One Item, Five Fashionable Ways: Five Striped Blazer Outfits

blazer outfits For this week’s One Item, Five Fashionable Ways I am putting together blazer outfits I decided to feature this striped blazer from Athropologie.  I’ve been seeing a lot of striped jackets lately and chose this one because of its versatility as it could be worn for casual or work.    For casual, being an unlined jacket in a more casual fabric, this piece works well.  Yet, in a professional environment, the structure adds more of a professional touch where a cardigan might not.  Additionally, for a work environment during the summer, you may want to wear a blazer that is unlined or a bit easier in style for a more casual work environment.  This jacket fits perfectly in these situations.

For this Five Fashionable Ways series, you may also notice that I pull other pieces featured from past posts in this category.  I do this to also teach you how to build a working wardrobe where you can not only use one piece multiple ways, but also utilize what you may already own to do it.  While it would be easy to show fashionable new pieces in each post I do on this topic, I want show you how to work with what you own, not to encourage you to have to always be buying new.

Okay, now onto the looks!  For shopping information on all pieces used in the outfits, click the images below.

Five Striped Blazer Outfits

Outfit #1

blazer outfits

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways- Look 1 

An easy look with this blazer would be to pair it with jeans.  Here I chose boyfriend jeans, but any style of denim would work.  To add some unexpected punch, I paired a simple pair of stud earrings in yellow.

Outfit #2

Blazer outfits

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways- Look 2  

For a classic casual look, I paired this jacket with Bermuda shorts in khaki, a denim sleeveless top and gold accessories.  What I like about this look is that the jacket can be removed and the outfit still looks polished.

Outfit #3

Blazer outfits

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways – Look 3  

For work, I wanted to keep the outfit business-casual by choosing an easy linen skirt in navy and added a surprise color of a chartreuse green tank.  If adding this chartreuse to the outfit seems a little out there for you, you can always sub in a basic white tank, however, I liked the punch of a third pop shade.  It really is incredible how the simple addition of a third shade can make a difference in how styled an outfit looks.

Outfit #4

blazer outfits

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways  

For a casual-work look or for a dressy-casual, this blazer paired with a pair of white crop pants, a navy top, shoes and accessories is classic and perfect for summer.  Again, like the first outfit, for a pop of unexpected, I added some yellow.  Surely, this outfit would work just fine with a navy, white or the orangey-red bag from the first look, however, sometimes all it takes are the simplest of unexpected touches that make an outfit more memorable and stylish.

Outfit #5

blazer outfits

One Item, Five Fashionable Ways – Look 5 

For the last look, I wanted to really play with color.  This may be pushing the envelope for you just a bit, yet, my job is not to show you what you already know, but to give you options that you may not have considered on your own.  Colored accessories are a great way to learn how to pull additional color into your wardrobe.  In this case, the necklace used was like a map for me.  By looking at the combinations in the necklace, I was able to bring in the colors I used.   This is a tip you can keep in mind when learning how to play with color.

  • Cheryl Schwarz

    Love this jacket! Just ordered it. Can pretty much do all of these looks with existing wardrobe except for the pea green shirt….will keep an eye out for one with more coverage than a camisole. Thx for these wonderful Ideas Bridgette!

    • Fantastic! I think you can find any simple top, even white would work just great! Thanks for all your comments!

      • Cheryl Schwarz

        You’re very welcome! Loving your site and glad I found you (thx to TPF)…

        • Yes, TFP is great! I just checked it out for the first time yesterday! Welcome and thanks for reading!