What to Wear to a Wedding

what to wear to a wedding June is considered the height of wedding season.  If you’ve received an invitation, let me help you figure out what to wear. First, it is important to get clear on the time of day the wedding will be held, something you’d wear to a morning wedding would not work at an evening event, and vice versa, for example.  Next, check location.  Will the wedding being held outdoors, at the beach, Vegas, or will it be a classic event held in a church?

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some looks to consider to wear to a wedding you may be attending this summer, no matter what type of wedding you may be attending.  For shopping information on all dresses, click the images below.

What to Wear to a Wedding- Morning Wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding


Having gotten married in the morning, myself, I know that morning weddings require a type of attire that is much different than other times of the day.  Unfortunately, few people know this and will often wear what they would wear to an evening event.  Morning weddings are times to leave the rhinestones, glitter and spangly clothes in the closet.  In this case, I chose a pretty, cotton dress that is subtly dressy and very feminine.

What to Wear to a Wedding- Evening Cocktail

What to wear to a wedding


Evening weddings usually require a bit more glitz and glam.  A gown usually isn’t necessary, but shine, sparkle and embellishment is certainly welcome.  These weddings usually begin in the later afternoon but go on into the evening.  Instead of a black dress, consider a color or go with a versatile metallic which is just as versatile as a black dress while being a little less expected.  Lastly, if your entire outfit is neutral in color, choosing a pop of color through a clutch is a great accent.

What to Wear to a Wedding- Beach

What to wear to a wedding


Beach weddings are very popular during the summer.  These types of weddings welcome a slightly more casual look, usually in bright colors and prints.  A maxi dress is a great option to consider.  If you don’t want to buy a new dress, you can often dress up a summer dress you already own with things like metallic wedges, a clutch purse and bold accessories.  Wedges are great if you’re expected to walk on sand.

What to Wear to a Wedding- Black Tie

What to wear to a wedding


Black-tie is usually mentioned on the wedding invitation.  If the bride and groom are requiring black-tie it should be respected.  Few realize that black tie does not mean that women are obligated to wear a black dress, it just means that the gentlemen should wear a tuxedo.  In cases of black-tie weddings, a gown is usually preferred and is something that few women own or have much use for after one use.  If this is the case with you, check out Rent the Runway, a site where you can rent designer gowns at affordable prices.  I think I may check out Rent the Runway for my next black-tie event.  While wearing black isn’t required at black-tie events (unless it is requested), I went with a dress from Rent the Runway in this shade to give it a very formal feel.

What to Wear to a Wedding- Vegas, Baby!

What to wear to a wedding


You have to love a couple who invites you to Vegas to see them get married.  When in Rome, right?  Might as well just go with the flow.  This is the type of wedding where you can push the envelope, go a little over the top and embrace your inner party-girl.  Chances are, the type of bride who invites her friends and family to see her get married in Sin City would welcome it.  Now, there is a fine line between party style and tacky style.  This outfit definitely runs against that line, however, there is a still some class to it.  The dress is a basic shift with fun ombré fringe in bright blue.  Playing off the blue accent in the dress, I accessorized accordingly.  What  fun dress to wear to dance the night away.

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