go search in Value Village today. I can’t afford new clothes, so maybe I’ll luck out and find some short dresses that will work great as long shirts.

    • Bridgette Raes

      It’s interesting that you say that because when you have a long torso it usually means you have short legs, so you would think that one would negate the other and tunics would work. Let me put my thinking cap on! Thanks for reaching out!

    • Kim

      Try them with a skirt, cami and cardigan :-) Another option if you really like the look of the long sweaters or cardigans is to pair them with a slim fitting skirt (i think they call them “bandage” skirts lol). I hate those skirts alone, but they’re great for adding some length to a too-short but too-long situation.

      • Bridgette Raes

        I agree and instead of looking for tunics I’d look for what would be sweater dresses, instead. This way you get enough length.

  • me

    I’d have to throw it out there that Prana leggings are my absolute favorite!

    • Bridgette Raes

      Thanks for sharing that!!!

  • Amy H.

    I think it’s funny that people come to a fashion blog and then complain about getting fashion advice, lol. Very cute blog, glad I found you :)

    • Bridgette Raes

      OMG, THANK YOU!!!! I was thinking about this yesterday, actually, and the fact that so many women are on the hunt for fashion advice but the second you tell them something they don’t want to hear they can get really defensive. Given what you said, you might enjoy this post I wrote a few weeks/months ago.

      • Amy H.

        Yeah, this blog is for me, lol!

  • Allie Kroeger

    As a college student, I am in the perfect age rang for where the trend started. I HATE when girls wear leggings as pants because I, as another woman, do not like to be able to see every single detail of another woman’s behind out of the corner of my eye. Plus I noticed the other day that wearing leggings straight up as pants, without any booty coverage, just makes it look like you can’t afford a real pair of pants. I don’t get why women think it is okay to wear something that is disgusting for other women to have to look at. I don’t try to look at other people’s behinds, it just happens because they are not covered enough. I love to wear leggings, especially with dresses and longer sweaters, so I don’t hate leggings, I just don’t like the people who think that wearing them as legitimate pants is okay.

    • Bridgette Raes

      Preach it, sister!

    • FemininePhysique

      Oh, especially when the woman is wearing a pair that is a size or two too small. Please cover that up, honey!! lol

      • Bridgette Raes

        Yesterday I saw a woman in booty shorts, I kid you not, that were so unflattering on her that the shorts weren’t wide enough to cover her thighs so they looked like underwear. It was so sad. I was almost in shock that she would do this to herself, on a NYC street in the middle of November. Why? Why, would she do this to herself?

        • JessePinkman

          it’s not that difficult to figure out: She thrives on attention.

  • Lana

    Hi. I am a human. Therefore I have a butt. My butt will be displayed regardless of what I am wearing on my bottom half, and I will wear whatever I please. It’s not fair to shame women into thinking they don’t look good if they wear leggings as pants. It may be displeasing to YOUR eyes, but anyone can wear whatever they want as long as they are happy and comfortable.

    • Bridgette Raes

      Who is shaming? Let’s be clear on the design of a pair of leggings, they weren’t designed to be pants. The fact that women have turned them into pants is fine, that is how fashion evolves. Yet, what I have found so fascinating is how defensive and angry people have become at the mere suggestion that leggings aren’t flattering as traditional pants with butts exposed. At the end of the day I really can care less how you wear your leggings. If you’re happy and comfortable, enjoy your leggings.

      • JessePinkman

        They may not be flattering for YOUR body, Bridgette, but who are you to judge everyone else’s? There are MANY bodies that leggings/tights flatter! MANY, I say!

    • FemininePhysique

      Oh shut up. You are so dumb.

    • Candice Sabatini

      If your goal is to “wear whatever I please” then why come to a fashion site and read the information?
      I disagree with your assessment that “happy and comfortable” and being properly dressed are mutually exclusive principles.

    • SCook

      You know what leggings would be called if they were pants…..PANTS…sheesh.

  • alex

    i usually don’t comment on things that i disagree with just because it’s a waste of my time, but the idea that all women “should” do anything because of their bodies or their tastes is condescending and pretentious. it is just the shape of a butt. get over it and quit telling other people what to do with their lives. maybe worry about your own

    • FemininePhysique

      Why don’t you just not read what is on this site.

    • Bridgette Raes

      Well, let’s see, I write a fashion and style blog, people actually asked me to write about ways to wear leggings, it was a suggested post. You may not see the point but a lot of other people did. Many women love leggings but want tips on how to wear them, so that is what I did. This hardly seems like a crime.

  • FemininePhysique

    Preach, sister, preach! My workplace actually banned leggings because too many of the women are straight up trash, letting every spare bit of themselves hang out all over as if they were going to the club. This is a place of business, you dress in business attire. You do not come dressed as a street walker.

    Especially some girls who try to fit into white leggings that are a couple sizes too small. No one wants to see that, honey, not even your female coworkers. No wonder some of these women never get a promotion. I mean really?

    • Bridgette Raes

      Yea, and this is what really gets to me, when one bad apple spoils the bunch. Having worked in the image and style industry for many years now, and having talked to major corporations about dress code, it’s hard for a company to deal with the specifics of many questionable items, so they just ban them completely. If women actually wore leggings to work in an appropriate manner for the workplace they’d probably be a fine and acceptable choice. Yet, when one person wears them with a short shirt it’s just easier for the company to say “no more leggings, period.” And, who can blame these companies, really. Women should have enough common sense to know what is and isn’t okay to wear to work. When it comes to casual, that’s an entirely different story, but when you are hired to do a job it’s not a fashion show- it’s about learning how to embrace your style within the parameters of what is acceptable in the workplace.

  • Sarah T.

    I just bought two of the shirts and one of the belts you posted here. Great recommendations!!

    • Bridgette Raes

      Oh thanks!! I hope you continue to tune in.

  • Veronica

    I’m surprised nobody has commented about the difficulty of pants. As a lady with a big booty and muscular legs, it is severely hard to find pants that fit right much less pants that look/feel good (not even embarking on dress pants). I am a happy participant in the legging/jegging trend. I wear leggings with efforts to cover the booty, but for me, jeggings ARE pants.
    Given the following two situations,
    1. me wearing pants. When I sit down, it’s likely you will see my underwear, no matter if I’m wearing a belt, even if my shirt is an acceptable length (aka normal… if I wear long shirts, I look extra extra short and frumpy).
    2. me wearing jeggings. All parts are covered, you are just likely to notice that my booty is round and out there.

    which would you prefer? Seeing as I’m always uncomfortable in pants and that generally pants restrict my range of motion, I go with jeggings. Everyday. I’m not ashamed though I’m sorry many feel it’s so unacceptable.

    • Bridgette Raes

      I don’t feel leggings or jeggings are unacceptable. It’s how they are worn (i.e. exposing the butt) that comes into question. I do understand you issue with finding suitable tailored pants. Trust me, you are not alone. It is the biggest issue I have with most clients.

  • Nerdy

    Thanks for the suggestions on leggings. I love the comfort, but the latest pair I bought was too thin and I feel like I’ve got some loss of coverage going on: grin-through as you call it. I did struggle with wearing things with my leggings that are shorter than I’d wear with tights (ie: tunics that would be too short with only tights), but if the leggings are thicker this issue goes away. So thanks, I come here for a fashion reality check and you confirmed my thoughts on leggings vs tights vs traditional pants. Cheers!

  • erisgrrrl

    I’m sorry but those Lysse leggings are awful and no one should wear them unless they’re going to an 80’s party. They’re so shiny they’re almost blinding! You shouldn’t even get that kind of shine when you stretch your leggings out to the max.

    • Bridgette Raes

      I’ve seen them on many women, particularly plus size women and I’ve never seen shine and I think they work for large sizes because they are supportive, they’re also comfortable. Interesting that this has been your experience. For plus size women, who have so few options, I think it is a worthy brand to consider. Thanks for your thoughts!!!

  • Natalie

    After reading this blog I decided to try out the genie slim&tone leggings. I do love them. They’re a little more on the see-through side and are more spandex/tights material, so they’re better when wearing something that definitely covers your butt, but man are they comfy and really smooth you out. When I went to buy those I also found some Capelli New York fleece-lined leggings for $9.99 and they are fantastic for colder weather, and soooo ridiculously comfortable. I’ve only worn them a few times since cold weather just arrived here in Wisconsin, so I can’t say how durable they are, but I’m liking them so far. I’m a huge fan of the leggings as pants trend. Not only am I petite and muscular (I was a catcher forever, and worked with horses, so the quads are substantial) but I also have health issues that cause me abdominal pain and bloating frequently, so pants tend to be restricting and not fun. Definitely prefer to wear leggings, and do get teased about it. Don’t care! I’m comfy! You also can’t see my underwear and I make sure there is no camel toe because no one wants to see that.

  • SCook

    I want to ask…how old is too old to wear leggings with a tunic or dress or long sweater?

  • Cori

    How long do you think a top needs to be to wear with leggings? A lot of tunic style shirts seem to end just below the crotch; do you think that’s long enough if someone is wearing a cardigan that covers the butt?

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  • AS

    Just found this . You didn’t address the bottom of leggings : baggy around the ankles ( I say no) .
    covered ankles vs above the ankles. And for spring, what about wearing them with flats? Ala Audrey Hepburn . Are they appropriate with loafers? Totally agree on the tunics and covered butts. Maybe a springtime tutorial is in order.
    Thanks AS

  • Tattoo

    Thank you for this! It’s fall and the leggings are coming out. My office just sent out an email warning that women who wear leggings without a proper shirt will be sent home. People don’t understand that you can say a certain way you dress is inappropriate without stepping on women’s rights.


    I say wear what makes you Happy! IDGAF back in the day ADAM AND EVE was naked. No people wear judging and gossiping. Wear it if you want how you want. Victoria Secret Models making killings on the internet. NUFF SAID.